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This web site is dedicated to the 1970s Filmation live-action TV show Shazam! About a year after going online with my Isis website, I became inspired to launch a site for the show which spawned Isis. Hopefully, this website will bring back some good memories for you!

Feel free to browse around. Content will be added as I get time, so check back for periodic updates!

While you're here, why not visit the message board where you can leave comments about this site or make contact with other Shazam fans? You may also find out some upcoming info about this web site that is posted exclusively to the message board.

Now that the series has been made available on DVD and streaming, I don't make updates as frequently as I used to, but the date at the bottom of this page lets you know the last time something was changed. Important changes (added content, for example) are usually documented on this page.


Attention, book publishers!

Jackson Bostwick, TV's original Captain Marvel, has written his autobiography, Myth, Magic and a Mortal, which recounts his time on Shazam! P.C. Hamerlinck, who is editing the book, tells me it's basically ready to go, they just need to find a publisher.

If you are a book publisher, or know someone who might be interested in publishing the book, please contact Mr. Hamerlinck at

Jackson also has his own official website up and running. This is the place to get authentic autographed Captain Marvel photos! Visit Jackson here.

We need you! I'm currently looking for volunteers to help complete the episode summaries. If you have episodes on video and think you've got the right stuff to write an episode synopsis, or if you have anything else you'd like to share with the online community (publicity photos, licenced merchandise, etc.), contact the webmaster at

Shazam! is now available on DC Universe streaming service...and now also on high definition!

As of March 2019, DC Comics own video streaming service, DC Universe, began offering the entire 1970s Shazam! television series streaming on-demand for their subscribers. What makes this different from the DVD release is that a team of archivists have gone back to all the original film elements and done a complete cleanup/restoration so that all 28 episodes can now be enjoyed in true 1080p high definition! What's even more amazing is that after looking through the vaults, they were even able to find film elements for the end-of-episode morals (which had to be sourced from off-air VHS sources for the DVD release). This mini-documentary (about 12 minutes long) goes behind-the-scenes to show just what was involved in the restoration process (including a look at one of those morals in crystal-clear quality). There's even snippets of behind-the-scenes footage from the show itself in there.

At the time, there was much speculation on internet forums about whether Warner Archive would be able to offer these HD upgrades on physical blu-ray discs, and in October, 2019, they were able to finally deliver! The 4-disc blu-ray set offers up all 28 episodes (and the end-of-episode morals) in crystal-clear high definition, all sourced from the original film elements!

If you already own the DVD version, this blu-ray release is a very worthwhile upgrade, as it's not only in high-def, but remastered from the original camera negatives, while the DVD was taken from prints (and most of the morals on the DVD came from off-air VHS).

Don't forget, Shazam! is also  still available to own on DVD!

If you can't do DC Universe streaming, and don't have a blu-ray player, you can still get the series on DVD.

All 28 episodes (covering all three seasons) are included on this three-disc set, and all episodes have the option to watch the episode with or witout the moral tags at the end (some may not remember this, but the very first run on CBS did not include those tags. They were added for reruns, and then disappeared after the show left CBS). Filmation fans will know that Isis guest-starred on three of those episodes!

Shazam! was the first of the live-action adventure series produced by Filmation, and was the only one based on a licenced property, which is why Warner Brothers (parent to DC Comics, who own the character) handled this release.

Warner Archive titles aren't available in brick-and-mortar stores (part of a cost-saving measure that enables them to release rare shows). Besides Warner Archive, the title is available at such online outlets as and

Programme: 1974-76, Filmation Associates.
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