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My Japanese Drama Reviews (of dramas i have watched completely, and really really like)

(page last updated on: April 23, 2004 )

currently watching:

wait for my reviews on Suna, Pride and Ryuuten come July 2004!

Japanese Drama Serials I recommend (Most Fav is Top)

NANAKO's Yamato Nadeshiko (An Ideal Japanese Woman or Perfect Woman)

what's there to review? i like it so much, i want to write the english synopsis but that's already done here: Doramatalk

Hakusen Nagashi (Those Were the Days)

Can love blossom between a privileged school girl and a night school factory worker? Those were the days indeed.

Watch it for Nagase Tomoya (TOKIO lead singer) and Kashiwabara Takashi (Kassy to his fans)

Age 35 koishikute (Age 35, I miss)

Love affair drama, like Sweet Season (see below). Very real drama, more realistic than Sweet Season.

Tokyo Love Story

real oldie, 1991 telecast, but goodie. It's the days pre-keitai. check out the size of the pager and cordless phones! oh, the storyline? super! you have to watch it. love triangle stuff.

Stars Suzuki Honami (who on earth is she? hahaha. everyone knows but me!), Oda Yuji, Arimori Narimi and Eguchi Yosuke (finally! a face i recognise!)

NANAKO's Koori no Sekai (Inanimate World or Ice World)

Click here for my review

bought the book of the drama (chinese translation), left it on the shelf to gather (diamond?) dust. still haven't got past the intro. my chinese standard too poor.

English synopsis here: CJ Morikai's Japanese Dorama Page

Boku no Ikiru Michi (The Way I Live)

Cancer man has 1 year to live. how to live it? Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (SMAPster) really put in his best here. the plus factor: Yada Akiko

Antique Cake Shop

Revolves around the lives of 4 men who run a cake shop - all women magnets:

takki - for the young girls

abe hiroshi - for those who like them, cool, tall and handsome

naohito fujiki - oh my, pretty pretty boy...

keppei shinna - for the mature woman

* * * * * Beach Boys, Overtime, Long Vacation * * * * *

these 3 came from a beautiful era in Japanese drama and should not be missed.

NANAKO's Konna koi no hanashi (A story of love)

Stars my all time favourite male japanese singer - Koji Tamaki (ex-lead singer of Anzenchitai)

Great story of lonely rich man (Mr Lonely) with only 3 months to live, meeting a poor man (Koji) and gorgeous gal (Nanako) and finds love and friendship transforming his last days

NANAKO's Majo no Jouken (Terms of a Witch or The Witch's Condition)

Click here for my review

pic of male star : hideaki takizawa (takki).

click pic for large version

NANAKO's Sweet Season

Click here for my review

i wrote the english synopsis, so of course i recommend it

click here to jump to my english synopsis

NANAKO's Hyakunen Monogatari (The Story of One Century)

i have the Chinese version of the photobook.

Nanako acts as 3 women in 3 consecutive generations (grandmother, mother and daughter) in 3 periods of last century Japan - feudal Japan, WWII and modern Japan

Good Luck !!

it's ranked higher up than Love Generation, although i like Love Generation better. cos it's new and fresh and it's Kimutaku's latest !!

first japanese drama i watched about pilots. it's very refreshing. i think i watched too many doctors and nurses stuff already

of course, it helps to have a stellar cast of the hottest stars: Kimura Takuya, Shibasaki Kou, Uchiyama Rina

and some of the best actors: Tsutsumi Shinichi, Kuroki Hitomi

Goodbye Mr Oji/Out (Sayonara Ozu Sensei)

i like this drama, about a basketball team and their coach.

it also helps i wrote the english synopsis.

click the pic to go to my english synopsis

Love Generation

see Love Generation 1998 Special pics here

Sora Kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi (One Million Stars Falling from the Sky or The Smile Has Left Your Eyes)

this is one drama that blew me away. it's so sad. it's so beautiful. and it's kimutaku at his ladykiller best. shibasaki kou is in this too, although the real cutie is newbie igawa haruka.

Long Love Letter

First drama starring Tokiwa Takako that i liked. I think she's really very beautiful, in a foxy way.

It's a SCI-FI show, about the struggles for survival of a present-day school brought into a hopeless future.

Love Revolution

Cute drama on love relationships today.

oh. forgot to mention pretty boy fujiki is in his element here.

29th Christmas

social drama about working women struggling to find love and get married as they approach 30. starring Tamako Yamaguchi. she's the main reason for the show.