Does a Pair of Amazon Queens Beat a Warrior Princess?- Xena's Scroll (Part 1)

What would Xena do? What would Xena do? Gabrielle's parting words had become a mantra to me, and it seemed I thought them every time I had a decision to make.

Xena would pin me down with a hand on my stomach as her blue eyes pierced my heart even as her fingers were piercing me lower down.

"Queen Varia?"

Goddess, I had done it again…let my fantasies interrupt me from doing my duties. I turned to look at the three young Amazons I had summoned. I hope my expression didn't betray where my mind had just been.

If it did, they had the smarts not to react to it. "Jaserine, Lynma, Astra…are you ready for your mission?"

"Yes, Queen Varia," they replied in unison, their gazes dutifully lowered.

"Good," I said, trying to maintain that authoritative tone the Warrior Princess had mastered effortlessly. "Well, then, get to it! You don't have much time!"

The trio bowed again, and then ran off, almost tripping over each other in their efforts to hurry. It surprised me when I had that effect on the members of the tribe, but pleased me. I wonder if Xena would be pleased with my progress?

"I want to please you, Xena…anything you want."

"You please me very much, Varia…let me show you how much…"

I'm not exactly sure when my admiration for Xena had turned to something more. Of course, I had been aware from the beginning of what a stunningly gorgeous creature she was; that was evident the moment I met her. Later, as she began training me in the warrior arts, I began to realize she was far more graceful in her movements than any other woman I had ever seen. She moved with an ease that I wanted, as if she were aware of each part of her body at all times. And her power! Gods, I knew it was legendary, but just the thought of her using that power to control my passions was enough to make me take my hands to my own body every time I let my thoughts linger on it. She saved my life more than once, and showed far more patience with me than I ever deserved. She and Gabrielle claimed it was out of respect for my beloved Queen Marga's wishes, and I'm sure it was, but I'm hoping at least a tiny bit of Xena's tolerance for my being so headstrong was because she felt at least a little something for me.

But then there was Gabrielle; the warrior bard whom I knew Xena was very much in love with. I tried with all my might to feel animosity toward Gabrielle, but it just wasn't possible. She was the light to Xena's dark, the temperance to Xena's strength. I had never met someone who just exuded a serenity and calmness the way Gabrielle did. She and Xena obviously adored each other, and I had the feeling Xena would be a different person if it weren't for Gabrielle. It might be a person I didn't like nearly as much, so I found myself giving a begrudging respect to Gabrielle, despite my lust and jealousy for her woman.

I thought about Xena far too much…I had many plans to attend to as the ceremony to make me queen of the Amazon nations was to be held in less than two weeks. Amazons would be coming from all over Greece, but there was really only one Amazon I was looking forward to seeing…Gabrielle. Because she would have Xena with her. I was careful to make sure Xena's name was on the invitation. The three girls I had just dispatched were to locate Xena and Gabrielle and give them the invitation. I knew they would do their very best to locate the wandering duo. They would do anything they could to please me.

There was less than a week to go, when the trio returned. Jaserine was the spokesman for the group, so I called for her as soon as I heard they were back safely. She was smiling even as she knelt at my feet.

"You may rise, Jaserine."

"Thank you, My Queen." It was still difficult for me to get used to being called that. I knew I had to though, as tradition and respect was very important to the Amazons.

"Have a seat, Jaserine. Are you hungry after your journey?"

She perched herself on the edge of a chair, and tried to hide her nervousness. "No, my Queen…I had breakfast not long ago."

I couldn't wait any longer. "Did you deliver the invitation?"

She grinned again. "Yes, my Queen."

I allowed my face to show my pleasure. "Very good. And did they accept?"

She looked afraid then, and began to stutter as she replied, "N-not exactly, My Queen…they were…well they were otherwise engaged, and Queen Gabrielle asked me to leave them."

My heart lurched as I took in the expression on the face. Was that embarrassment I saw? "Otherwise engaged? How?"

She swallowed nervously before she answered. "They were…uh…in bed when I found them."

I relaxed, a bit. "You should have waited until the next morning," I told her, trying not to respond to the thought of what Jaserine might have seen.

"It was midday, My Queen," Jaserine replied. Her hazel eyes suddenly held an amused sparkle, no doubt because of my reaction.

"It was midday," I echoed, and she nodded. "And I take it they weren't sick?"

"I don't think so, My Queen…Uh…Queen Gabrielle told me I was interrupting them, and I needed to leave immediately. " She grinned at me, and I had the feeling she had gotten at least an eyeful.

"I see…" I replied, as a wave of arousal swept through me.

"I could return, My Queen…" Jaserine continued, misinterpreting my reaction. "I could find out if they are going to accept your invitation or not." Her plaintive expression brought me back to the present.

"No, Jaserine…there's not enough time. They'll be here if they can, and if they can't…well…don't feel like you've failed me."

Her expression of relief was evident. "Thank you, My Queen."

I nodded. "Thank you, Jaserine…and you may thank Astra and Lynma as well for me. You did your mission well."

"Thank you, My Queen."

"You may go now."

She nodded and left my hut, shutting the door behind her. My mind raced with thoughts of what she had seen, and how my position of Queen prevented me from pressing her from further details. Jaserine wasn't much younger than me, after all, and it wasn't so long ago that I was a giggling youth like her and her friends. We would be able to sit up for hours whispering about the acts we had witnessed…or at least thought we had walked in on. I missed that…but welcomed the feelings that had appeared in their place. Feelings that I was a desirable woman who was now old enough to act upon my desires.

And I desired Xena.

What would Xena do? Gabrielle had given me those final words of wisdom before they had left us a season ago. She told me to ask myself what Xena would do when I came across a situation that was new to me.

What would Xena do? She would assert herself, and let her demands be known. I'm sure she didn't beat around the bush with her love for Gabrielle. I wanted her to love me, but knew that was impossible. And in truth, I would never desire for Xena and Gabrielle to not be together. Gabrielle was the perfect balance for Xena.

But a night of passion…a taste of the lover behind the warrior princess facade…I felt I could ask Xena for that. She was known to have many lovers, and to have brought them all untold pleasures. I would have to make it clear to her that I didn't aspire to win her love…but I did want her to show me how to be the woman I wanted to be. Surely she couldn't refuse that?

With three days to go until the ceremony, I heard our guard make the call that more visitors were approaching. Most of the Amazons who had traveled to be here had already been here a few days, and as there weren't many of them…around a hundred or so…they had grown comfortable with each other. The younger ones ran ahead to see who the approaching guests were, and it wasn't long before the news filtered back to me.

They were here.

Gods, did she look beautiful! The only thing I had seen her in besides her leathers was my own Amazon clothes, but her leathers accentuated her perfectly. Her look in my loincloth and short shirt? Well, let's just say that it was a long time before I allowed the outfit to be laundered. I was able to detect the scent of her skin in combination with my own and it inspired a whole line of dreams on its own.

But now she was dressed in her battle skirt and armor, looking as imposing and breathtaking as ever. She led Argo in to the village circle, and Gabrielle's hand was firmly tucked into her own. Once again, I was taken by the beauty of the contrast between them.

I stepped forward at the appropriate time, and let Xena and Gabrielle see me. They both smiled warmly at me, and then outstretched their arms to give me an embrace. I didn't breathe when Xena hugged me…and did my best not to squeeze too hard. I never wanted to let go, but kept my emotions in check as I stepped back quickly. I didn't want to tip off what I was feeling, until I could talk to Xena alone.

I would have liked to have spent the afternoon with them, but I had many documents to sign and still had to go through the final fitting for my headdress. I hated having to stand still for that, but it was a necessary evil. When it was finally over, I checked over the menu for the feast that night, and went back to my hut to get ready for the evening's festivities.

As my chosen guests of honor, Xena and Gabrielle ate at my table, along with the other tribal queens and their escorts. After we ate, we made ourselves more comfortable, and that afforded some of the younger Amazons the freedom to ask Gabrielle to tell them some of her stories. I saw her raise her eyebrows with a questioning look at Xena, and Xena's smiling nod. No words need be spoken.

Casually, I made my way to the seat Gabrielle had vacated, next to Xena. She had just taken a bath, and I couldn't help but inhale the scent of leather and soap that permeated from her. Goddess, she even smelled powerful!

I had to speak, and I thanked her for coming. It was sincere. She sounded just as sincere when she told me she was glad they were here. Goddess, when she smiled she was even more disarming…I could melt into the depths of those crystal blue eyes! I should have thought my mantra through before I spoke again…"Jaserine told me about the circumstances she finally found you and Gabrielle in." I could have slapped myself for saying that, but her grin didn't change. She said something about hoping they didn't reveal too much to Jaserine. I responded by telling her Jaserine was older than she appeared…but I hope she hadn't ruined the mood. Was it the truth? Part of me hoped it was….just the thought of hearing Xena talk about lovemaking excited me beyond measure. But Xena just told me that they hadn't let the interruption stop them. Goddess…I was dying to ask for details, but that would have been way too inappropriate. I just smiled at picturing her expression if I had been so bold though, and looked toward Gabrielle. Xena had already done the same.

I had given my second-in-command, Genetta the morning off, as beginning tomorrow her own duties will be increasing ten fold. She usually woke me up in the morning and informed me of any early news of the day. This morning, I woke up on my own, and peered outside my window, to see what all the noise was about. There on the middle of the practice field was Xena and Gabrielle, sparring with some of my braver young warriors.

I dressed as quickly as I could, and then made my way to the field. The few Amazons who hadn't joined them yet followed me. I knew what was expected of me, and couldn't help but feel a myriad of emotions at the idea. It was time for the student to challenge her teacher.

Goddess, she hadn't even broken a sweat, and she had taken on some very capable warriors! I tried to control my erratic breathing as I stepped toward Xena. My Amazons formed a circle around us and began urging us on. Xena closed the distance between us, and somberly acknowledged me.

"Choose your weapon, Varia," she said, her voice calm and even. Oh, she'd need no weapon to conquer me! Her body was enough to make me want to fall at her knees groveling.

I cleared my thoughts as best I could, and told her as the guest of honor, she had the right to choose.

Was there something meaningful in the look she gave me as she answered, "No weapons then…hand to hand."

Goddess, I wanted to tell her hand to hand was just the beginning. I wanted to be breast-to-breast, mouth-to-mouth, cunt-to-cunt. My legs were shaking now as I accepted her terms, and we began to circle each other.

I concentrated on trying to catch her off guard, knowing my considerable brute strength would be no match for hers. The only way I'd even have a chance to defeat her would be if I could get her off-balance somehow, but after using my best moves to no avail, I knew it was futile. She began to pressure me a bit now, and it was only a matter of time before she brought me to my knees in defeat. We both knew it.

My movements were becoming less smooth and my breath began to come in pants, and Xena was barely winded! But she surprised me by suddenly holding up her right hand, signaling a momentary pause in our fighting. "Let's call it a draw," she said in a gentle tone.

I smiled gratefully, and if it were possible, I think I fell even more under her spell. She had graciously let me save face with my people. "A draw it is," I answered, and I shook her outstretched arm to the cheers of the crowd around us. My legs felt all rubbery from my exertions, but I steeled myself to walk back to the main hut without letting it show. I sort of hoped Xena and Gabrielle would follow, but I lost track of them.

It wasn't until a while later that I found out the pair had disappeared from the village. The costume maker was beside herself with worry about getting all the outfits done in time, and they were missing Gabrielle for her fitting. When she finally walked into camp, the blush on her face told us what she had been doing. I took one look at her, and pivoted on one foot, not wanting to see any more evidence. Besides, with Gabrielle being fitted for her outfit, Xena would be alone.

I tracked Xena to the river, and took to the trees as I approached it. Goddess, I was too late! If I had arrived just a few minutes sooner, I could have seen her emerge from the river before dressing. She hadn't even bothered to dry off, and the light colored shift she was wearing clung to her wet body tantalizingly. I knew I was taking a chance of being seen up here, as Xena's senses were far sharper than the average person, so I backtracked a little, then approached her on foot, as if I had just arrived.

What would Xena do? I kept asking myself that, as I talked myself into approaching her. Gabrielle had been right when she had told me these words could save my skin in all sorts of predicaments. But for once, I found myself not finding the advice helpful. Xena wouldn't do anything in this situation, because Xena would never be in this situation. She was a woman who got what she wanted and I'm sure even when she was a young girl she never had any problem attaining her sexual desires.

I approached her slowly, my eyes taking in all the details of her leisurely pose as I moved closer to her. Goddess, I hope she didn't notice. Before I lost my nerve, I asked if I could talk to her.

She gave me that heart-melting smile and sat up next to me on the rock. My mouth was suddenly running dry, and I was speechless again.

"That was a great match this morning…you've really improved." She said it like she meant it, and her words of praise meant more to me than anyone else's.

I thanked her, and then blurted out, "You really love Gabrielle, don't you?" Goddess, it was the stupidest question in the world, but she didn't seem to mind.

"With all my heart."

I nodded, and then told her I wanted that kind of love.

I don't know what my face was revealing, but her expression softened as she told me that I'd find it. "You're a very desirable woman."

Goddess, did she really just say that? I repeated her statement in my head, trying not to read too much into it, but it was so encouraging! I asked her if she hadn't fallen in love with Gabrielle; could she have fallen for me? I couldn't help it, and I felt every muscle tighten in my body as I waited to hear how she'd respond.

She hesitated a moment, and I realized I had caught her off-guard, as I had tried to in our fight earlier that day. The thing was, I didn't want her off-guard now…I wanted an answer straight from her heart. If it was bad news, I had to have that too. The waiting was going to kill me!

Finally, she answered me. "That's a difficult question. I have found myself attracted to many women…many…but Gabrielle completes me…. she's the other half of my soul. I might have fallen for you…but I don't think I'm capable of giving anyone else the love I have for Gabrielle."

It took me a moment to process those words with my brain. But I could see a definite light at the end of the tunnel. I couldn't resist. "Then you do find me attractive."

She looked me straight in the eye then, and my arousal gushed so much, I know she had to be able to smell it. "Yes, you are very attractive to me. But I couldn't do that to Gabrielle."

Her response was partially what I wanted, but I could see she wasn't going to be easily convinced. I tried to go for a softer approach. "I'm a virgin…A virgin…can you believe it?" She looked at me surprised, and I added, "And do you know why?"

"Why?" Goddess, I had never heard that uncertain tone of voice from her before.

Taking a deep breath, I threw all caution to the wind, and told her what I was feeling. "Because I want you to be the one to take my maidenhead…no one else. I want you to teach me in the ways of love as you have the ways of the warrior."

I could see she was taken aback again, and my head spun as I saw her lips trying to move and form words. Before I could stop myself, I pressed my head to hers, and for a fraction of a second, I felt her lips responding to mine. She pulled back quickly though.

She tried to back out gracefully, so I tried one more thing that I thought might work. Xena's sexual needs were legendary, and I know she had a taste for the unusual. "I wouldn't mind if Gabrielle was there…" I told her, hopefully.

Once again, I thought I had reached her, but she let me down. "Varia, I'm sorry. I can't do it. Not to Gabrielle and not to you. I hope you'll understand."

There was sadness in her tone, and I didn't know if it was because she really regretted not being able to do it, or if she just felt sorry for me. I was very afraid it was the latter, and I had to get away from her quick, before I broke down in front of her. "Goddess, I knew it was a mistake…I just can't help but dream about the mighty Warrior Princess in that way. I'm sorry," I offered as an apology. I hoped it didn't sound as pathetic to her ears as it did to my own.

My ears were still red with embarrassment as she stood beside me, telling me not to be sorry. "I am very honored…very. At a different time, I wouldn't have hesitated to give you what you desire…but that would have been before Gabrielle." I chanced a look at her, and could see she was being sincere. It made me want to break out sobbing.

I told her that Gabrielle was a very lucky woman, but she told me she was the lucky one. And then she warned me not to hold her refusal against the bard.

I promised her I wouldn't, and it was a promise I intended to keep. I had too much respect for Gabrielle and the love she commanded from Xena. I felt a fraction less uncomfortable, but wanted to get away from Xena before I really lost control of my emotions. Still, I had to tell her I wouldn't mention any of this to Gabrielle. I held my breath, hoping she'd make the same promise. It was bad enough feeling humiliated around Xena, but if I thought she and Gabrielle would have a good laugh over me…

She promised me, thank the goddess. I left her then. I had a lot of thinking to do

Unfortunately, I couldn't get much time to myself the rest of the day, and then it was time for dinner. Xena and Gabrielle were seated on the opposite side of the table, but they were off to my left quite a bit. I couldn't help but steal a glance or two, looking to see if they were having a good laugh over me, but Xena was apparently good to her word. She didn't give me any more attention than usual, nor any less. She acted as if we had never even talked that afternoon.

The dancing began, and usually, I enjoyed watching my Amazons move to the music, but tonight, I wasn't even aware of them. Xena and Gabrielle looked so at ease with each other, not hiding their touches and tender glances at one another. What I wouldn't give to have Xena look at me like that just for one night! I couldn't stand to be that close to her touching someone else, and told Genetta I was going to retire early, because of the big upcoming day.

I was full of nervous energy, and knew it would be a while before my body was calm enough to go to sleep. A run through the forest might take some of the edge off, and when I was on the outer rim of the perimeter, I would succumb to what my body was telling me…it was demanding to be stroked as I relived the memory of that brief kiss with Xena, and the feeling of her body on mine during the fight.

I was just getting ready to take off on my run, when I saw two silhouettes standing near me. They were too far away for me to hear, but I'd recognize Xena's statuesque form anywhere. I'd assumed they would be heading for their hut, but Gabrielle was walking toward the forest now. What were they up to?

Rather than follow Gabrielle, I stayed where I was and watched Xena go into her and Gabrielle's hut. She was only inside a moment, and then was walking in the same direction Gabrielle had traveled. As stealthily as I could, I followed her. This would be a true test of my skills, but I figured if Xena caught me, I'd just tell her I was out for some exercise.

I saw the flicker of a campfire, and then heard muted voices as I came to a halt behind a huge oak tree. It would shield my body from view, but still give me a good view at whoever was at the campfire. Once again I tried to reason out my actions…none of my tribe had permission to camp this far from the village, so I would be there to bring them back.

But I could see it wasn't any members of my own tribe. I knew I should leave them their privacy, but so help me, if I couldn't have Xena make love to me, at least I could let her teach me how to make love! I was totally lost the moment I saw her start to undress, and then Gabrielle taking over.

Goddess, I wanted so much to move just a little bit closer! I couldn't hear what they were saying to each other, and could only hear an occasional moan. From this distance, I couldn't tell who the moans were coming from, but I could see Xena writhing on the ground beneath Gabrielle's touch. It was so exquisite seeing the big strong warrior being overpowered by her more diminutive lover. It spoke of the trust the two had…and Xena's willingness to open herself fully to Gabrielle. It was truly the most beautiful sight I have ever seen.

I knew for sure it was Xena groaning now though, as I saw her body arch in the light of the campfire. Her stiff nipples were pointed skyward, and my mouth watered to suck them. With a stifled groan of my own, I gave in to my body's demands, and slipped a hand under the waistband of my skirt. I was so swollen…and could never remember being this wet before. I had to be careful because I was heading toward an orgasm that would alert the whole Amazon nation as to my position.

Gabrielle's hands never left Xena's body as she began pumping into her again. I didn't blame her…if I could just touch that glorious body; I'd never want to let go either. I could see Xena's movements intensify, and her hand joined Gabrielle's at her own sex. I know the dim light was playing tricks with my mind, because it looked like Xena was fucking herself in time with Gabrielle. That would be impossible, but just the thought of it drew my crotch up tighter. My hand was slippery from the juices my body was pumping out.

I heard Xena's moan of release again, and this time, I came with her, shoving my face hard into my own shoulder to keep from making any noise. My clit throbbed as I pinched it between my fingers, and even as my breathing regulated, I could feel my body wanting more.

Goddess, Xena had taken charge, and was now hovering over Gabrielle, her hands stroking the bard's body. My body was instantly crying out again…I couldn't help it. I wanted so badly to be the woman writhing beneath those long digits. I couldn't see Xena as well from this vantage point, and I could see their attention was focused on each other, so I started moved to a spot where I'd have a better view. There was a fallen tree here, and I perched one leg up on it, so I could have easier access to my sex. I held my breath and watched Xena make love to Gabrielle.

Gabrielle was making odd little sounds, her hands grasping at Xena's arms and shoulders as Xena continued to move in and out of her. Their mouths met, and my own tongue came out to lick my dry lips. It was torture to watch the two of them, but it would have been even worse torture to leave, knowing it was going on.

Gabrielle cried out her fulfillment into the night air, calling out Xena's name in her rapture, then grew still beneath the warrior princess. I could see Xena leaning over her…whispering something, but had to imagine what was being said.

I saw Xena kissing her again, and then Gabrielle's hands were scratching up and down the incredible spine and ass of Xena. Goddess…this was going to kill me!

They were STILL discussing something, and I began to become just a little uncomfortable with all the talk. Surely to the goddess.

"Varia, come here!"

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