Darth Willow vs. Capt. Kirk - ACT FOUR

Kirk quickly jumps out of the grave leaving Darth Willow inside as she gets up. Then Kirk makes a mad dash for his phaser rifle while, still in the grave, Willow moves to the front, getting ready to leap out. Kirk now takes cover behind, yet, another boulder which is the farthest away from the grave. He swiftly aims his weapon at the base of the dangling boulder just near the top of the rocky hill, and then FIRES.

Darth Willow is forced by the shake of the blast back into the grave, along with the "James R. Kirk" tombstone, as the boulder is now beginning to fall right on top of her. But before the boulder reaches halfway to the grave, Darth Willow looks up at it and gives off a LOUD, HIGH-PITCHED, SCREAM that echoes all over, and then...

EVERYTHING IS SUDDENLY STOPPED IN TIME...The boulder is stopped in mid-air...Kirk frozen in time as he is still firing his weapon...Dehner on the ground...Everyting!

Seconds later, Darth Willow magically levitates herself out of the grave and moves forward and away from it, and floats in the air facing a frozen Capt. James T. Kirk.

DARTH WILLOW:(giggles a little) Did you really think that you could get rid of me that easily?...Your friend Mitch was right -- you are a fool.

Darth Willow then slowly descends to the ground on her feet, and then takes a few steps closer towards Kirk.

DARTH WILLOW: And what's with the "echo" in my voice?...(snaps her finger -- echoed voice is gone)...There! That's better!... The very first thing that entered my mind when I first popped-in was -- "How the hell did I get myself trapped in T.V.-Rerun-Hell?"...I have a sneaking suspicion that Giles and his "borrowed Magicks" back in Sunnydale most certainly had something to do with all this, and I think I'm right in that dawning assumption...The old, hypocritical magic book addict!(chuckles a little) I'm sure that you know that I didn't appreciate you knocking me around the way you did when you took advantage of a weak moment -- that was very underhanded and ungentleman-like...(looks over at Dehner) And the blonde bimbo over there -- who did she think she was zapping me like that?

Darth Willow slowly walks over to the frozen Dehner on the ground and observes her.

DARTH WILLOW: You know, admittedly, she's not really bad looking. In fact...she kind of reminds me of...(she was about to utter Tara's name, but then she emotionally shrugs and gets back to Kirk) Anyway...it's been a real blast, Jimbo...(looking up at the frozen boulder and the frozen phaser fire)In more ways than one! I can't waste anymore time being forced to act-out in a classic TV episode. I've got to go back to my world, to Sunnydale, and you have to stay in yours. I really don't know what will be in-store for me when I get back there, but I know what you'll be contending with. To name a few -- Charlie X, a Gorn, Khan, the Romulans, the Klingons, The Doomsday Machine, the M5...(chuckles) Joan Collins...So, instead of killing you, I shall just leave you to your burdens and I shall go back to mine -- I have two comic-book-reading geeks to skin alive and a pain-in-the-ass slayer and her bookworm watcher to teach lessons to about "butting in". And, please, say "Hello!" to that gorgeous Yeoman Rand for me, will you, hun?...Oh! I almost forgot...

Willow now faces the place where she first appeared to Kirk


And then, from out of nowhere, the original villian of the story, LT.CMDR. GARY MITCHELL, materializes. Mitchell quickly looks over and oddly notices Darth Willow staring at him, with an evil grin on her face.

DARTH WILLOW: Well, Commander...Time for you to take your rightful place, you glowy-eyed freak!

With a quickly thrust of her arms outward and her palms upward, Darth Willow shoots a powerful electrical charge at Mitchell, engulfs him in it, and then teleports him inside the grave where he now lies facedown -- and he, too, is now frozen. Willow sports an eerily pleasing grin.

DARTH WILLOW: I still got it!...(looks at Kirk one last time) Time for me to leave now. Don't pick-up any stray tribbles.

Darth Willow now levitates herself back in the air, readying for teleportation. Thunder and lighting are heard, and she is now beginning to be engulfed in a swirling black cloud.


The black swirling cloud becomes thicker with lightning flashing form within until Darth Willow, and the swirling mass, finally VANISHES. align=right>


This scene opens at what is left of "The Magic Box" -- as we follow the camera's pan we see a large beam has caved-in, broken shelfs and furniture, books scattered all over the place, and a number of spots on fire. As the camera pans down and across the floor we see a number of destroyed and torn-up books around almost surrounded by fire -- one of them a book by William Shatner(Hmmmmm!). Then the camera comes to a pair of black-booted feet and then the camera slowly ascends to the top to reveal a slightly battered Darth Willow, grinning slightly, and with a scratch across her left cheek.

DARTH WILLOW: That all you've got, Jeeves?

Apparently talking to Giles.


TIME STARTS AGAIN, and the boulder now falls right on top of Mitchell inside the grave. Kirk stops firing and he sees dust blowing around the boulder that has now intombed his old friend -- Lt.Cmdr. Gary Mitchell.