Unlike Chandler, Joey resists joining the corporate rat race, in order to pursue his dream of becoming an actor. (Actually, he wants to be Al Pacino.) To date, besides a short-lived stint as a melodramatic soap opera doctor, one of the few highlights of his professional career was being cast as Al Pacino's butt double. Unfortunately, he was fired from the role for bringing too much to the part. Handsome, sweet and macho, Joey loves women, sports, women, New York, women--and most of all, Joey loves Joey. After years of traipsing from audition to audition, Joey has finally landed a role back on "Days of Our Lives" as a woman. It's not exactly the part he had hoped for, but Joey does his best, hoping to move onto bigger and better sound stages.


Rachel, Monica's former roommate, is still living with Joey until her and Phoebe's apartment is rebuilt following the fire. Still working at a rewarding job as a junior executive for Ralph Lauren, Rachel is soon to have a career upswing. Although her on-again, off-again relationship with Ross never seems to settle into a groove, she hasn't stopped looking for love in other places and will find herself in a new romantic entanglement.


Looking about, many fans seem to be astonished that a Joey/Rachel romance has suddenly sprung up, out of nowhere. Presumably these are the fans who did not believe it when all the foreshadowing was pointed out to them.

In the pilot, Joey hit on Rachel as soon as he met her, but that was only to be expected. However, she first saw that he was more than just a pretty face when she listened to his advice, in 201 TOW Ross's New Girlfriend.

It was Joey who introduced Rachel to the delights of Stephen King, in 313 TOW Monica and Richard Are Just Friends, but it wasn't until the fifth season that their relationship went up a notch.

At New Year's Eve in 511 TOW All the Resolutions, Joey manipulated all his friends in just 70 seconds so that he got to kiss Rachel at midnight, they were very simpatico, plus Phoebe presumed that they were 'doing it'; in 513 TOW Joey's Bag, he trusted Rachel's sartorial advice, even though all their friends were scornful; with 515 TOW the Girl Who Hits Joey, it was she who came to his rescue; and in 516 TOW the Cop Joey realised how his life was empty without someone to share it with, and he chose Rachel.

Nothing came of that, but in 602 TOW Ross Hugs Rachel, Phoebe predicted that he would marry Rachel, and they would have beautiful children; then in 615/616 TOT Could Have Been, the producers tested the waters with a Rachel & Joey affair wherein she was turned on by his fame as a soap star, and so within a few episodes the 'real' Joey was put back in a television career - while Rachel moved into his apartment, where she suddenly found a new liberation thanks to his easy going lifestyle.

In Season 7, the couple were suddenly having many episodes together, even while she was supposed to be enamoured over Tag, who is most significant since Joey is quite boyish by nature. And these stories included 702 TOW Rachel's Book, where he teased her until she came on too strong for him; 703 TOW Phoebe's Cookies, where he taught her more about happiness than she did about sailing; 707 TOW Ross's Library Book, where Rachel learnt her roomie wasn't the shallow dating machine that everyone supposes, then hugged him to her ample bosom for talking about having kids, and begged him not to marry before her; 708 TOW Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs, where she understood his moo point because they had lived together for so long; 710 TOW the Holiday Armadillo in which she told Phoebe (of all people) how adorable Joey was; 713 TOW Rosita Dies where they ganged up against Chandler, while whispering secrets in each other's ears, then ended with her moaning & writhing on his lap; and finally 718 TOW Joey's Award, where we saw how much his show business career turns her on.

So then in Season 8, the alarm bells started ringing in 805 TOW Rachel's Date, where she went out with a fellow soap star; 807 TOW the Stain in which Joey persuaded Rachel to stay with him, instead of moving to Ross's building; and 811 TOW Ross's Step Forward, where raging hormones made her attempt to seduce him, but he wouldn't settle for a quick fling.

And don't forget that in 805 TOW Rachel's Date, after Rachel dumped the wrong guy, she needed comfort food - but here, after Joey dumped the wrong girl, he didn't want comfort food, he just came home to Rachel.

From Friends : In-dept reviews

200 reasons we love Rachel and Joey

1. They're so cute together!
2. He's gradually fallen for her.
3. It's the first time he's ever been in love.
4. He would never hurt her.
5. She understands him and accepts him as he is.
6. She's his #1 fan.
7. He was very attentive during her pregnancy.
8. He's the only one who enjoyed her trifle!
9. He hit on her on her wedding day.
10. He held her when she watched Cujo.
11. They kissed on New Year's.
12. He accidentally proposed to her.
13. They kissed in Barbados.
14. They read each other's favorite books.
15. She was jealous of Charlie when her and Joey dated.
16. She taught him to sail.
17. She likes his way of sailing.
18. He took her to the Soapies!
19. She moved back in with him after her fight with Ross.
20. She could talk to him about the Ross/Julie thing.
21. He promised her she'd never be alone.
22. She walked in on him in the shower.
23. She kicked the girl who hit Joey
24. She's never going to lose him.
25. He let her order the 3 pound lobster on their date
26. Their both a curious as George
27. They're the cobras!
28. They both enjoy porn!
29. He bought her unborn baby, a crib and some other things to make Rachel stay.
30. He told Treegar off for making Rachel cry
31. Cuz Rachel thinks he's pretty
32. He took her on a date just to cheer her up
33. She let him squeeze her a** on T.v
34. He thinks shes the perfect girl
35. Cuz at the end of the day shes going home with him
36. She loves living with him
37. He was the first one to feel the baby kick
38. Cuz Rachel had a crush on Joey the first time they met
39. They are NOT the lobsters!
40. He was "sorry!" when he proposed to her
41. she said yes to Joey's "proposal"
42. He saw her first!
43. She's the only woman he's ever loved
44. Have you seen them kiss? It speaks for itself!
45. Cuz she wants to kiss Joey and no other guy
46. Shes had a dream of kissing him
47. Rachel was upset when she saw Joey kissing Charlie
48. He has thought about the moment of being with her a 100 times in his head and not once did he say no.
49. He bought her favourite flowers on their date
50. They both said it was the best date they've ever had together
51. She thinks he looked sexy with the bag
52. They knew about Chandler & Monica first
53. Has used his "How you doin'?" on her
54. He wanted to "crank it up a notch" with her after seeing Monica and Chandler together
55. She comforted him as Beth was getting sick.
56. They have a lot of fun together
57. The only thing he hates about her is that she made him switch to light mayo, but his pants fit better.
58. They put the sex in "uni-sex"
59. Neither of them are into "Citizen Kane"
60. They both love (to play with) spaghetti!
61. Shes the hottest roomate hes ever had
62. They both fell for each others moves on their date.
63. They enjoy throwing wet paper towels.
64. She likes soap operas and he's a star on one.
65. He told her that he was in love with her instead of bottling it up for years.
66. They're great roommates.
67. She drew him as her backup.
68. Joey said about the date with Rachel: I gotta say, I never knew I could enjoy the non-sex part of the date so much.
69. They fall for each other's moves..
70. He promised her, you are never ever gonna be alone. Okay? I promise thatís not gonna happen.
71. They kissed pasionnately.
72. You can just see it in their faces.
73. He will not dump her like Ross.
74. They traded moves.
75. She sees the Joey that no one else sees, the one that loves her for her.
76. He told Chandler and Monica that they can't have sex when they're watching Emma.
77. He'd be a better dad than Ross. (One son, three divorces..)
78. He was the first who knew that Rachel moved out by Ross (see reason 19)
79. He only wants that Rachel is happy even if that means that she would go back to Ross (but she didn't go back)
80. He zipped her up at Emily's bon voyage party.
81. He puts her happiness above his own.
82. She wanted to have sex with him when she was erotically charged.
83. He thinks she's beautiful in the morning without makeup.
84. Even though he couldn't tell her how he felt about her, he hung out just so he could look at her.
85. He stood up for her after the super was mean to her.
86. She cursed in Italian, just like him.
87. They both understand what a "moo point" is.
88. They both liked Sandy the male nanny.
89. He didn't want anyone to make fun of her beef trifle.
90. She picked the Queen card and he picked the King card when trying to win back the apartment.
91. She slept in his room after losing the bet.
92. She knows about Maurice, his imaginary childhood friend.
93. He knows that her real favorite movie is "Weekend at Bernie".
94. He would never cheat on her with the girl from the copy place or any other girl.
95. She wanted to kiss him at the soap opera party, instead of all the hot actors.
96. She was so upset when she saw Joey and Charlie kissing at the party.
97. He hit on her on her wedding day in the very first episode
98. She got so excited when he lifted her up.
99. They were arm in arm in TOW Everybody Finds Out
100. They like to leave spagetti on the floor.
101. He knew she was drawing "The Unbearable Lightness of Being".
102. He gave her the kind of kiss she'd want.
103. She consoled him when he got a bad review for a play he was in.
104. He didn't want to have sex with her because she was erotically charged.
105. Cuz they are the COBRAS :P
106. She wanted him to "Sex her up"
107. They both worked at Central Perk
108. She got Joey's job back at Central Perk.
109. He was the first to tell her she should quit her job at Central Perk.
110. He got her an interview for her first job related to fashion.
111. She loved the entertainment center that he built.
112. She put "Little women" in the freezer and comforted him.
113. He protects her during scary movies
114. She used the milk-pouring thing from his infomercial
115. He's the only one who liked her English Trifle/Sheperdís Pie
116. They would have the beautiful kids.
117. They both broke a chair.
118. They have the cutest of fights
119. He protected Emma from the s-e-x in Monica and Chandler's bedroom.
120. Joey kissed Rachels mom in TOW The Two Parties so that Rachel wouldn't have to deal with the two of them fighting
121. They both liked the male nanny
122. They held hands in TOW The Proposal Part 1 (You have to kind of look for it during Phoebe talking to the Paris trip guy, but its there.)
123. When she found out about Chandler and Monica, she wanted to share the secret with him first.
124. She thought his bag was sexy.

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