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This web site is dedicated to the 1970s Filmation live-action TV show Isis. Since going online last year, this site continues to grow and is, to the best of my knowledge, the largest site on the Internet devoted to this show. Hopefully, this website will bring back some good memories for you!

Feel free to browse around. More content will be added as I get time, so check back for periodic updates! I have several exciting things coming, including another Russell Bates story that was bought for Isis, but never filmed!

While you're here, why not visit the message board where you can leave comments about this site or make contact with other Isis fans? You may also find out some upcoming info about this web site that is posted exclusively to the message board.

The people who made my poll somehow screwed it up a second time already, which is why I finally decided to remove it. The results of both polls as to who was the favourite sidekick show Cindy Lee as the number one choice, with about half of all the votes. Rick was second with a very surprising third-place finish for Tut, the bird. Not bad for a character who didn't receive any billing in the show (and who wasn't even included in the poll in the early stages)!


Trivia added for "The Girl Driver"

Also, in a previous update, Russell Bates, who wrote "Lights of Mystery Mountain," relayed a tale about how the episode "Bigfoot" came to be about an old hermit living in the woods. You'll find the scoop on this episode's trivia page.


Information added about the rare, official 1984 home video release!

No, your eyes do not deceive you: Isis had a very rare one-shot video release in 1984, although only in England. For all the details, including a picture of the tape's box art, see my new article here.


Additions made to episode pages

For pages that have an existing "episode trivia" subpage, I have added which spells that Isis used throughout the course of that particular episode. More will be added as more trivia subpages are added.


CORRECTION: Joanna Cameron's mailing address

Although I had Joanna's correct mailing address on the message board, a fan pointed out to me that it was still listed incorrectly on this page. The below address is now correct. Thanks, Jason!

You may send your letters to:

Joanna Cameron
P.O. Box 1208
Kapaau, Hawaii 96755

This is a special address that was set up to handle Joanna's fan mail.

Full details about the Isis DVD set!

BCI/Eclipse, the company who currently holds the North American home video rights to this series, released the complete series in July, 2007. In addition to good-quality copies of all 22 episodes, they also put together a bumper package of bonus features, including the following:

  • Spotlight Interviews (two hours) with cast members and crew, including producers Lou Scheimer and Dick Rosenbloom, stars Brian Cutler, Joanna Pang and Ronalda Douglas, writers David Dworski, Michael Reaves and David Wise, designer Bob Kline and Assistant Director Henry J. Lange Jr.
  • Audio Commentary on Dreams of Flight with DickRosenbloom, David Dworski and Henry J. Lange, Jr. Hosted by Andy Mangels
  • Rare Footage, including Morals, Commercial Bumpers and Alternate Credits
  • Isolated Music And Effects Track for some episodes
  • Photo Galleries: Promotional Photos, Behind the Scenes and Memorabilia
  • Bluewater Production's 22 page New "Legend of Isis" Comic Book (press release doesn't say, but I'd expect this is in PDF format on the ROM portion, not an actual printed comic book)
  • Sample episode of the animated series The Freedom Force: "The Plant Soldiers"
  • Scripts and other documents (DVD-ROM for computers, PC/Mac)
  • Booklet with Episode Guide and Trivia
  • Spanish Language audio tracks
  • Easter Eggs

Suggested retail is $29.98, but it can be had for considerably less than that if you shop around (think under $20). 

Many fans have noted that Joanna Cameron is not listed among the participants. I have been told by Andy Mangels that BCI tried several times to get Ms. Cameron to take part, but unfortunately, couldn't secure her participation, despite several attempts to secure her involvement. They had even found a video crew who could've interviewed her at her home. BCI have made every effort tomake this the best, most comprehensive release possible. If you consider yourself a true fan of the show, go out and buy it!

Now, some of you may ask, what about the Isis  episodes where Captain Marvel appears? I can confirm that all 22 episodes, including the three guest-starring Captain Marvel, are owned by Entertainment Rights and are included in the DVD rights. ER owns all the Isis episodes guest-starring Captain Marvel just as WB owns all the Shazam! ones guest-starring Isis. So, good news on that front!


COMING SOON! More episode synopses

Watch this space! Contributors have e-mailed me a few more synopses, I just haven't gotten around to including them yet.


We need you!

I'm currently looking for volunteers to help complete the episode summaries (one such volunteer, Mark Page, completed a summary for "Spots of the Leopard", for example). If you have video copies of any of the episodes that aren't already summarised, and think you've got the right stuff to write an episode synopsis, or if you haven anything else of interest you'd like to share with the online community (publicity photos, licenced merchandise, location photos, etc.), contact the webmaster at If you want to tackle one of the other live-action Filmation shows (Shazam!, Ark II, Space Academy or Jason of Star Command), that would be great, too.

Please check back often for updates. I make changes fairly infrequently (as this is a hobby, I have to fit it in as I get spare time), but the date at the bottom of this page lets you know the last time something was changed. Important changes (added content, for example) are usually documented on this page.

If anyone out there has contact information for Ronalda Douglas, or any of the series writers, directors, crew or production staff, please drop me a line. I would very much like to get in touch with them so that maybe they'll share their memories and experiences with those of us who grew up with the Filmation shows!

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