Reunions--Gabrielle's Scroll (Conclusion)

She began telling me that Gurkhan had been watching us, and she knew from another wife that Gurkhan wanted to fuck her.

I just looked blankly into her eyes. Could I handle it? I didn't think so. Finally, I asked, "What are you going to do about it?"

"I'm afraid it's up to you," she said. The only way to him is in his bedchamber. If I have to go in there without you, will you allow it?"

We decided on having me act as if I was going to join them for a threesome. But it made me very nervous. If the timing was off, or if he refused to have me join them, he may have the opportunity to fuck her…and for that, I could never forgive myself. I knew the plan couldn't falter.

She saw the worry in my face and hugged me closer to her. "Let's not worry about it tonight, Gabrielle. We can't deal with it until it's time."

"Well…do you have anything else in mind?" I asked, smiling at her anticipated response. She had me straddle her hips, and my wet center opened enough to rub easily against hers. She held my hips as I rocked back and forth against her, the wet noises becoming louder the longer we moved.

I could feel my clit growing, trying to reach for more of her. I threw my hands on each side of her shoulders and pushed my cunt hard into hers. "Is that good?"

"Yes, Gabrielle…good…" she panted, and soon we both starting climaxing…wanting to scream but keeping it inside. I think it made me come even harder. She quickly ran her fingers through my slit as we were on our way up and then rubbed my wetness on my nipples. As I leaned over her grinding my lower half into her, her mouth caught each of my breasts and nursed my juices off each nipple, bringing me over the edge even harder. It was perfect.

We both felt exhausted and ready for sleep. I tried not to worry, but let my thoughts remain only upon my beautiful Warrior.

Xena was chosen the next day to dance for the Great Gurkhan. I was afraid all day, but tried to reassure myself that our task would be accomplished. I helped her dress for her performance, and she took me into her arms. "When I dance tonight, it will be for you and you alone." She asked me to dance again just for her when we were finished here. "My pleasure…" I couldn't wait until we were far away from this place.

Xena was more than incredible-more beautiful, more seducing than ever. Gods, how could a human be so perfect and unblemished?

She obviously won Gurkhan's favor as well, because when asked what her request was, she said, "Sara's head on a platter." It was then I realized who my niece was…Number One Wife.

Surely Xena knew what she was doing. Milda and I just looked at each other, not knowing how this would turn out. Now our timing became more important than ever.

When we were inside Gurkhan's bedchamber, Xena put the pinch on him, giving me perfect opportunity to kill him. Xena handed me an extremely sharp blade, capable of slitting his throat in one easy gash.

I made the right decision and let the situation take care of itself, but I did find redemption in getting several good punches in on him and telling him what filth I thought he was. We ended up retrieving Sara and finally, we were back en route for home, safe and sound with our daughter and my niece.

It worked out well that Eve had accompanied us on the journey, because she was a huge support to Sara. It was a beautiful night and we left the girls sitting under the stars, talking about whatever came to their minds.

We walked to our cabin and I lit a couple of candles as Xena laid across the bed. Xena was still wearing her white gown from the palace, which I found very sexy on her. She looked quite stunning in the moonlight that was filtering through the portal. "Would you like for me to dance for you tonight, Xena?"

She just looked at me, her eyes studying every detail of my body. "Do you want to dance for me?" I told her that her dance had inspired me, and I wanted to return the favor, if possible.

"Then dance for me, my little flower."

I thought of only my body and hers-how I could move in certain ways and make her want me moving over her body the same way. I took off the cloak to my outfit, looking into her eyes.

I bent over backwards in front of her, giving her a perfect view down my cleavage…my nipples making themselves known to her through the thin material of my top. She was going to reach out and touch me, but I danced away, planning on giving her the whole show.

I removed my top and let it fall to the floor, letting my breasts come into full view for her. I touched my nipples, knowing this would drive her crazy. As my hands continued to cover my breasts, I looked to see Xena removing her top as well and touching her chest also. How exciting.

I reached down between my legs and touched myself. I was so wet…very ready to make love. But when I opened my eyes, she had raised her skirt and was exposing her bare cunt to me. Now she was turning the tables. I couldn't keep my eyes off her. I was surprised, yet very excited, when she started plunging into herself.

"Oh Gods, that is so hot, Xena…"

She spread her legs even farther apart to show me her fingers being sucked in by her own cunt-making me want to be her hand. She made herself come, and I almost followed. When her body calmed, she asked, "Aren't you supposed to be dancing for me?" She then pulled her fingers from her cunt and sucked her own juice off each one.

I made myself available and bent backwards so that my center was right in front of her. I was going to flip over, but she quickly came off the bed and locked her arms around my thighs, holding me in place and burying her mouth on my mound. She removed the rest of my outfit except for my underwear and laid me on the floor, never leaving my center with her mouth. After she made me come, she said, "Let me get our saddlebag." I knew what she wanted, because I wanted it just as much.

She had me so turned on, and I wanted to be inside her. I stood and quickly threw our pillows and covers on the floor and laid her back gently. We were both naked and our skin felt so good touching each other. "I've been missing this, Xena…" "I know…me too…"

I had already strapped the phallus on so that it was mounted firmly in place, and then knelt down and pulled her thighs apart as I ran the head of my cock along her slit. She was already drenched from coming just moments earlier.

I pushed forward and watched the phallus disappear between her lips. "Gods, Xena… I can see you taking me in…."

I held the backs of her thighs in my hands, raising her hips, and just let my thoughts and body go free. I was making love to my baby. "That's not hurting you, is it, Xena?" I knew her body was still sore in places.

"No…give it to me…come on, Gabrielle…"

She turned me on and I gave it to her…hard. I moved slowly back and forth, and then changed my rhythm to a hard thrust and then pulling out slowly.

"Faster, Baby…fuck me till I come…"

"Touch yourself, Xena. Let me see you get your fingers wet."

Her hands went to her bulging lips. As I shoved into her sopping core, her fingers rubbed against her clit. I moved my hands to meet hers, placing my hands on top of hers and following her movements. "This is incredible, Xena…fucking your pussy, touching you, both our hands on you…" I was trying to hold off-the small nub on my end of the phallus was rubbing perfectly against my clit, and I could feel myself getting closer with every thrust. It was building so deep inside me.

I reached up and coated her nipples with our juices, still thrusting inside her. She grabbed me down onto her, our sweat-soaked chests sticking together.

"Now, Baby…fuck me hard, now…" I reached beneath her ass and held on as tightly as I could, pumping away as we rode out our orgasms. She felt so good sucking me in. "You like my cock, don't you, Baby?"

"Yes…you make me come so hard…"

And I could say the same. Just being above her, watching her…feeling her…she always made me come hard.

I rested on top of her and a few minutes later, she confidently said, "Okay…now it's your turn…"

She removed the thigh harness from the saddlebag and strapped it on, undressing me from my harness and laying it to the side. "Wanna ride?"

I straddled her thigh, my juices dripping down over the phallus before I covered it with my cunt. Xena placed her hands on my ass and guided me, watching as it went inside my body. "Gabrielle…I love to watch you fuck it…"

I looked down into her eyes, resting my hands on her breasts. Her moans were becoming louder, and my hand trailed down to her center. "Xena…you are drenched…"

I bent her right knee and pushed it father away, revealing her center while I still straddled her other thigh. I reached over and got our other phallus and plunged it into her cunt, watching with a perfect view. "You're going to make me cum if you don't stop that…" she said. "Oh, I intend to…" I told her.

Her hands were all over my body, and we didn't bother holding back any moans of passion. It felt so good to be free.

Finally, when we had found satisfaction, she drew me into her lap. I reached down and covered our waists with our covers and hung my arms around her neck. She leaned against the bed and we drifted off to very peaceful sleep.

"By the gods…" I heard-I think at exactly the same time Xena did. Eve and Sara were standing in our doorway, getting a very detailed view of how we spent our alone time.

"What do you want?" Xena asked, her voice a little shaky. I didn't know what else to do but keep my seat and see how Xena handled this one.

Eve said, "We wanted to ask you a question, but it can wait. Sorry to bother you." Sara just smiled.

They turned to go, but Eve asked us "Why did you go to so much trouble t hide it from me? Anyone who knows you can see the love between you two." She smiled and shut the door. Xena asked me, "You okay?"

I looked up at her and said, "More than okay. I love you with all my heart."

How could it get any better than this?

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