Does a Pair of Amazon Queens Beat A Warrior Princess?--Xena's Scroll (Part 1)

"Mmmm…Xena…there's someone at the door."

"They can wait…" I growled into the flesh I was tasting. I had been longing for this all day…to be stretched out fully on the bed with my head buried between the thighs of my love, seeking comfort in her warmth and thanking her for bringing our world back to us. Even Caesar's tampering with the Fates couldn't change the fact that Gabrielle and I belonged together, and would do ANYTHING to be together. All the pain I had felt in that other world melted the moment we were in each other's arms.

"Xena…gods, Xena…" her voice was weak with passion, but the knock at the door to the inn came again, more insistent this time. I heard a feminine voice timidly asking "My Queen?" from behind it.

Irritated, I rolled off Gabrielle, and sat up beside her propped up against the padded headboard. "It's one of your Amazons," I said, licking my fingers. "You can see what she wants."

"Gods," I heard her again as she drew the top blanket over her naked frame. Her legs were shaking as she went to the door and threw it open. "What?"

I watched amusedly from my vantage point as a nervous young Amazon dropped to one knee her head bowed in reverence to Gabrielle's position as queen. I had never seen the girl before. She held up a scroll, her blushing face still lowered. "From Queen Varia."

Gabrielle read the offered scroll, then looked down at the girl. "What is your name?"

"Jaserine, My Queen."

I watched Gabrielle lean over and whisper something in Jaserine's ear, and the girl reddened even more furiously, glancing at my naked form, then made a hasty retreat. Gabrielle shut the door, and her expression was thoughtful as she slowly turned and made her way back to me.

"What did you tell her?" I asked, my curiosity aroused.

Gabrielle let the cover drop from her body, and climbed back on the bed. "I told her NEVER to interrupt the Queen when she was being loved by her woman," she said with a gleam, as she stepped on either side of my thighs. Her dripping core was hovering just beyond my gaping mouth. "Now continue…" she murmured, pulling my head to her.

Gods, when she was brash like this, it did funny things to my insides! I pressed my face back to her, my nose teasing with her clit as I lapped up her copious moisture. She continued to hold my head, winding her fingers through my hair as her own head threw with a moan.

I watched her above me, and let my hands crawl up over her waist and onto her breasts, where I pinched and stroked her responsive little nipples. Her legs were trembling, and her knees came to rest on my collarbone as I continued to ignite her. My tongue slipped inside her opening, and I licked my tongue forward, until it slid back out, stretching her opening. She liked that…immensely, and she gripped me tighter, as her orgasm started.

She squirmed against my mouth as the sensations overtook her, and she moaned out my name breathlessly. I gently lowered her back to the bed, and continued to love her, sucking on her clitoris strongly in time with the waves overtaking her. Finally, she began to calm, and her fingers relaxed in my hair. She hadn't been aware she had had been tugging at it, but I didn't mind. It was a pain I had learned to crave.

I licked her a few more seconds, not wasting a precious drop of her essence. I could survive on it alone. But then I heard her groan for me to release her…her sensitized center needed a brief rest. I placed a chaste kiss on her mound, and then sat up between her thighs.

"Nice?" I asked, with a knowing smirk.

"Divine," she admitted.

My own core was throbbing, but I wanted to know what was up with Jaserine's visit. "What was in the scroll?"

"The scroll?" Her unfocused mind was having a hard time, but she gave a wave of her hand. "It's an invitation…to the ceremony of making Varia queen."

I stroked my hand over her outer thighs. "I thought the Amazons already had that ceremony," I mused, watching the way her muscles bunched in response to my touch.

"That was the ceremony for Varia's tribe," Gabrielle answered. She had propped herself up on her elbows, and was watching my hands. "This will be the ceremony to make her the queen of all the tribes."

"Oh." I feigned disinterest, as I leaned down and kissed the thigh muscle that twitched the most.

"So Xena?" One of her hands found purchase in my hair again.

"Hmmm?" I drew my tongue over her quivering flesh.

"Can we go?"

I shrugged, biting back a smile from teasing her. "I dunno…will you make it worth my while?"

She giggled above me, knowing I had already given her the affirmative. "Let me up and I will."

I threw myself backward on the bed, and stretched out my arms and legs. "Have at me, My Bard…" I couldn't help but chuckle.

It was two days travel back to the Amazon land where the queening ceremony would take place. Gabrielle was excited about the ceremony, and I was excited for her. I had handled most of Varia's training on my own, at the former queen Marga's request, and was finally confident the young warrior would be capable of such great responsibility. I saw a lot of myself in Varia…she was headstrong and impulsive…and her wisdom wasn't as developed as it needed to be. But in our times together, Gabrielle had gently been aiding Varia in those matters, and we both knew the Amazon could handle the job ahead.

Our arrival at the Amazon village was heralded as if we were visiting dignitaries. I didn't care for all the pomp and flourishes, but Gabrielle loved it, so I responded graciously on her behalf. We had only been away from the village for a season or so, but I could already see new faces among the ranks. The vow "To a strong Amazon nation" was being fulfilled.

Varia stepped out to greet us, in her full Amazon uniform, her hair pulled back in a ponytail. I saw Gabrielle glance at me, and knew what she was thinking. The young queen was looking more like me than ever…her stance haughty and confident. She greeted us both with hugs, and told us how glad she was the guests of honor had arrived.

The ceremony was to be the day after tomorrow, so tonight, we just partook in the feast, and caught up on what we had missed during our absence. Gabrielle found herself surrounded by the younger members of the tribes, and didn't seem to mind sharing some of our tales with her eager young listeners. I sat aside with Varia and some of the others, and enjoyed the interaction.

After a while, Varia spoke to me, her voice lowered. "Thank you for coming, Xena. It means a lot to the Amazons."

"I'm glad we could make it," I told her honestly.

Her face deepened in expression. "Jaserine told me about the circumstances she finally caught up with you and Gabrielle in."

I quirked a grin. "I hope we didn't educate her too much."

"No," she was quick to assure me. "She isn't as young as she seems. She just hoped she didn't anger you."

I chuckled now. "Not at all…we were able to recapture the mood easily."

I could read the embarrassment in her face, but she smiled as she turned back to watch Gabrielle again. I studied her profile, curious as to her reaction, before turning back to my storyteller again.

The Amazons kept us up late, and we slept well in the hut they had provided for us. I was up early, and left Gabrielle to sleep a while longer. I went out on the practice fields, as several of the young warriors had asked for some instructions on the previous evening. It wasn't long before I was ensconced in a heated battle with some of the more experienced fighters.

I sparred with them for most of the morning, enjoying myself immensely. I didn't mind when Gabrielle appeared, a borrowed staff in tow, and some of them went to learn from her. Eventually, though, our superior training and stamina had worn them all out. The only left to face me was Varia herself, and she stepped forward to greet me. The remainder of the Amazons formed a circle around us, eager to watch the match, Gabrielle among them.

"Choose your weapon, Varia," I said soberly, letting her know I was all business about that. She was going to have a struggle on her hands.

"You're the guest, Xena. You choose."

I smiled ferally. "No weapons then…hand to hand."

Was that a shiver I caught in her shoulders? She threw the cape she had been wearing to one of the Amazons, and we both removed our scabbards. I handed it and my chakram to Gabrielle with a wink. She relaxed visibly, knowing I had no intention of humiliating Queen Varia.

We circled each other predatorily, and I was determined to let her make the first move. She did, and the fight was on.

The Amazons screamed out their encouragement as we exchanged blows, both of us going down occasionally, but not for long. Varia had improved…but was still lacking in her defensive skills, and she learned a lot from that fight. The skirmish went on forever it seemed, and finally I held up my hand. "Let's call it a draw?" I suggested.

I saw a grateful look in her eye, and she stepped forward with her forearm outstretched. "A draw it is," she confirmed, as we shook on it. The Amazons cheered…some of them aware that I had allowed the tie, but others thinking we were evenly matched. They began to scatter…some to resume practicing while others discussed the morning. I felt someone take my hand, and wasn't surprised when Gabrielle pulled me away from the field.

The moment we were in the relative privacy of the forest, her arms were around me. "That was a thing to behold," she said, before her lips pressed to mine.

I pulled away, asking, "What was?" She seemed far more excited than just feeling happy I had let Varia emerge gracefully.

"Watching the two of you…both beautiful…sweaty…panting…wrestling around…oh gods, Xena…love me!"

Her hand took mine and pressed it to her hot cunt, and I could feel the arousal that drenched her. It appeared I had another opponent to defeat, and in the most erotic ways.

They were waiting on us when we returned a couple hours later. Gabrielle was to be fitted for a new outfit for the ceremony, and I let them steal her away as I made my way to the river for a bath. I'd let Gabrielle handle explaining the condition of her body to the seamstresses.

After my bath, I stretched out on a rock by the river and let the warm sun dry my body. I was clothed only in my shift, and I couldn't help but notice Varia taking in my body as she approached me. "Can I talk to you, Xena?"

I sat up, and gave her a warm smile. "Sure."

She was nervous, I could see, so I started. "That was a great match this morning…you've really improved."

"Thank you." She paused, and then said, "You really love Gabrielle, don't you?"

"With all my heart."

"I want that kind of love."

Seeing her warrior facade crack to reveal a true woman underneath was something I hadn't expected. "You'll find it, Varia…you're a very desirable woman."

She took a deep breath, and then turned to look me in the eye. "If you hadn't fallen for Gabrielle, could you have fallen for me?" I stared back at her, and she averted her gaze.

I thought carefully…knowing her pride was hanging on my words. "That's a difficult question," I finally managed. "I have found myself attracted to many women…many…but Gabrielle completes me….she's the other half of my soul. I might have fallen for you…but I don't think I'm capable of giving anyone else the love I give Gabrielle."

I was expecting my words to hurt her some, but didn't see that in her response. Her dark eyes glowed as she looked into mine. "Then you do find me attractive," she said.

Gods, what was I to say? The truth, Xena…just say the truth. "Yes, you are very attractive to me. But I couldn't do that to Gabrielle."

"I'm a virgin, Xena," she blurted out then. She laughed. "A virgin…can you believe that? And do you know why?"

"Why?" I croaked, afraid of the answer.

"Because I want you to be the one to take my maidenhead…no one else. I want you to teach me in the ways of love as you have the ways of the warrior."

I swallowed hard, my mind racing. How did I handle this one? Gods, where was Gabrielle when I needed her? She was the one for the sensitive chats! "Varia…I don't know-"

She pressed her head forward, and captured mine in a brief kiss, before I could stop her. "I wouldn't mind if Gabrielle was there…"

My eyes widened briefly at the possibilities, but then my cooler head prevailed. I separated myself from her a bit. I was careful not to let my expression show any pity. "Varia, I'm sorry. I can't do it. Not to Gabrielle and not to you. I hope you'll understand."

She stood quickly, and I could see that I had indeed hurt her. Her dark skin was flushed with embarrassment. "Gods, I knew it was a mistake…I just can't help but dream about the mighty Warrior Princess in that way. I'm sorry."

I stood with her. "Don't be sorry," I said as gently as I could. "I am very honored…very. At a different time, I wouldn't have hesitated to give you what you desire…but that would have been before Gabrielle."

She nodded, and I could see tears fighting their way to the surface. "Gabrielle is a very lucky woman," she said.

"I'm the lucky one," I corrected. "Don't begrudge Gabrielle over this."

"No, I won't," she promised. She started to leave, then turned back, "And don't worry Xena…I'm not so stupid that I would bring this up to her."

I gave her a wry smile. "I'm not that stupid either," I told her before she left me alone.

If Gabrielle noticed any tension between Varia and myself, she didn't mention it. We shared in another feast that night, and as tradition had it, would be sharing a table with Varia and the other tribal queens. Except for an occasional wistful glance at me, Varia paid little attention to us.

After dinner, the wine was brought out and the tribal music began. The younger Amazons began to dance, moving in the swaying and sensuous movements designed to bring the gods attention and blessings. I settled back to watch, Gabrielle nestled in the crook of my arm. Varia saw us, and then excused herself from the festivities. It made me feel bad, but Gabrielle's finger running up and down my leg distracted me from feeling anything else.

The sky grew darker as the campfires were allowed to dwindle. Many of the Amazons went to bed, as tomorrow was to be a huge day for them. Gabrielle and I were virtually alone now, and we were beginning to hear the night sounds of the Amazon village. The Amazons had no penchance for hiding the sounds of their lovemaking, and their erotic groans filled the night air.

It was having an effect on both of us, and Gabrielle pressed her lips to mine. "Are you worn out from today, My Love?" she asked, as she pushed herself firmly into me.

"Not at all," I responded, and returned the kiss with full fervor, wondering what she had in mind. "You?"

"I'm too excited to sleep."

"Too excited because of tomorrow?" I asked.

"Yes…and too excited because of tonight." I felt her moisture seep through to my leg. "I still haven't gotten that image of you and Varia out of my head, Xena. I want you to make love to me again."


"No, let's go back to where we were today…it was perfect."

My own center was flaming now, and I couldn't resist my little bard when she was like this. We stood and I told her to go start a campfire while I gathered our bedrolls from the hut. I'd be along presently.

As I made my way through the forest, I was aware of another presence…and I knew who it was. Varia kept her distance though, and I had the feeling when she realized what was going on, she would give up, so I didn't let on I knew she was there. I felt a tingle go down my spine at the thought of being watched, but once again, didn't know how Gabrielle would feel about it. She was far more inhibited than I was.

The fire had just taken off when I arrived at the spot Gabrielle referred to. She was sitting cross-legged beside it, and smiled enticingly when I looked down upon her. "I love you, Xena."

"And I love you." I spread out our bedrolls, and drew her into my arms, caressing up and down her body, as she did the same to me. She moaned into my kiss, and I felt her hands between us, releasing her top. She rubbed her nipples against my leathers, and writhed her lower half.

I moved to tweak a nipple, but she pulled back suddenly. "Off with your clothes…now…I want to feel you against me."

I hurried to fulfill her bidding, but didn't move fast enough for her, and she finished undressing me. "Yesss…" I heard her before she burrowed her face in my cleavage.

"Aren't you the hot one tonight?" I chuckled, but grew very serious as she plunged two fingers inside my wet opening. I hadn't realized I was just as hot.

She braced herself on her left arm, and leaned over my face. "Do you want me to fuck you, Xena?" she asked, moving her fingers slightly for emphasis. "Do you want me to make you cry out?"

"Gods yes, Gabrielle, do it…" I heard my voice reduced to a moan as her aggressiveness caught me off guard and caused my brain to lurch from sensations. Her tongue began to plunge into my mouth as she moved her wrist, moving hard and deep. I began a rapid climb, my head still spinning from her passion.

She thrust hard and fast, and I began to groan against her mouth, as my arousal escalated quickly. My hands stroked over her shoulders and upper arms, urging her to continue until I was sated.

"Xena…" I heard her whisper down at me.

"Ahhh…" It was the only sound I could make in acknowledgement.

"Xena…touch yourself for me…I want to see your fingers on your clit…"

Gods! One touch and I was lost, bucking up against her hand and mine. I stifled a scream, and instead settled on a long grunting noise, as I came hard against her hand. My body landed back on the bedroll with a thud, and she never ceased her movements. "You turn me on so much, Xena…I want to make you come again."

Once again, the force of my bard's love was impossible for me to say no to, and she resumed fucking me, in longer slower strokes. Her breath was coming in pants, matching my own, and her thumb traced through my labia and up over my clit, which had hardened beyond belief. "I want to help," I murmured, and my own hand, which still lingered at my midriff slipped down further. She moved her thumb from my bundle of nerves, but I did her one better when I slipped two of my own fingers inside myself along with hers.

"Gods, Xena!" I smiled ferociously as I pumped along side her, our fingers touching inside me and tangling with the others. "Gods!" I think this almost excited her more than me; she began to hump herself against the ground as I rode our fingers. My climax wasn't quite as intense this time, but my desire was, and as soon as I had calmed enough, I pulled our fingers free, and rolled us over.

I knew Varia was still watching us, and in a strange way, felt bad for her because she wouldn't be able to experience what I was about ready to do with Gabrielle. But I wasn't about to ruin the moment by drawing attention to her, so I turned my attention back to my love.

"My turn," I whispered, as I began to kiss her body. I let my tongue linger on our favorites spots, until she was demanding a more firm touch. Three fingers rapidly made their presence known deep within her vagina, and she began to rock against my hand as her pleasure grew.

I was sitting to the side of her, so I could watch her face as I fucked her. I never got tired of watching the expressions that played over her face…but when I heard her suck in her breath, I leaned above her.

"What is it, My Love?" I asked, even as I continued to pound into her.

"Oh gods, Xena…someone is watching us." I could see she was torn between asking me to stop, and riding out the growing climax. I had to appease her.

"It's Varia," I whispered back. "I'm sorry…I thought she'd go away."

"Varia?" I could feel her pleasure slipping, so I leaned in even closer.

"She wants me to take her virginity…teach her how to make love. But I told her I couldn't…I only want to make love to you. You don't mind if she watches, do you? We can show her what to do, even I can't demonstrate on her." My thumb began to press into her clit, and I added a twisting motion with my wrist, as I brought her brain back to what was happening to her body.

"I don't mind…" she moaned, and then she arched her body up as the excitement overwhelmed her, and she screamed out her pleasure into the night. Her frantic hands found my head, and she attempted to devour my mouth with a kiss of gratitude.

I came up for air, and studied her expression. Her eyes were positively sparkling with excitement. "That was incredible…" she told me.

"You like being watched, don't you, my little bard." I saw the response in her expression, and knew I was right. "You like someone spying on us when we make love. Do you think she's out there touching herself while she watches?" My voice lowered to a husk. "I know I wouldn't be able to resist stroking myself if I were watching."

"Gods, kiss me, Xena!" I loved it when my bard gave me a direct order. I knew I had done well. Her mouth worked hungrily against mine, and I felt her vagina clench down on my still buried digits.

I kissed her thoroughly, making love to her mouth. My fingers slipped from her body, and I pressed them between our pressed lips, causing us both to groan, as we tasted her juices simultaneously. When our mouths parted, I watched her eagerly, wanting to know what she wanted next.

"Varia wants you to make love to her…" she whispered, as if she were just becoming aware of what I had told her.

"Yes," I admitted, stroking her jawbone. "But I told her no…I couldn't do that to us."

"I'm honored." Gabrielle was stroking down my back and ass, her nails digging lightly into my flesh. "But…"


"Well, it is a request from a queen…how can you turn that down?"

I pulled back my head, as I stared into her eyes, my heart pounding. "What are you saying?"

Her eyes were full of lust…a lust I never expected to see but welcomed gratefully. "Varia is very hot…" she admitted. "Not as hot as you, of course, but the thought of you touching her…mmmm."

I was surprised to feel her crotch grinding hard against my leg. She reached up and pinched one of my nipples hard, garnering my attention.

"Xena…call her to us."

I probably gulped audibly, before I could respond. "Are you sure?"

"Do it!"

I loved that commanding tone in her, and did as she told me. "Varia, come here!"

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