Cutting it Close--Gabrielle's Scroll

"I don't know. Do swans circle?"

I still thought of Najara's face that day as we stood by the pond. She seemed filled with a certain peace, and even though I was drawn to her because of her idea of opening a hospice, I couldn't tolerate her ethics of judgment towards others. Then I started wondering again about exactly how much the jinn told her. Obviously, she had some sort of intuition about people and their thoughts. I could tell by some of the things she seemed to know about Xena and me. But she also said it was Xena's job to hurt me, and I wondered if she meant that in a sexual way?

We had turned in at least an hour ago, and the night was beautiful and clear. I could see the North Star perfectly tonight. I was lying comfortably on Xena's chest, feeling her breathing becoming slower and calmer as sleep was about to take over her body. I couldn't sleep…and I just had to ask her.


"What?" She sort of winced when I said her name.

"What did Najara mean when she said hurting me was your job?"

"What do you think she meant?" She seemed a little irritated, but completely awake now and wondering why in Tartarus I was asking about Najara.

"Xena, I don't know. At first, I thought she meant the dangerous situations we are in so much of the time. You know, like you hurt me by allowing me to fight along side of you."

"Have you changed your mind about what she meant?"

I was so embarrassed to tell her what I had really been thinking, or wanting, actually. She had lifted her head and was looking at me with an urging look to tell her what was on my mind. "Do you think the jinn might have told Najara what we do when we're alone together?" I couldn't look at her when I said that.

"You mean when we're making love?"

I just nodded my head yes.

"It's been a long time since we've made love like that," she said as she brushed the back of her hand along my cheek.

"It's been a long time, Xena." I might as well tell her since I had the chance. "I'll admit…I've been thinking about my mistress a lot."

I think she mistook my arousal for her as feeling something for Najara. I explained that the only thing that interested me about Najara was her seemingly search for goodness and opening a hospice. Yes, she was very attractive, but there was no way I'd be sexually drawn to her.

I explained that we hadn't had much time together lately. I made myself available, hoping she'd take me up on another magically erotic ride. "Maybe your pleasure slave can help reduce some of your stress." I ran my hand down her body, cupping my hand over her hot mound.

Out of nowhere, she said, "I love you with all that I am…You know that, don't you?"

I stopped my movements immediately and just looked at her. "Yeah, I know it." Why did she seem so serious all of a sudden? She was hiding something behind those eyes.

"And you trust me, don't you?" Her eyes bore into mine, a gaze that scared me.

"Xena, what's wrong?"

"Nothing…Do you trust me?"

"Of course, I trust you with all I am."

"Okay. Please don't question me when I say I just can't do that right now."

"Do what?" What was she talking about? I could see her impatience with me.

"I can't play the game with you right now…be your mistress."

She was completely serious and determined. I studied her face, seeing the look in her eyes holding something more than what I wanted to see.

"You can't tell me why?"

"Not right now."

Why wasn't she interested? I told her I'd drop it, but I needed to know if it was because of something I had done that made her not want to be with me in this way. She smiled and promised it wasn't me. She pulled me into a kiss, and the fire that had already started within me grew immediately.

She was still lying on her back, and when my mouth left hers, I stayed propped up on my elbow and looked at her beautiful face, which was illuminated by the light of the fire. "Xena, will you make love to me? I need to be close to you."

"I think I can manage that," she said as she sat up and took me in her arms, laying me back and just looking into my eyes.

"I love you so much. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me."

"Xena, stop. You're scaring me." She made my stomach hurt with comments like that…there was something so final about it, and I didn't want to hear it. I reached up to touch her face. What had Najara told her?

"Ssshhhh…it's okay. I just wanted to tell you. I don't think I tell you enough." She made a weak attempt at a smile, then leaned down and found my mouth. She spent a lot of time just kissing me, letting her tongue roam gently in my mouth and putting to rest the insecurities and worry that had crept in my heart. I knew she loved me with all her strength, her kiss revealing the truth.

She unlaced my top and turned back each side to bring her full view of my bare chest. She took her palm and rubbed between my breasts and then over each nipple, never really touching me. I ached for her to take me into her strong hands, and the anticipation for her mouth on my chest was producing wetness between my legs quite abundantly.

"Xena?" I could hear the begging in my voice.

"Yes? What do you want, Gabrielle? What do you want me to do?"

I just looked into her eyes, knowing I'd trade a thousand lifetimes just to be with her in this one.

"I love you so much. I want you inside me…please."

She savagely took my mouth as her hands obeyed my desire by removing my skirt and boots. She never left my mouth and continually made contact with my body in some manner. I started to raise my legs by bending my knees, and she stopped me by putting her hand on my knee. "No…leave your legs flat."

She stayed on my right side; her body stretched along side mine. She kissed me over my entire body, touching me everywhere except between my legs and causing the fire within me to beg for relief. She sat up and quickly removed her clothing and met me back on our bedrolls. "That's much better," she said as she resumed her post. She was exactly right. The heat from her skin as it touched mine made me start to plead for her touch.

But I didn't have to. She ran her hand between my legs, spreading me open and smearing the wetness that had formed all over my center, saturating even my hair. She leaned down right over my mouth and said, "You're a little wet, My Love. Is that all for me?"

"All for you…" I repeated, closing my eyes and feeling all I could from each stroke of her hand-picturing the movements of her hand on me as she slid through the product of my desire for her.

She remained just over my mouth and she slowly ran her outstretched tongue over my lips. I began opening my mouth, soliciting her entrance. "Be still. Let me taste your mouth."

I let my mouth relax and felt her cover my lips, tracing them back and forth, as her hand made the same strokes between my legs. "Imagine me licking your pussy like this."

I gasped from the jolt of her words-the way my body reacted when she talked to me like that was enough to almost make me come.

"Gods, Baby…" My arms had found their way around her neck, my fingers weaving themselves in her hair. She thrust her tongue in my mouth while shoving her fingers inside me. I moaned loudly into her kiss.

"Xena, fuck me…"

"Do you want it hard? Hmmm? Do you want my fist inside you?"

Xena had never put more than four fingers inside me, but the thought of taking all of her hand was such a turn on.

"Yes…do it."

She sat up and quickly knelt between my legs, never leaving my center with her right hand while her left hand spread my legs apart much farther, bending my knees so she could rest between them.

"Baby, are you sure? I mean…"

"Xena, please. I want all of you inside me. I want you."

She never stopped moving in and out of me but she became more gentle with her movements.

"I don't want to hurt you, Gabrielle."

"Please, Xena, I need you."

She took her left hand and ran two fingers on each side of my clit. I couldn't help moving my hips. "You touch me so good…give me more…"

I felt her go deeper inside me and she added a fourth finger, stretching me tight as she filled my core.

"That's enough, Gabrielle. Come for me…does it still feel good?"

"Yes," I panted. I was very close, and she said, "Let me help you a little more." I opened my eyes and saw her plunge her left two fingers inside herself, her clear juices streaming as she pulled her hand away.

"Xena, let me taste you." I caught her by surprise and caused her cheeks to flush slightly.

She rubbed her fingers over my lips, my tongue coming out to lap the moisture from her body. Her mouth opened as she watched me suck her fingers.

She brought her wet fingers down to my clit, rubbing me hard and quickly bringing me over the edge.

"Fuck me, Baby…please!" I screamed, as she made me come for a very long time. Staying inside me until my body relaxed somewhat, she slowly pulled out of me and showed me how far she had gone inside me. "I was too afraid of hurting you." She leaned down and kissed me, and I told her, "Fuck my mouth, Xena."

Without saying a word, she straddled my chest, rubbing her wetness all over my breasts. "You're going to make me come again if you don't stop that." I was serious.

Her wicked little smile appeared. "That's fine with me."

I firmly grabbed her ass and pulled her forward. Her dripping center was exactly in line with my mouth. I ran my tongue out as far as I could, firmly running up her slit several times. Her wetness coated my tongue quickly.

"You're getting hard, Xena. Put your cock in my mouth…let me suck you, Baby."

She pushed her hips forward, and I took all of her into my mouth that I could. She placed her hands on each side of my head and rocked her hips back and forth as she met my mouth and tongue for relief.

"Mmmmm, Xena…that's it. Can you feel me sucking you? Are you going to come in my mouth? I want to swallow you…", I said, our pace increasing.


I immediately returned to my task and concentrated on bringing my beautiful Warrior Princess as much pleasure as she had brought me. She tasted so good and felt even better in my mouth.

Her firm breasts were erect and enflamed as she rode out her passion above me. I sucked her in, making sure I stroked her with my tongue as I applied steady suction to her clit.

She looked down at me, her face revealing how good this felt to her. I rubbed my hands over her ass and up her back, and then quickly wet them from her center. I made my way up her stomach and to her breasts, massaging them as I held them in my hands and then rubbing her own wetness over her nipples.

"Gabrielle…" she husked, and I watched as her orgasm took control of her body. She wildly fucked my mouth, coming very hard. I felt fresh blood inside my mouth as the inside of my lip began stinging. Her hair hung down on each side of my face as she finally stopped moving. She then scooted her slick, wet center all the way down my chest, stomach, and mound before dismounting me and stretching out to lay by my side.

"How was my aim?" she asked, her breath still short as she regained control of her body, but a huge smile across her face.

"Perfect. Just perfect."

I reached for our water and we both enjoyed a long drink. We talked just a bit, and she reached down and pulled the blanket over us. I think I went to sleep before the blanket stopped settling.

Going to sleep turned on usually made me dream sexual dreams. And our conversation about the roll playing had me thinking about it even more. I dreamed that I had Xena's hands bound to a headboard and that she was begging me to let her come. I kept putting her off, but knowing I was going to make her come very soon. I enjoyed seeing her craving release, a release that I controlled. "Ask me nicely, and maybe I'll give you what you want."

"Please, Mistress…"

Gods, how exciting.

Xena's growl suddenly woke me up, and I could feel my center very wet with want.

"I wonder if we were both dreaming the same thing?" I asked.

"And what were you dreaming about?"

I took her hands and put them over her head, lacing my fingers with hers. "Maybe since you're not up to being my mistress right now, how would you like me to be the Mistress?"

She was quiet as she processed what I was suggesting. I thought maybe she didn't like the idea at all.

"Are you asking me to submit myself to you, Gabrielle?"

"Could you do that, Xena? Could you hold back and let me take complete control of that luscious body?"

Maybe she had never submitted to a Mistress before. I knew this was asking a lot, but she knew I loved her so very much, and it would only be done to bring her ultimate pleasure.

She quietly studied her options, and I just let her think. Finally, she said, "Yes, My Love. I want to be your slave."

I looked into her eyes. What a gift she was giving me…her trust and confidence that I would do this right. "Thank you." I didn't say anything else, but snuggled back into my favorite spot and going to sleep. I had to do some careful planning. And I couldn't let her down.

The next morning, her curiosity finally got the better of her when she asked me, "Still planning on going through with it?"

"I haven't been able to think of anything else," I told her, my smile not forfeiting any clues.

She wanted to know when the fun was going to start. I told her that I wanted her completely healed from her fights with Najara first. And that it would also be when I was ready to start. I think she was kind of surprised by the control I was taking.

We traveled and I thought of how to make this as perfect for her as possible. I knew I'd enjoy it, because if it involved devouring her body, there's no way it could be disappointing. We were approaching a village and I would stop when we got there to search for a couple of items I had in mind.

When we did stop, Xena waited for me outside with Argo. I placed my purchases in my saddlebag, safe from her view. She would be quite surprised with what I chose.

I waited until the next day to give her body enough time to heal. It also ensured that both of us would be even hornier from waiting and anticipating our new experience.

We fought some thugs and Xena was amazing with her physical agility and strength. She obviously was feeling ready for me. After the fight, my lust for her appeared in full force and showed no interest in leaving any time soon. I wanted her, but I wanted to make this experience a total turn-on for Xena. Once again, my lack of experience was a bit distracting, but I had to concentrate on Xena and what would drive her wild.

While we were still standing on the road, I stepped up as close to her as I could. She looked at me like she wondered what I was doing, but I showed her very quickly when I reached forward and grabbed her crotch-telling her, "We've got to get a few things straight." She looked at me with a new sort of shock but remained quiet.

"First of all," I said as I lifted my hand strongly upward on her mound, "this belongs to me. Don't touch it or show it to me or anyone else unless I tell you to. You've got 15 minutes-get on Argo and locate a campsite where we'll have total privacy. Then send Argo back for me while you set up camp. Wait on your bedroll for me. Do you have any questions?"

She quietly whispered, "No."

I continued my hold on her mound and slapped her across the face with my other. "What did you say, Slut?" I waited for a split second for her to remove my head from my shoulders, and then I felt bad when I saw the red lines from my fingers appearing on her cheek. But this was the game, and I would play it to the best of my ability.

"No, Mistress. I don't have any questions." I had to make this believable and getting in the right mindset was necessary.

She stood there looking at me. It was actually quite sweet, her obvious strength being used to submit herself to me.

"That's better, Slut." I released my grip from between her legs and then yelled, "What are you waiting for, Bitch?"

She whistled for Argo and they rode away to search for our campsite.

When they were out of my sight, I began walking in their direction, deciding to surprise her if I could follow their tracks well enough and find an alternate route to where she was. I'd see if she risked a peek into my saddlebag when she got Argo unloaded with our things.

I found the entrance to a beautiful clearing, and then saw Xena sitting quietly on her bedroll, my saddlebag laying near her, but unopened.

I startled her when I said, "Very good, Whore. But you nearly earned yourself a whipping."

I knelt in front of her as she sat on her bedroll. "Remove my boots, Slave." I watched as her hands shook slightly while she unlaced them. When she had finished, I commanded her to remove her underwear. She did exactly as I said.

"Now spread your legs and lean back. I want to see how wet you are."

She looked so delicious sitting in front of me, making my mouth water for her taste. She rested her weight on her arms, which were stretched out behind her, while her knees were bent and thighs spread open. She was showing me her most intimate details. Definitely some of my favorite details.

I gently put my bare foot up to her center and then ran my toes through her slit. The heat from her body was incredible.

"You're very wet. You like this, don't you, Slave?"

"Yes, Mistress, her voice cracking as she tried to speak.

I told her to watch me as I began undressing, taking as long as I could. Gods, I was so ready to touch her, but I wanted to create a desire within her that she had never felt. I stood as close to her as possible with my back turned to her as I slid my skirt down to my ankles, bending over as I wore only my underwear. I heard her whisper, "Please, Mistress…"

I looked over my shoulder. "Did I tell you you could speak, Whore?"

"No Mistress." She lowered her head, and I felt like taking her into my arms. I couldn't break.

I held out my hand and told her, "Give me your breeches, Slut." I wadded them up and stuck them in her mouth. "It had better stay there, Slave."

I then removed my underwear and was completely naked. "Would you like to give me a bath, Slave?"

She nodded her head yes. "Well, stand up, Whore. And undress for your Mistress."

She began undressing-completely seducing me with her beauty. Her own arousal was quite evident by just seeing her swollen nipples. Her hand brushed against them while she was removing her clothes, and I reprimanded her. "You disappoint me, Whore." I ripped the underwear from her mouth. "I guess when I told you your cunt was mine, I should have told you your breasts were mine, too."

I removed the rest of her clothing and went to my saddlebag, removing one of my new purchases-the manacles. I held them up, letting her see what she would be wearing for a while.

"On your stomach, Bitch. Now!" She moved as I commanded, and I grabbed each arm and pulled it behind her back and placed the cuff on each wrist. I pulled her back into a sitting position.

"Slut, you really blew it. I was looking forward to those hands rubbing soap into my skin, washing me. And then I wanted your fingers deep inside me, stroking me to orgasm after orgasm."

I stopped talking and got the soap and washcloth and went to the water just steps away from our bedrolls. "Guess all you'll be able to do is watch me."

I took my time, giving her the best show I could. I even reached below the water and stroked myself a few times, but didn't come because I wanted to save it for her.

Leaving the water, I looked over to her and said, "Come on, Whore. You need a bath, too."

I led her to the edge of the water and sat her down on a flat rock so that only her legs were in the water. I poured water onto her, soaping her skin and rinsing her. So far, my plan had went well, but now it was time for the true test. Would she allow me to do what I was about to do?

I had soaped the hair covering her lower lips quite well, but didn't rinse her there. She looked curiously at me as I stood and walked to get my saddlebag. I returned and laid it to her side.

"Look at me. Do you remember telling me about your dream where Callisto took you?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"There was something in that dream that excited me very much, Whore. But I knew you'd never let me do it to you…until now."

I removed my other purchase from the bag. "I want to shave you, Xena. I want to be able to see all of you…your gorgeous cunt…when I fuck you. Are you ready?"

She needed to give me her permission to do this. I would never want to do something to her if she didn't want it, too. I'd never hurt her or humiliate her.

She hesitantly asked me, "Do you really want to do this, Mistress?"

Without saying a word, I leaned forward and took her mouth into mine, feeling her desire for me. I hadn't kissed her until now. Yes, she was willing to let me do this. "Thank you, my little slave."

I began shaving her as gently as possible. "Gods, Slave. That is absolutely perfect." I wiped off the remaining soap with a towel, finding it difficult to take my eyes off her.

I got out of the water and helped her to her feet. I helped her sit down on her bedroll, and told her, "Get those hands in front of you, Slave." She moved her knees up and slipped her wrists from underneath her body and brought them to lie on her stomach.

I straddled her face. "Eat me good, Cunt." I was drenched from the anticipation for her to touch me. I poured into her mouth as she made me come several times. I finally stretched out beside her. "I could just go to sleep right now," I said, only trying to torment her. Little did she know that I had waiting as long as I could to touch her.

It worked, because she let out a sob, displaying her readiness to come.

"What's the matter, Cunt?"

"Gods, Mistress. I want to come!"

I sat up beside her, making this last as long as I could. It would only enhance her pleasure. "What's stopping you, Cunt?"

"I'm waiting for your permission, Mistress."

I smiled at her. "Go ahead, Bitch. Don't let me stop you."

She immediately began touching herself, her hands still bound in the manacles. Gods, she looked incredible.

"Fuck yourself, Slave. I want to see your fingers disappear inside your body."

She did as I wished, only bringing me back to desire and lust by just the view of her cleanly shaven cunt. "Gods, that is so hot."

I moved so that I was very close to her sex. Watching her fingers moving in and out of herself was driving me crazy with desire. I needed to touch her.

"Stop!" I said, as I roughly moved her hands away from her center. She seemed very upset with me. "Don't worry, Slut. I'm going to let you find the relief you want. First, I want you to do this for me…"

I lifted her knees and told her to put her arms around them. I knelt down and started touching her, amazed at her wetness. "You've done so well…tried so hard to please me. You certainly did that, more than you'll ever know. I think it's time you were rewarded."

I had the perfect clearing to lick her and suck her into my mouth. And in this position, she could feel every movement of my mouth and tongue. Gods, she tasted incredible. I couldn't hold back the pleasures her taste brought me, and moaned in appreciation.

"Come for me, My Love. Only for me…"

She came hard, writhing against the bedroll. I followed her every move, never leaving her with my mouth. She finally relaxed and I told her, "I'm not finished."

I reached once more for the saddlebag and got the phallus. I stood on my knees against her raised knees. I ran the phallus through her center. "Get me wet, Baby."

Xena moaned and closed her eyes, seeming to welcome another orgasm. I gently went inside her, holding the phallus with my hand and moving my mound against it, pushing it into her hot cove and watching her lips bulge around the object. "Does that feel good?

You've got me so wet…"

"Yessss…" she said.

"I knew it would be amazing, but you look so incredible! I can see myself fucking you. You are so gorgeous, Baby."

I continued moving inside her, seeing the look pleasure on her face. "I have to taste it…"

I scooted back and leaned forward so that I could take her clit captive between my teeth. I continued my strokes inside her and her wetness was leaking out in abundance. I finally sucked her clit while thrusting inside her.

She tightened even more as I plunged into her, and then I felt her body began to shiver…announcing the arrival of an intense orgasm, which we rode out together. We screamed our release into the wilderness and then finally collapsed against each other. I scrambled to retrieve the keys to the manacles from my bag and freed her from the cuffs. I rubbed her wrists and kissed them for a long time. I brushed her bangs away from her face. "Xena, are you okay?"

She was very quiet, but she held her arms open and told me, "Come here."

"I'm very okay, Gabrielle. You made me feel so good. But if I catch a cold…you're in trouble."

I smiled and covered her crotch with my hand. "I'll be sure and keep you warm."

Gods, I loved this woman.

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