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I love Matsushima Nanako

(page last updated on: June 3, 2004 )

Matsushima Nanako (Kanagawa Pref., 1973 - )

Born: 13/10/1973
Proportions: 84cm/59cm/88cm
Hobbies: Driving, cooking
Blood type: A

Marital status: married to Sorimachi Takeshi (2001)

Children: one due in June 2004!!!


Thespians announce daughter's birth

Actress Nanako Matsushima and actor Takashi Sorimachi announced Tuesday they are the proud parents of a baby girl.
Matsushima gave birth to a daughter Monday, earlier than anticipated, but both are in good health, the couple said in a faxed message.

"The new environment may be challenging ," the message said. "But the joy of having a new family member is much bigger and we are looking forward to the life ahead of us."

Matsushima and Sorimachi, both 30, married in 2001.

The Japan Times: June 2, 2004

Actress Matsushima, actor Sorimachi have baby girl

Tuesday, June 1, 2004 at 09:00 JST
TOKYO ? Actress Nanako Matsushima and actor Takashi Sorimachi have become the parents of a baby girl. Matsushima gave birth to a daughter Monday earlier than anticipated, but both are in good health, the couple said in a faxed message sent to the media Tuesday.

"We are sometimes at a loss," the message said. "But we are delighted to have a new family member." Matsushima and Sorimachi, both 30, married in February 2001 after they appeared together in a television drama series in 1998. (Kyodo News)

We admit it, our baby's due

FINALLY. After months of denial, actor-singer Takashi Sorimachi and actress Nanako Matsushima have confirmed that they are expecting a baby.

Nanako is 4 months pregnant and is due in June.

The couple faxed a joint press statement to Fuji TV last Monday, confirming rumours that have been circulating since November.

But why did their announcement come so late?

Were they trying to protect their privacy for as long as they could?

Or, as industry sources speculated, was Nanako worried her pregnancy would affect her image as Japan's Queen of Advertisements?

She is, after all, a highly sought-after spokesman for a wide range of products.

When rumours first surfaced after Nanako was photographed visiting a gynaecologist's clinic several times in November, Takashi issued a statement of denial.

Nanako herself told More magazine later that she was not pregnant, and even posed in fitting clothes that showed off her flat tummy.

While filming a TV commercial later, she drank three glasses of red wine, and jokingly said: 'I can't be so greedy if I were pregnant.'

But it soon became increasingly difficult to hide her growing bulge.

The paparazzi later managed to snap photos of a slightly 'ballooned' Nanako in a loose outfit that failed to cover her swollen legs.


It didn't help that her obviously overjoyed hubby could barely contain his excitement.

At a recent press conference to promote his Hong Kong film, Professional Killer, in Tokyo, Takashi was asked the inevitable question yet again.

This time, instead of denying, he simply grinned.

In their fax, the couple wrote: 'Sorry to have made everyone worry.

'We've decided to report our pregnancy now because it has entered a stable stage.

'After this, we hope to await a smooth delivery with everyone's blessings.'

They added that Nanako will continue to work depending on her health, and appealed to the media not to interview their family members.

But what they didn't expect was a queue of baby product advertisers.

Word has it that a bidding war has started, with offers going as high as 200 million yen ($3.2m).

An early present for baby?

2004 CMs

Maxfactor CM

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too bad she lost illume account to some other girl

Sumitomo CM (small)

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Sumitomo CM (large)

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married : 21 Feb 2001 to Takashi Sorimachi

The couple do not have plans for a reception, but Matsushima said, smiling, "I have worn wedding dresses a number of times in the past for programs, but I would like to be seen in bridal wear -- I don't care whether it's Japanese or Western style -- because I'm sure that the feeling will be different this time."

Sorimachi and Matsushima met each other in 98 when they're acting in Fuji TV drama [GTO], in November of that year they started to date. Next year they'll be acting together again in NHK's taiga drama [Rike tomatsu~kaga hyakumanseki monogatari~]. The staff of the program is happy "We want to make it a very happy program with the couple acting together"


Nanako's Fran choc ad (click thumbnail for larger pic)

magazine scan of a nice montage of nanako pics