Cutting it Close--Xena's Scroll (Conclusion)

I soon found a perfect spot, along the shore of a small lake. There wasn't any indications that any humans had been in this spot in a long time. I didn't want to risk any interruptions tonight, though, and spent five of my precious allotted minutes checking the perimeter of the campsite. It was undisturbed. I hurried back to the clearing, and told Argo to go retrieve Gabrielle. She took off at a brisk pace, seeming to know how urgent her mission was.

I set up the campsite as ordered, and removed my weapons, including the hidden daggers, and laid them beside Gabrielle's saddlebag. I stared at the leather pouch for a long time, suddenly burning with curiosity to know what secret items she had bought. I would be able to hear Argo approach, so I knew I would be totally safe to take a peek. It would only take a few seconds…

My fingers itched to do it. But I couldn't. Gabrielle obviously had a plan in mind, and I wasn't going to spoil it to see what instruments of pleasure and torture she had bought in Myernna. With a sigh, I sat on my bedroll, folding my knees beneath me. I would wait for her to show me.

"Very, very good, Whore." Somehow, she was there without me knowing, and I could hear Argo moving in a different direction. My own horse had betrayed me. But did it bother me? Not in the least. I was just glad I had resisted the temptation to look in the saddlebag. I kept my eyes lowered, but heard Gabrielle approach me. I saw her booted feet stop in front of me on the bedroll. "You nearly earned yourself a whipping," I heard her say. "I'm not foolish enough to leave my surprises in the bag, but if you had looked, well…But you just couldn't disobey me, could you, Slut?"

"No, Mistress."

She squatted on her haunches, and her hand came up to lift my face toward her. In her eyes I could see passion, and lust, and something else. "I'm almost sorry you didn't look," she said with a cluck of her tongue. "Are you?"

"No, Mistress. I'm sorry I was tempted."

She chuckled, then, probably believing me. She sank back on the bedroll, and one of her legs hovered below mine. "Remove my boots, Slave."

I did as she said, my hands curiously shaking. I had removed her boots many, many times, but I moved slowly, my hands unsure. A lot of times, I would take the opportunity to stroke her feet and calves, but I wasn't going to risk moving too much.

When the offending footwear was off, she wiggled the toes of her right foot under my nose. "Take off your breeches, Cunt."

I lifted my ass and did as she commanded, but when I moved to sit on my folded legs again, I felt a sharp slap on my thigh. "Spread your legs and lean back…I want to see how wet you are." Dutifully, I spread my thighs apart and leaned back on my arms, and my body bucked when I felt her toes press between my legs.

"Hold still, Cunt." She skillfully drew her foot up the length of my slit, pressing against me slightly. For a moment, I had a painfully erotic vision of the wide part of her foot slipping deep inside me, but then she began wiggling her toes against my labia and clit, and I gasped at the shower of sensations.

"Oooo…you're very wet. You like this, don't you, Slave."

"Yes, Mistress," I hissed, desperately trying not to wiggle my hips against her foot. It felt so good…

She abruptly withdrew her foot, and it was pressed toward my face again. "Taste yourself, Bitch. I know you love the taste of your own juices."

It was true. I didn't change the position of my body, except to lean forward so I could draw her toes in my mouth, sucking off all the excitement she had caused to bubble forth from me. I heard her groan in pleasure, and echoed it in my own throat.

"That's enough!" She was suddenly on her hands and knees, leaning in to peer up at my face. "Didn't that taste all dirty and sweaty?"

I felt color touch my cheeks. "It was delicious, Mistress," I answered truthfully.

She chuckled again, knowing I enjoyed the smell and taste of her when she was less than clean. It took me a long time to admit that, and though she didn't share the same opinion, she reveled in my secret. "You're a dirty little slave," she told me, her voice so low it was hard for me to hear. "Such a dirty little girl…"

"Yes, Mistress…" Gods, I was soaking the bedroll beneath me! Her seeming control of her own lust was rapidly causing me to lose my mind. The anticipation was going to be the death of me!

She stood then. "Look at me, Slut." I did, and she had her hand on her shirt. "I'm going to undress now. Don't you move a muscle."

A two minute job suddenly stretched out to ten as she disrobed before my eyes. She unlaced her top, and stretched the two sides apart, thrusting her chest out. My eyes bulged at how hard her nipples were already, and she pinched them between her fingers, a low moan going up. My own fingers twitched as I ached to do the same to her or myself…anything.

She was watching me through narrowed eyes, her teeth slightly bared as she enjoyed her own touch. When the nipples were totally blood engorged and obviously tingling, she pulled the top totally from her body. She ran her hands down herself, starting at her angel face and not ending until they were brushing the waistband of her skirt. My eyes followed her movements, as I gulped several times to regain my breathing. Then she slowly pirouetted, and stood with her back to me. I saw the skirt loosen around her waist, and then she bent slowly, and the skirt pooled at her ankles. Her ass, covered only in the material of her panties, was inches from me.

I drew in a sharp breath, as my taste buds tingled and my mouth filled with saliva. The smell of her arousal was overpowering, and I know I whimpered with need. "Please, Mistress…" I clamped my mouth shut the moment the whisper had come from me.

She looked back at me over her shoulder, a triumphant gleam in her eye. "Did I tell you you could speak, Whore?"

"N-no mistress…"

She turned, and I couldn't even take in the perfection of her body as she held her hand out toward me. My eyes were riveted to hers. "Hand me your breeches, Slut."

I did as she asked, wondering what she was going to do. She took a step forward, and every part of me flamed hot, when she pressed the sodden cloth into my mouth. "It had better stay there, Slave. Maybe it will remind you to hold your tongue."

Gods! Her comment about my enjoying my own taste wasn't made lightly. She had been waiting for this. Still facing me, she smiled wickedly at me, as she slipped her underwear off her body. She combed a finger through her golden pubic hairs, and I saw them spring back into position. I sucked on the breeches for all I was worth.

"Would you like to give me a bath, Slave?"

I nodded frantically, wishing my mouth was free so I could offer her what I really wanted to give her, a slow cleaning beneath my licking tongue. "Stand up, Whore. And undress for your mistress. And do it right."

On shaky legs, I stood as she had asked. I knew what she wanted, and took my own time undressing, revealing my aroused, sweating flesh to her in bits and pieces. She particularly liked it when I pressed the top of the stiff material down, under my breasts, which pushed them up even higher than usual. My stiffened nipples ached, and I risked a look at her eyes, seeking permission.

"You want to touch them, Slut? Or you want me to touch them?"

I nodded, not even aware anymore that all the flavor from my breeches was gone. My hungry mouth had drained every last bit of moisture from them.

"Too fucking bad, Slave. You're supposed to be getting those clothes off…remember?"

I remembered, but had been hoping for a reprieve. I was obviously not going to get it though, but my nipples pulsed so heavily, I couldn't resist giving them a casual brush with my hand as I moved to slide my leathers down further.

"I saw that, you dirty Cunt!" She was in front of me, before I even saw her move, and I gasped around the underwear when her palm slapped harshly across the tip of one breast and then the other. "Couldn't you obey one simple little order?" She jerked the underwear from my mouth, and before I could reform moisture there, she was demanding an answer.

"I'm sorry, Mistress. I'm sorry."

"Not good enough," she growled back at me, and she slapped the right one again. Even that sensation of pain was enough to cause new moisture to spill from me, and she looked down in time to see more juices flow down my leg. That seemed to infuriate her even more. She shoved me backward onto the bedroll, and the wind was knocked from me at the sudden movement. Her clawing hands ripped the rest of the material from the body until I was as naked as she was.

"You disappoint me, Whore," she said in a pleased voice. "I guess when I told you your cunt was mine, I should have told you your breasts were mine too. It's my fault for assuming you'd be able to control yourself around me. Guess I'll have to give you a hand."

Her scraping, pinching fingers were driving me crazy. I fought back a moan, but couldn't fight another when I saw her dig through her saddlebag. She had lied to me. She hadn't taken her new purchases from the bag at all.

She held up the item. My eyes widened at the sight of manacles, with a few inch chain between them. The key was stuffed in the lock, but she pulled it out, and looked at it for a few seconds. Then she pointedly put the key back in the saddlebag.

"On your stomach, Bitch. Now!" I rolled over immediately, and felt her pull one arm behind my back, then the other, as she secured the cuffs to my wrist. She pulled me into a sitting position then, and reassessed my situation. I tugged at the cuffs, curiously, and found them quite strong. I had no doubt I could force my way free from them, but it would take a lot more effort than I was willing to expend at that time. I was too weakened by desire.

She was shaking her head at me, still frowning despite the sparkle in her eye. "Gods, Slut, you really blew it. I was looking forward to those long hands of yours rubbing soap into my skin, washing me. And then, gods, I was looking forward to your fingers deep inside me, stroking me to orgasm after orgasm."

I couldn't fight back the moan this time. She was so into this game that I thought for sure she would keep her word, and I had lost my chance. She picked up some soap and the washcloth, and made her way to the water.

"Guess all you'll be able to do is watch me."

Watch her I did, as she languidly soaped up her body and hair, and gave herself a long thorough bath. Her slippery nipples eluded her pinching fingers as she washed them. They poked between her busy fingers, and my mouth watered for them again. This lack of contact was going to be my undoing. I felt my thighs contract when I saw her hand disappear under the water, and her position changed to someone who was bringing herself sheer pleasure. Her head lolled back, and I saw her body galvanize.

I don't know if she came on her own fingers, but when she finally left the water, dripping clean, her body held a glow that told me she had. My mind raced back to the times I had been the mistress, and I couldn't help but wonder if I had tortured her to the point she had enflamed me. I don't think I had.

At the edge of the pond, she shook her head abruptly, causing drops of water to hit my sensitized skin. How could cool pond water burn to the touch? I dunno, but it was doing just that.

Still covered in water, she closed the distance between us, and reached down for my shaking shoulder. "Come on, Whore. You need a bath too."

It took some effort to get my aroused body to stand, but I let her lead me to the water's edge. "Right there…on this rock. You did a fine job picking this campsite, Slut."

She helped me lower my body onto the flat rock, so only my legs dangled in the water. Using her hands, she started at my hair, and poured water onto me, soaking me as completely as I already was elsewhere.

Then the soap…she rubbed it in sensuously…lingering just long enough at my sensitive spots to draw my vagina up tighter, but not give me the release I was desperate for. She soaped up the hair at my crotch forever it seemed, and then rinsed all the soap from my body except for there. When I was rinsed, she scrubbed even more soap in, careful to avoid my straining clit.

"Don't move, Bitch," she muttered, and went back to the saddlebag again. I closed my eyes, trying once again unsuccessfully to control my erratic breathing. She approached again, and stood in the water between my splayed thighs. She laid the saddlebag at my side, and then ordered. "Look at me."

I raised my eyes to lock in to the face I adored. "Do you remember telling me about your dream where Callisto took you?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"There was something in that dream that excited me very much, Whore. But I knew you'd never let me do it to you…until now."

Before she had even retrieved the item she was searching for, I knew what was coming. Gods, this was too much!

I realized this was the moment…the single moment where I had to make the choice to either end this game or let her continue to a point I submitted myself totally to her. She wanted to shave me hairless, leaving my sex as cleanly-shorn as a newborn baby. It would be a stripping of the power of my womanhood…temporary yes, but nonetheless symbolic. She held up the straight razor and looked into my eyes. I know she could see the battle I was facing.

"Are you ready?"

My hands yanked at the chains, but they were firmly in place. For the first time, I could see her silently asking my permission to continue this game. It was up to me.

"Do you really want to do this, Mistress?"

Her eyes sparkled with pleasure, and she suddenly pulled herself on the rock and pressed her mouth into the first kiss we had shared since we had started. Her tongue stroked the depths of my mouth, and I answered her with a hunger of my own. "Thank you, my little Slave," she whispered meaningfully when she ended the kiss. She had what she wanted.

She didn't have to tell me to hold very still as she carefully began to work, effectively scraping the curly hairs from my body. It took everything I had not to press into her touch, but she was being very careful not to touch me anymore than necessary. She knew there was danger involved in what she was doing, but finished the job without a nick.

"Gods, Slave. That is absolutely perfect." The hand that was using the towel to wipe off the rest of the soap moved aside, and I had to follow her gaze. I didn't recognize the soft-looking pinkened cleft until I felt her breath on me, and saw it clench with the arousal that swept through me at that time. "Gods," she whispered again.

"Now, Mistress," I was desperately thinking, but I was afraid to voice it. If she didn't allow me to come now, I would not be responsible for my actions. No jury in all of Greece would convict me for breaking free and fucking my mistress for days on end.

She climbed from the water, brought me to my feet again, bringing us back to the softness of the bedroll. "Get those hands in front of you, Slave," she ordered, and her eyes widened as she watched me bring my knees up and slip my bound arms from underneath my body until they were resting on my stomach. She straddled my head immediately, and lowered herself to sit on my face.

"Eat me good, Cunt," she growled from above me.

Her words echoed in my ears. I had wanted her to touch me, but I could deal with this for now. I had been known to climax just from pleasuring her, and she was so impassioned, I planned on seeking my relief in just that manner. I dove in to her juicy center, slurping and licking with all my skill.

"Yes," I heard her hiss as she danced above me. I had to stop a time or two, just to drink in the juices she was pouring into my mouth, so I wouldn't drown. Then I went back to work in earnest, chewing and mouthing her cunt until she was screaming out her pleasure. I lost track of the number of times she came, but she rode my face for a very long time.

I was desperate to come, but something in her statement earlier was keeping my brain from allowing the pleasure to overtake me. My body was hers tonight, and only she could order me to climax.

Finally, she threw herself off me, and lay gasping for breath beside me. "You are incredible, Slut," she wheezed through closed eyes. "Gods, just incredible. I could easily go to sleep right now."

A sound, that sounded very much like a sob, burst from me then. I was afraid immediately at what that would make her do, but now that she had found her own pleasure, she seemed to have mellowed a bit.

"What's the matter, Cunt?" she asked me, lazily opening one eye to me.

"Gods, Mistress…I want to cum!" I was begging now, out of frustration and sensation.

She sat up beside me, surprisingly in control of all her facilities. "What's stopping you, Slut?" she asked curiously.

She wanted me to say it, so I did. "I'm waiting on you to give me permission, Mistress!"

She waved a hand at me, casually, but her eyes were riveted to my swollen slit. "Go ahead, Bitch. Don't let me stop you."

My brain told me it was a trap, but I didn't care. As long as I could touch myself, I would be able to face whatever she threw at me next. Even with my bound hands, my legs spread and my fingers sought out my clit immediately. The swollen nub pulsated beneath my fingers, and I began to writhe immediately.

"Fuck yourself, Slave." I heard her voice through my fevered haze. "I wanna see those fingers disappear inside your body." She slapped at the hand that was pinching my clit. "Stop touching your clit. I don't want you to come too quickly."

"Too quickly?" Gods, I had been holding back long past the point of what was healthy for both of us and she didn't want me to come too quickly. Numbly I did as she commanded, slipping two fingers from each hand inside myself. I was surprised by the strength of my inner muscles as they clamped down hard on me, and as my mind registered that the smooth feeling against the top of my hands was my own hairless flesh, I shut my eyes with a groan.

"Gods, that is so hot," she whispered, and I could feel her hot breath tickling the inside of my thighs. I risked opening my eyes, and she was inches from my sex, her tongue licking over her lips. I concentrated on that beautiful image, as I felt myself hovering over the edge.

"Stop!" Oh gods, I couldn't stop, and I was surprised by the strength in her hands when she jerked my hands from my body roughly. I felt the opening to my vagina pulse open and close, and she continued to stare at it, oblivious to the agony I was in. Fresh sweat streamed down my face.

She smiled then, the softest smile I'd seen since allowing her to start this vicious game. "Don't worry, Slut. I'm going to let you find the relief you're seeking." She pulled back, and then lifted my knees. "Put your arms around them," she told me, and I did. When I started to pull my legs free from the circle of my arms, she put a hand out. "No, leave them there."

I didn't even realize she wasn't calling me any pet names anymore at the time. That didn't hit me until I had time to reflect on what had happened. She pulled herself up on her knees, and stroked my convulsing mound as she looked into my eyes. "You have done so well…tried so hard to please me. And you did, in more ways than you'll ever know. I think it's time you were rewarded."

My eyes squeezed shut as I felt her face press between my legs. In the position I was, with my knees in the air, I could feel every movement of her mouth on my inner thighs and mound, as she sucked me hungrily into her mouth. Her tongue snaked out to lick up the length of my sodden slit, and then finally, blessedly, her lips pursed around my clitoris and she began to suck hard.

I heard the familiar pleasure sounds in the back of her throat, and sensed the game was over for now, thank the gods! She had been an unbelievably effective mistress! She pulled her mouth from me just long enough to whisper. "Come for me, My Love. Only for me," and my body sang as my long-denied climax finally thundered through my body. She moved with my lower half, her mouth still sucking at me furiously and I groaned long and hard as the pent up emotion was finally released from my body.

Gradually, my orgasm subsided, and I lay on my back gasping for air and control. Gods, even then I knew the torment was worth it!

"I'm not finished." I forced my eyes open to see her holding the phallus above my face. Her body was resting against my still bent legs, and she was smiling down into my eyes. I didn't have a response, only to close my eyes again, and tense my muscles slightly beneath her.

She ran the phallus through the area between my legs, coating it with my lubrication and at the same time reawakening the desire I thought she had quenched. Then she proceeded to enter me with it gently, lovingly, and began a slow even thrusting. Her eyes bore into my cunt as she did it.

"I knew it would be amazing, but…" she was staring unabashedly at what I knew she must be seeing, an obstructed view of the bulging of my vagina around the phallus and the tiny pulse of my clit in time with her movements. It seemed to have totally forgotten my mind-blowing climax of just a couple of minutes ago. "I have to taste it," she said, and I moaned gratefully as I felt her tongue lapping at me. Damn the leg cramps sure to form, I wanted nothing but my mistress to continue.

And, oh gods, she did.

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