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I like Matsushima Nanako

last updated: June 3, 2004

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Matsushima Nanako

yeah, i finally found a pic i could really really like of her ---->

click pic or name link to see more of her (bio, news, pic, CMs)


Japanese drama stuff (nanako drama reviews ++)

Jdrama stuff: reviews, pics

Nanako Japanese drama synopsis (chinese subtitles convert to english)

Sweet Season

(Suui-to Shi-zun)

after 2 years on and off, it is finished

Non-nanako Japanese drama synopsis (chinese subtitles convert to english)

Check out my other site - Goodbye Mr Oji/Out (Sayonara, Ozu Sensei) synopsis has been completed (8 Oct 2002)!

The actress here is supposed to be nanako's replacement, even looks like her! Seto Asaka


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