Welcome to Something Unexpected!

I know there are already plenty of Friends and some J&R websites, but this one originated when members from friends-boards.com wanted to gather all of our J&R stuff together. Hopefully, you'll like this site and will come back often! If you have any questions, comments or requets, feel free to email me! The updates are gonna be shown on this page as soon as there's something to add!


PS : Big Thanks to Nitzan for all the website's banners! Aren't they great? :)  

Updates :
- 11/02/03 : Updaded the banners, fanfics and pictures (with pics from 10.01 to 10.04) - More fan art soon
- 09/20/03 : Updaded the banners, fanfics, pictures and multimedia (with stuff from Episode 10.01!!!)
- 09/02/03 : Updaded the banners, Fan Art, pictures, fun stuff and fanfics pages
- 08/25/03 : Updated the Fanfics page and added some banners 

Site content :

- Characters : Bio of both Joey and Rachel and a little summary of their relationship this far. Also : "200 reasons why we love Joey and Rachel".
- Pictures : Pics of Joey/Matt, Rachel/Jennifer and the both of them together in Friend and in real life.
- Club banners : Banners that you can use to show your love for J&R
- Fanfics : Links to fan fictions from the internet. ***Some are exclusive to this website***
- Multimedia : Cool J&R videos and animated .gif
- Fan Art : Anything made by fans... Wallpapers, sketches, etc. (please contact me if you have anything to add)
- Articles : Links to news, gossips or any good comments about J&R.
- Fun Stuff : Anything that doesn't enter the previous categories.
- Links : Where to find other information about Joey, Rachel, J&R and Friends in general.


Something Unexpected