Cutting It Close--Xena's Scroll (Part 1)

"Xena?" I had almost nodded off, and Gabrielle's voice woke me abruptly.

"What?" I asked, not being able to hide a slight bit of irritation in my voice.

She was stretched out, half of her body resting on mine, but she pushed herself up on her arms. Her eyes looked very seriously into mine. "What did Najara mean when she said hurting me was your job?"

I winced slightly at her question. That statement had been haunting me ever since the bitch had first said it. But I never dreamed Gabrielle would have difficulty interpreting it.

"What do you think she meant?" I asked curiously.

She shrugged slightly. "I don't know," she answered. "At first, I thought she meant the dangerous situations we are in so much of the time. You know, like you hurt me by allowing me to fight along side of you."

I nodded. But something in her eyes was saying something different. "Have you changed your mind?" I asked her.

"Well, not really," came the answer. "Because it makes a lot of sense. But the way she seemed to learn through the jinn…"

I pulled back my head as far as I could in this awkward position. "What are you getting at?"

I suddenly noticed her cheeks were a little pinkened. Her eyes held a familiar glow. "Do you think…"

I found it astounding that Gabrielle found any subject too embarrassing to discuss with me. But I recognized her look from earlier in our relationship, when I taught her about some of the ways we could sexually please each other. It was easy to bring the blush to her face then, but recently, I found it more of a challenge.

I know a half-grin formed on my face. "Do I think what?" I echoed. She was still hesitant, but finally spoke up. "Do you think the jinn might have told Najara what we do when we're along together?" She looked greatly relieved to have said it, but the color still painted her cheeks.

"You mean when we're making love?" I asked, urging her to look up at me.

She nodded helplessly.

It seemed like the thought was so far out there, but it wouldn't have occurred to her unless something else had brought it on.

"It's been a long time since we've made love like that," I whispered, stroking the side of her face. Her skin was baby soft. "It seems to me the jinn were only aware of what we were feeling at the current time."

If possible, she blushed even more furiously. Her eyes glowed into mine. "It's been a long time, Xena," she whispered. "I'll admit I've been thinking about my mistress a lot."

Her mistress. That was me, of course. It had been months since we had slipped into the roles of master and slave. And yes, I missed it. But she seemed to be missing it more than me. And now, there were other factors involved…

"What happened with you and Najara?" I asked before I could stop myself. I had felt the bitter burn of jealousy from the moment Gabrielle had shown more than a casual curiosity in the strange woman.

"Nothing!" she assured me immediately, and I could tell by her shock that she was telling the complete truth. "Yes, I was caught up in her talk about opening a hospice, but I had no interest in her as a woman. Surely you know that by now, Xena."

I nodded again, feeling greatly relieved by that. "But you've been thinking about our rougher love making a lot," I said quietly.

She wiggled her lower half against me, and I could feel the moisture that had soaked through her underpants was now wetting mine. "A whole lot," she told me in a lowered voice. "Things have been so tense lately, and we really haven't had much time for each other. And I know you've seemed extra stressed lately. Maybe your pleasure slave can help reduce some of that stress."

Gods…pleasure slave! She had come up with that one on her own! I gave a shudder, which I knew she would think was solely of passion. Her hands ran down the length of my leathers, starting at my shoulders, down over my breasts, across my stomach, and over my mound. I was struggling with something she didn't know about yet, and now it was making me feel even guiltier.

"I love you with all that I am…You know that, don't you?

I felt her hand stop its trek along my body. Her eyes widened as she realized how serious I was being. "Yeah, I know it," she whispered back.

"And you trust me, don't you?" I continued, still searching her eyes.

She suddenly looked scared. "Xena, what's wrong?"

"Nothing," I assured her as quickly as she had assured me. "Nothing of any real importance. Do you trust me?" I had to hear her say it before I would continue.

"Of course, I trust you with all I am."

"Okay. Please don't question me when I say I just can't do that right now."

She looked confused again. "Do what?"

Zeus, she was going to make this as difficult as possible! I took a deep breath before answering. "I can't play the game with you right now…be your mistress."

I took her by surprise; that was easy to see and for a long time she just studied my expression. There was a big difference between "can't" and "won't". I know she was trying to see if I was teasing her, but also knew my expression would show how serious I was.

"You can't tell me why?" she asked finally.

I gave her my most beseeching expression. "Not right now," I answered, praying she would just accept it at that.

She was thinking about it hard. Finally, she said, "Xena, I do trust you, and I won't press the issue on this, I promise." I gave her a small smile and was about to press a kiss of thanks to her lips. She pressed a hand to mine though. "I'm not finished," she told me.


"Just tell me that the reason you don't want to do it isn't because of me…something I've done."

My mood lightened immediately, and I smiled my biggest smile. "I promise you, it has nothing to do with you."

She returned my smile then, and leaned down to take full advantage of the kiss.

We made love tenderly and leisurely, and a couple hours later, Gabrielle had conked out. She was sleeping in her favorite position, one of her thighs cradled between mine, as her upper half was using mine as a pillow. One of her arms was curled around my waist, and the other was resting against the side of my face. Even in her sleep, she would stroke my cheek from time to time.

I stared down at her long golden hair, which even in the dim firelight gleamed brightly. The vision that kept haunting me was of the both of us being nailed to crosses and being crucified side-by-side. There was one odd element in the vision though. In it, Gabrielle's hair was cut quite short. In fact, now that I thought about it, the style was very similar to the way Najara wore hers.

Gabrielle had worn her hair long for as long as I had known her, and as far as I knew, had no plans to cut it anytime soon. I wound my fingers through the soft tresses, feeling relief that they were long and beautiful.

The vision combined with Najara's accusing comments were what had me tell her I couldn't even pretend to be her mistress. It wasn't hard to remember how demanding I got with her sometimes. My little bard got off on me tying her up and handling her roughly, even slapping her around a little bit. She moaned with pleasure when I called her horrible names, belittling and humiliating her. And her voice always quivered with excitement when she had to call me "mistress" at my order. Yes, she loved our role playing very much, and it would excite me beyond reason. And when it was over, and we had slipped out of our dominant/ submissive guises, we always felt even closer in our real life.

The problem was…I loved the role-playing as much as she did. I loved the rush I got in forcing her to do my every bidding. Just thinking about her writhing naked at my feet, begging for my mercy was enough for my secretions to run down my legs. Thinking about it now was a mistake, and I couldn't hold back the long tremor that racked my body or the growl that was wrenched from me. Even in her deep sleep, Gabrielle seemed to sense what was happening, and her eyes fluttered open. She took in my aroused state, and wiggled her saturated cunt against mine. "I wonder…" she mused softly.

I fell right into her trap. "Wonder what?"

She licked her tongue across my lip. "I wonder if we were dreaming the same thing?"

Whatever she had been dreaming must have been exciting. I could feel her nipples grinding hard against mine, and the scent of excited flesh wasn't just my own.

"And what were you dreaming about?" I asked, surprised at the squeak in my voice.

Her eyes held a wicked glint I don't think I've ever seen before. Suddenly, she looked far less like my little bard and if anything, resembled her evil off-spring, Hope. "Well," she half-purred, half-growled at me. I took in a deep breath when she entertwined her fingers with mine and pulled my arms up above my head. "I was dreaming that since you didn't feel up to being my mistress right now, maybe you'd be more willing to let me be your mistress."

I should have expected that. In light of the circumstances, it would have been an easy conclusion to come to. But I had been so focused on my internal argument, that I hadn't broadened my thoughts enough.

She mistook my silence for hesitance or even disapproval, and quickly released my hands. "Maybe not," I heard her murmur, and her head lowered slightly from embarrassment.

"No, hang on," I said quickly, not letting go of her hands. "Are you asking me to submit myself to you?"

"Could you do that, Xena?" she asked me. "Could you hold back and let me take complete control of that luscious body of yours?

I considered it for a moment. It wouldn't be the first time I had been on the receiving end of this sort of thing. Far more often, though, I took the role of the dominant, and that's the way it was easiest for me. I had enjoyed playing the slave, but not nearly as much as I enjoyed playing the mistress. I had to concentrate too hard on trying not to take over.

Would it be different with Gabrielle? I couldn't be sure, but I had the feeling it would be. Every other kind of sex was different with her. Just the touch of her fingers on me was enough to arouse me to far greater heights than any of my other sex partners had ever been able to bring me.

I had the sudden feeling it would be very different with Gabrielle.

She was waiting for an answer.

"Yes, My love," I told her finally. "I want to be your slave."

Her smile lit up her whole face. "Thank you," she told me.

She laid her head back down on me, and snuggled in, satisfied. Surely, after all that, she wasn't planning on going back to sleep?

She was! I was going to have to do something about that!

So I did.

I couldn't resist asking her more the next morning, while we were breaking camp. "Still planning on going through with it?"

"Oh yes," she replied with a wide grin. "I haven't been able to think of anything else."


"So what?"

We stood there looking at each other, both of us with our hands on our hips.

"So…when can I expect the fun to start?"

I wasn't smiling now, but she still was, as she raised her eyebrows at me. "I've got some things to get together," she answered finally. "And I want you to be totally healed from your fights with Najara. I want you 100% before I reduce you to a gorgeous hunk of quivering flesh, begging me to put you out of your sexual misery."

Now, there was a challenge if ever I heard one. And it sounded very much like something I would say to get her fired up. I narrowed my eyes at her. "Perhaps I misled you," I began slowly. "I'm not going to make this easy for me. If you have me bending to your will, it will be because you forced me to, no other way."

If that bothered her, she didn't let on. "That's exactly what I want, Xena", she answered evenly and confidently. "I would feel cheated if I thought you were just allowing me to hurt and humiliate you."

Gods, the things she said to me! I was feeling more impassioned at her words than I ever would have thought possible! I knew I would more than likely have to temper my physical strength with her. That was something I usually had to do anyway, and was used to doing it my whole life. I didn't even have to think about it anymore; it was just automatic. But with Gabrielle's becoming my mistress, I was going to have to temper my emotional and mental state as well. If I was successful at it, the rewards for both of us would be immense.

Gabrielle was unusually quiet that day, and I knew she was scheming hard. A warning bell in my head vaguely told me I should probably be concerned, but I was too intrigued and excited to listen. We reached the outskirts of a good-sized village, Myernna, in the late afternoon, and I figured Gabrielle would want to spend the night there, but she didn't. We didn't need any supplies, but Gabrielle did ask me to wait for her while she went to buy a couple of items. Knowing what they had to do with, I didn't put up a fuss. She left with her saddlebag in tow, and wasn't gone long. That self-satisfied smile she had been wearing all day was back, and had somehow widened.

"Have any luck?" I asked, trying to sound nonchalant.

"Mmm hmmm." She eyed me up and down.

My eyes followed her gaze. "What?"

"How long do you think it will before you are completely healed?"

I shrugged. "A day or two." I was more grateful than ever for my quick recuperative powers. Najara had done quite a number on me, but I never took long to recover.

She nodded, and her gaze grew more pensive as she continued to study me. I began to feel like a prize bull being scrutinized. "Yes?"

She looked into my eyes then, her face a mask of innocence. "Not a thing," came the answer. "I was just looking at you."

"Like you're going to devour me."

She licked her lips. "You're reading my mind again," she whispered.

I shivered at this, feeling a pool of fresh lubrication begin to form in my breeches. "I think I'll be better tomorrow," I told her.

She threw back her head and laughed at me. "You might be, but I might not," she told me. "We won't begin until I'm ready too." She smiled as she told me, but her eyes were very serious. Something in her attitude set off another alarm bell.

Once again, I totally ignored it. "Any idea when you might be ready?" I asked.

She turned her back on me, but I heard her answer as she started off. "When the time is ripe, Xena. Not until then."

"When the time was ripe." I had no idea what that meant, but there was no way I would question her anymore. I wouldn't give her the satisfaction. Besides, it was obvious that every time she came near me that her own eagerness and desire was at a heightened state, and would keep her from stretching out the wait too long.

Life was normal the rest of the day and through most of the next. We met up with a bunch of thugs trying to rob an old couple traveling in a wagon, and I took the opportunity to show Gabrielle just how recovered I was feeling. I used far more elaborate flips than necessary, knowing Gabrielle would be distracted by the sight of my thigh muscles and breeches-covered behind. I quickly sent the would-be thieves scrambling to escape.

After we made sure the couple was okay, her expression changed. I could see the hunger in her look as she turned to face me. Her eyes raked up and down me, just as they had yesterday. Then she stepped forward, closing the gap between us. I was shocked when her right hand snaked out and plunged up under my leathers, clamping down hard on my pubis. My first thought was the old couple wasn't even out of sight yet, and we were standing on a well-traveled road. Then she squeezed her hand even tighter, and my attention was focused solely on her.

"We've got to get a few things straight," she growled at me. "First of all this, (she lifted upward with her hand, forcing me to lift on my toes) belongs to me until I say otherwise. You are not to touch it or show it to me or anyone else unless I tell you to. Now, I want you to get on Argo, and you have exactly fifteen minutes to find a campsite where we'll have total privacy. Once you find it, send Argo back for me, while you set up camp. That done, take all your weapons and lay them beside my bedroll. Then sit on your own bedroll and wait for me. Do you have any questions?"

I shook my head and whispered. "No."

Without ever relinquishing her hold on my cunt, her other hand whipped up to slap my face…hard. I felt my temper immediately blaze, but I didn't let it show. This was going to be the first of many times that would happen tonight.

"What did you say, Slut?"

I gave it up to her as I lowered my eyes. I took a deep breath and responded, "No Mistress. I don't have any questions."

"That's better, Slut." Slowly, she released my throbbing mound, and withdrew her hand. I stood there, swaying from the shock and the incredible feelings crashing through me. "What are you waiting for, Bitch?" she barked, and it shook me from my daze.

I whistled for Argo, and we galloped off to do her bidding.

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