Darth Willow vs. Capt. Kirk - ACT THREE

Fearing now that Darth Willow is now about to kill Kirk, Dehner, reluctant at first, slowly raises her right-hand and aims it at her...SHE FIRES...Darth Willow is zapped and is now forced to draw her attention at Dehner.


Darth Willow retaliates as she now fires back at Dehner.

And for the next minute the two "Uberpowers" have at it at each other...zapping each other...both growing weaker and weaker by every charge...both slowly collapsing to the ground until finally...the firing stops. Darth Willow ends up almost out for the count with her back leaning against a nearby boulder.

Kirk, no longer under Willow's power, gets a real good look at her as he now sees that her eyes and her face are back to normal, but her hair is still black.

Dehner lays dying from the battle as she now struggles to say something.

DEHNER:(to Kirk) Hurry!...You haven't much time!

It was now time for Capt. Kirk to take some drastic action as he and Willow slowly get up. Kirk first delivers a blow across Willow's face before she gets a chance to stand up completely...Then, a punch in the stomach...And then a crashing blow behind her back that sends Willow summersaulting to the ground. As Willow tries to recover herself, Kirk rushes her again with a karate chop to her right-side and her left, and then flipping her over on his side to the ground.

The dying Dr. Dehner helplessly watches the mortal battle

Kirk punches Willow again, sending her over a boulder in the center. Kirk then charges her and the two wrestle around on the ground

Dehner now looks as if she is ready to pass-on

Now it's Willow's turn -- she gives Kirk a couple of good slugs across the face and then the two wrestle with each other for a while. Kirk then swings Willow around, punches her again, and she goes down. Kirk jumps on top of her, grabs the nearest rock, and readies it to slam it on her head. Kirk, with his shirt now torn and his face bloodied, is reaching the point of total exhaustion.

KIRK: Willow!...Forgive me!

At that second, Willow reverts back to her evil, veiny, black-eyed appearance. Before Kirk could do anything, Darth Willow quickly grabs his arms, stopping him from crushing her skull.

DARTH WILLOW: For a moment, James!...But your moment is fading!...Now GET YOUR ASS OFF OF ME!!!

Darth Willow pushes Kirk off her with a powerful shove of her legs, sending Kirk practically flying. Darth Willow then sprints back on her feet, more powerful than before now, and now starts to advance Kirk.

Knowing now that Willow now has the power to kill him as though he were a fly, he desperately tries to keep his distance from her in any way possible. The two go around the dying Dr. Dehner and Darth Willow now has Kirk backed-up to the wall of the rocky hill as Kirk hugs it and tries to figure a way how to finally stop her.

DARTH WILLOW: Come on, cutie!...Come on, Captain Jerk, let's see what you've got!

In an exercise of futility, Kirk then tries to punch Darth Willow again. But when he takes a swing, this time, Darth Willow grabs Kirks arm and flips him right over her with hardly any physical effort. While Kirk is now on the ground, Darth Willow grabs a nearby rock, about 5 times the size of the one Kirk had earlier, and tries to crush Kirk whole. But Kirk foils her attempt by grabbing her legs, making her drop the rock to the side, and the two stumble into the open grave.