Does a Pair of Amazon Queens Beat a Warrior Princess?--Gabrielle's Scroll (Part 1)

She made love to me. It's that beautifully simple. The other world was unbearable, always writing about the love I only dreamed of finding. When we came back to ourselves, our love was deeper than I had ever imagined it could be. And our first time to make love was like the first time, but a million times more powerful. We could find liberation when we made love. Sweet release--together as one and ready to conquer the world.

Oh Gods! Who is at the door? My mind was reeling with the pleasure Xena was bringing to my entire body. She had her face literally buried between my legs, and she had somehow stopped the ability of my mouth to work. Finally, I was able to mumble out, "Mmmmm…. Xena…there's someone at the door." Xena obviously did not want to be bothered, as it seemed she was enjoying her present surroundings very much.

"They can wait,…" she said, fully intending on just that. She didn't invite them, so they could wait. I heard my own voice saying, "Xena…gods…Xena…" I was so close and climbing with absolute success, when the knock came again. "My Queen," we heard on the other side of the door.

"It's one of your Amazons…" Xena said with such sarcasm, licking her fingers as she leaned against the headboard. She actually amused me when she was like this, always raising her eyebrow with such displeasure.

"Gods…", I really didn't want to be interrupted right now. I didn't want my Warrior Princess getting cranky. Or maybe I did. I could always bring her back to a better mood. Grabbing a blanket to wrap around myself, I hastily went to the door. "What?" I said, as I pulled open the door. A young Amazon bowed to me, holding a message. "From Queen Varia", she said.

"What's your name?" I asked as I read what Varia had to say.

"Jaserine", My Queen."

It was an invitation for Xena and me to attend her Amazon Tribal Queen Ceremony. I always liked going back to the Amazon Village, because Xena and I enjoyed the occasion of being a couple, and we felt relatively safe in their camp. We could just be ourselves and enjoy our friends. There would be Amazons from every tribe to help celebrate.

"Jaserine, I hate to tell you this, but you decided to find us at a very inopportune time. Xena hates to be interrupted when she's using her many skills, and I really hate for her to be interrupted." The girl's face glowed with embarrassment as she quickly left, and I shut the door and returned to my darling.

"What did you tell her?" Xena acted so calm, but her curiosity was killing her. "Oh, I told her to never interrupt her queen when she was being loved by her woman." I crawled back on the bed, making sure my center was placed directly in front of her mouth. "Now continue!" I told her, and pushed her head into my mound.

She overtook me, my body trembling at her touch from the way she moved her tongue inside me. Her hands forming to my body always turns me on. I love to look down and see her loving me with her hands, touching me everywhere. She was sucking my clit very hard, and as I started to come, she took control and laid my body back on the bed, allowing me to just relax and feel every ounce of desire she had brought to life within me.

After regaining control, I sat up and Xena laid her head across my legs. We started talking about the scroll and the upcoming ceremony. I asked her if we could go, and she said I would have to make it worth her while. I tried to do just that. She fell back on the bed with her legs and arms spread wide open. "Have at me, my Bard."

I took advantage of our comfortable surroundings, and decided to give Xena all she could take for an afternoon of making love. I straddled her hips and grabbed her hands and put them on my waist. I leaned forward and bent down to kiss her, laying my chest on hers as I began to grind into her. She thrust forward under me, meeting my rhythm and letting our juices flow together. Feeling her body move beneath me, and feeling the wetness between us, we both savored the moment and simply enjoyed the pleasure we were finding. I moved my mouth down to her breasts, sucking in as much as my mouth would hold. She responded with moans that only made me want her more. "Are you ready to come for me, Xena?" I whispered in her ear, trailing my tongue down her neck.

With her hands still holding onto my waist, I sat up and reached behind me, running my fingers through her sex. "Yessss, baby…touch me," her raspy voice cutting through the silent room.

Gods, she felt incredible. I slid three fingers inside her, and her wetness pulled me in. I was able to touch her clit with every thrust inside her, and I could feel that she was very close. As she came, she sat up and met me for a burning kiss. She suppressed her screams into my mouth, and we rode her orgasm out together. I slid down her body and pushed her legs apart, aligning my mouth with her center. We would definitely both be ready for dinner tonight when that time rolled around. Our exhaustion would be guaranteed by nightfall.

We traveled two days to the Amazon Village, completely enjoying our leisure time alone. We set up camp both nights in beautiful spots, but I was looking forward to enjoying the luxury of a warm bath and a private hut once we reached the Amazons. I was so in love with Xena, and hoped I kept our lovemaking exciting in her eyes. I watched her as she slept, realizing that she was my entire world. She had fallen asleep this time lying on my shoulder. I kissed her forehead and she wrapped her arm more tightly around my waist. I could think of nothing more fulfilling than adoring Xena.

I think I was a tad more excited than she concerning the ceremony. The Amazon Nation had unwavering commitment and strength, and Varia would be the best leader they could possibly have. She would die to defend her Heritage.

Riding into the Village, I immediately noticed the many visitors. It was like riding into a small city. Xena helped me off Argo, and Varia stepped out to greet us. I was sort of taken by surprise at how much Varia reminded me of Xena. Her black hair and skin coloring was so much like Xena's. Her confidence and power within could be felt, and I could see that Xena's teachings had worked well for her. She gave us each a hug and welcomed us as her Guests of Honor.

After dinner, some of the younger Amazons started gathering around me, asking for stories about things Xena and I had been through. They had no idea. Even if I talked all night, they'd never fully comprehend where we had been together. Together in sickness, death, resurrection, and even life at its fullest…we had experienced more than I could ever begin to describe. Still, I began telling one adventure after another. I would steal a glance at Xena every now and then on the other side of the fire. Gods, she was beautiful. The angels in all their glory couldn't compare to my lover's splendor.

Varia seemed to be talking to Xena about something important. I couldn't quite read Xena's face, but at one time she looked up directly at me, and made perfect love to my eyes with what I saw in hers. The connection we shared for those few moments was as bonding as the love she has made to me, time and again. I couldn't wait to be alone with her tonight.

When we closed the door to the hut behind us, I started undressing. Xena sat down in a chair and started unlacing her boots, being unusually quiet. "Xena? Is everything all right?" I didn't want to pry, but she worried me when something was obviously bothering her.

"All right? Yeah, sure…well, one thing could be better."

"And what's that?" I asked, as I stood naked by our bed.

"You could come over here and help me get more comfortable…"

"That can be arranged," I said, as I walked toward her, putting my arms around her neck and climbing onto her lap, with my knees on each side of her thighs. I unlatched her armor and dropped it to the floor beside us. I pressed my chest tightly to hers and quietly spoke in her ear, "Make love to me, Xena." She wrapped her arms around me and stood slowly, giving me time to wrap my legs around her waist. I told her, "This would feel much nicer if you were wearing what I am wearing."

She chuckled and then consumed my mouth, her lips warm and in control. I heard myself whimper, tingling all over from the paralyzing effect she had on me. She took me to the bed and laid me gently down. "I think I'm a little overdressed for the occasion," she said. She was quickly out of her leathers, and crawled beside me, parting my legs so she could lie between them and cover me with her magnificent body. "Is this better?" she asked as she kissed me all over my neck and chest. "Mmmm…much better…"

I woke up to an empty bed, but I quickly realized that Xena was outside paying her dues as I faintly heard some of the girls cheering. The younger Amazons had asked her to teach them a few of her moves on their practice field. I enjoyed the peace and quiet of our hut and took a bath before joining Xena and the others outside.

After working with everyone in the group, Varia was the only one who hadn't sparred with Xena. All the Amazons were curious how well Varia could hold her own in a match against the Warrior Princess. Everyone formed a circle around them, and Xena said, "Choose your weapon, Varia." Varia told Xena since she was the guest she got to choose. "No weapons then…hand to hand."

Xena turned and brought me her weapons, giving me a confident wink that she would keep this light. She was enjoying this immensely, and I loved watching Xena from afar. Varia took off her cape, and looked incredible. She had built up considerably since I last saw her. There was something different about her this time, and I couldn't quite pin point what it was.

There was a certain hunger in Varia's eyes. Was she in love with someone? As far as I knew, she had no previous lovers. She had a different kind of outlook now, and I think the difficult encounters she had faced this past year had really made her grow up. She was adamant about building a strong, Amazon nation, and for that I had utmost respect for her. She certainly was beautiful. I had never really thought that many people were beautiful since I had loved Xena. It's hard to come close to that kind of beauty.

They started circling with their fists drawn close to their faces. I knew Xena would require Varia to make the first move. They used several types of punches and kicks, and each opponent got in some pretty good hits. Both warriors were very beautiful, their bodies hard and tight. I fell in love with Xena all over again. I needed to feel her inside me. It was a little exciting to see them go at it. I wonder if Xena felt Varia's sexuality coming through?

When the match was over, I made my way directly to Xena. Everyone was breaking up, so I casually walked with Xena off the field and into the edge of the forest. "That was a thing to behold," I told her as I reached up for a kiss.

"What was?" Xena asked as she pulled away.

"Watching the two of you…both beautiful…sweaty…panting…wrestling around…gods, Xena…make love to me!"

I took her hand and pressed it to my drenched center. She moaned and seemed to like what she felt. "Gabrielle, you're so wet…"

"I thought you'd be thirsty after a round like that…"

"Now who's overdressed?" she asked, as she slid my skirt and underwear off.

She made love to me wildly, leaning me against a fallen tree, settling on her knees and licking and sucking every drop of moisture that my body produced. My hands found purchase in her hair, and my body became a slave to the commands from her tongue. She never touched me with her hands-only her mouth. She began pushing her tongue deep within me. "Gods, Xena….you make me feel so good…" I panted, sweat dripping from my face down to hers. She looked up and told me, "Look at me, Baby…till you come, look at me…"

My hips were meeting the thrusts of her tongue, and we continued to look at each other. She was so beautiful as she made love to me, and I started climbing, slowly but with such a burning passion, and when I reached my climax, Xena's name was declared very clearly in the forest that day. We made love for quite some time, and right before falling asleep in each other's arms, we decided we had better head back before the Amazons sent a search team for us.

We walked back to the village and noticed a few of the girls looking at us with little smirks on their faces. "Eat your hearts out" I thought to myself, and made my way to the seamstress to be fitted for tonight's outfit for the ceremony. I was slightly at a loss for words when she asked me why I had a few blades of grass hung in the back of my halter.

The feast was marvelous, and being with Xena as we began watching the dances was the best part. I sat wrapped in my warrior's love. She had her arm cradled around my body, tucking her hand under my thigh. I felt so complete and in need of nothing. With tomorrow being the ceremony, many of the Amazons began turning in for the night. I had noticed Varia leaving quite a bit earlier, assuming she was nervous about her big day. She had been so quiet since we had been here. Maybe I should talk to her tomorrow.

Everyone seemed to call it an early night, and Xena and I continued to sit, enjoying the beautiful night sky, the warm fire, and the love of a lifetime. I asked her if she was tired, and she said no. I was too excited to feel sleepy, and the noises we were hearing coming from some of the huts certainly were enough to keep us awake.

I felt so turned on. We had made wonderful, fulfilling love just hours earlier, but I wanted more. "I still haven't gotten that image of you and Varia out of my head, Xena. I want you to make love to me again."


"No, let's go back to where we were today…it was perfect." I knew how much she loved being in the open.

"Go start a campfire and I'll get our bedrolls from the hut. Meet you there."

The fire started easily, much to my satisfaction. I sat and replayed the fight scene between Xena and Varia. Why did I find that so intriguing? I had no doubt of my love for Xena, and that I was forever bonded with her. Was I attracted to Varia? I didn't think I was attracted, but I did think she was very appealing in several ways.

My thoughts were interrupted by my Warrior Princess, loaded down with our bedrolls, a wineskin, and some bread, looking down at me. She knew me too well. "I love you, Xena."

"And I love you." Xena took charge and spread out our bedrolls. She pulled me to her, wrapping me in her arms, and kissed me quite sensuously. I heard myself moan, as always, melting into her. I wanted her so badly, and I started undressing with our mouths still connected. I pulled away for a moment and told her, "Off with your clothes…now…I want to feel you against me."

She seemed more than ready and began undressing, but the fire in me was burning hotter than the one giving us heat and light. I had more passion than patience, so I helped her finish undressing. Her chest was so full and inviting. I laid her back on the blanket, and devoured her breasts. Rubbing her stomach and sides, I was moved my hand farther down and spread her legs.

"Aren't you the hot one tonight?" she chuckled. Her laughter transformed into a moan when I started touching her. I went inside her and inhaled heavily at the incredible feeling of being inside her. She was very warm inside, her walls slick with desire.

"Do you want me to fuck you, Xena?" I asked as I leaned over her. "Do you want me to make you cry out?" I was propped on my elbow to her side, and could see her gorgeous body enhanced by the glow of the fire. Angel dust had truly fallen from the heavens and formed this perfection.

"Gods yes, Gabrielle, do it…" I don't know that I have ever wanted to fuck her so badly. I thought only of her body, how my touch felt to her, imagined my hand being what I didn't have. I couldn't get close enough inside her it seemed. I heard her moan when I leaned down and kissed her deeply, lapping every bit of her spirit I could consume. She fills me in a way I can never explain.

Her hands came up and rubbed over my arms and back as she moaned into my mouth. I moved within her, hard and forceful. "Xena…touch yourself for me…I want to see your fingers on your clit…"

She was amazing. I watched her hand as it moved to meet mine. As soon as she touched her erect clitoris, she started climbing. "Xena, you're so tight…" Her body began reacting to the waves of ecstasy lifting her higher and higher. She thrust her hips wildly as she came, grabbing my neck and holding me tightly in her mouth as she rode it out. "You turn me on so much, Xena…I want to make you come again."

I never left her center, and continued fucking her, in longer slower strokes. We were both breathing heavily, and my movements inside her created a massive throb between my legs . "I want to help," I heard her say, and I was so completely shocked when I saw her slipped two of her own fingers inside herself. "Gods, Xena!"

She absolutely drove me wild. I could feel her fingers alongside mine, sliding in and out, in perfect rhythm. I was so close myself from just watching our hands and the beautiful body I was making love to. She came again, and pulled me onto her shoulder as we caught our breath. The feelings I had been having anyway, mixed with this, was going to top the night. Or at least I thought

"My turn," she whispered after a few minutes of quiet and listening to the soothing sounds of the night. She slowly began seducing me by tracing her hands lightly on my skin and kissing me everywhere, very slowly. She was so sexy, and had complete control of my body. She had me where she wanted me--like all of her prey…defenseless.

She could tell that I was pouring with wetness, and immediately stabbed three fingers deep within me. I bent my knees upward and started pushing up to meet the thrusts of her hand. I was climbing very fast.

"Oh Gods!" I thought, gasping, and went numb from shock. "What is it, My Love," Xena said, but never stopping her movements.

"Oh gods, Xena…someone is watching us." Surely we should stop, but how could I be sure it wasn't a deer or some other animal. I knew Xena wouldn't want to stop, and I hated to kill such an exquisite moment.

"It's Varia," she whispered "I'm sorry…I thought she'd go away."

"Varia?" I was so embarrassed. But with all of the strange ways she's been acting, this has to be linked to what is bothering her. Should we stop or continue?

Xena got closer and whispered, "She wants me to take her virginity…teach her how to make love. But I told her I couldn't…I only want to make love to you. You don't mind if she watches, do you? We can show her what to do, even if I can't demonstrate on her."

Could we do that? I mean, displaying your lovemaking and your most vulnerable state is so personal. I had to think of it not as a stranger watching us, but a friend. We cared about her a lot, and if it weren't for Varia, I would most likely have to be separated from Xena. She would never be happy living in an Amazon camp. Eris helped bring that to light when Eve was still a baby. And if Xena wasn't denying her the viewing pleasure, maybe I should let this happen. My body was overtaking my judgment, and I let go. "I don't mind…" and the explosions within my body began and I just let myself respond to Xena.

After the blood ran back to my body, Xena chuckled, "You like being watched, don't you, my little bard. You like someone spying on us when we make love. Do you think she's out there touching herself while she watches?" Gods, as she looked down at me, her breast covering mine, she made me hunger for her. "I know I wouldn't be able to resist stroking myself if I were watching."

"Gods, kiss me, Xena!" She was still inside me and as she began to kiss me, I could have came again with just a little movement. She pulled out of me and brought her hand up to our mouths. She knew she was driving me beyond control.

"Varia wants you to make love to her…" I echoed, wondering how many women in the world had the same desire. But Varia was different, and I knew the young queen looked up to my Xena as she looked up to no one else. She wanted Xena to be her first teacher in lovemaking, and I couldn't blame her for that. But I could I share Xena, even if it was only for a night?

"Yes, but I told her no…I couldn't do that to us." The words were very sincere, and I could see Xena had dismissed Varia's request immediately, thinking I would be very disapproving. My aroused state of body was doing some heavy talking to me though, and I found the image of Varia writhing beneath Xena's touch was increasing my own pleasure.

"I'm honored. But…" Should I say it? I let me fingers feast from touching her skin, rubbing her gently, while I made my decision.


The eager look in Xena's eye made up my mind. "Well, it is a request from a queen…how can you turn that down?"

She somehow still seemed completely shocked. "What are you saying?"

"Varia is very hot…Not as hot as you, of course, but the thought of you touching her…mmmm." Xena seemed to be processing my approval, not really believing I would want her to touch someone else. It wasn't that…I could understand Varia's desire to have Xena take her virginity. I mean, what a tribute to pay to someone you idolized. I trusted that Varia honored my relationship with Xena. She knew we were a package deal. It would be our own, private ritual for the new Queen. She would be perfectly prepared for her reign over the Amazon Nation.

"Xena…call her to us."

"Are you sure?"

"Do it!"

"Varia, come here!"

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