Darth Willow vs. Capt. Kirk - ACT TWO

DARTH WILLOW...Dark outfit, black-hair, black-eyes, veiny face...the works!

THE PHASER BLAST does not effect her in the least as Darth Willow slowly looks down at her chest and then looks back at Kirk as she sports an evil grin.

Kirk then stops firing and he is stunned and mystified about what little to no effect his weapon had on her.

DARTH WILLOW: Bored now!

With just a mystical swing of her right-arm to the left, Darth Willow flings the phaser rifle out of Kirk's arms...Kirk, still on his knees and now becooming more frightened than mystified, faces Darth Willow and awaits her next move.

DARTH WILLOW: I've been contemplating a death of an old friend.

DARTH WILLOW looks upwards behind her and notices a BALANCING BOULDER, just ready to fall to the ground. She then looks back at Kirk.

DARTH WILLOW: He deserves a decent burial, at least.

Darth Willow then slowly extends her left-arm to point at a piece of ground where, by magic, a freshly-dug grave appears. Afterwards, with a slight tilt of her hand, palm-up, the infamous "James R. Kirk" tombstone magically appears.

Kirk is not all pleased or amused with what he sees.

Darth Willow now looks back up at the balancing boulder as she now raises her hands towards it and, with her supernatural powers, makes the boulder move just slightly -- making a loud rumbling sound like thunder.

Kirk watches in fearful awe -- and Dehner now begins to get frightened.

DEHNER: Stop it, Willow!

Darth Willow ceases the demonstration and now aims her hands, palms-up, at Kirk.

DARTH WILLOW: Morals are for humans...not Gods.

Kirk then slowly gets up on his feet and faces the "Uberwitch".

KIRK: A God...But still driven by human frailty...(looks briefly at Dehner)You like what you see?

Dehner is speechless and a bit nervous.

DARTH WILLOW: Whatever!...Time to pray, Captain!...Pray to me!

Kirk now gets pulled by Darth Willow's power towards her -- making him walk like a puppet.

KIRK: To you?!..Not to both of you?!

DARTH WILLOW: Pray that you'll die easily!

Darth Willow then with a sort of a thrust flips her hand palms-down, making Kirk collapse to the ground. With her right-hand, Willow makes Kirk set up on his knees and makes his hands ready for prayer.

KIRK: There will only be one of you in the end!

Darth Willow closes her hand to make a fist -- Kirk's hands come together. Darth Willow twists her fist -- Kirk's head shakes around briefly. Kirk is now helpless and is at the evil Darth Willow's mercy.

KIRK:(struggling to speak)One jealous God!...If all this makes a God!...Or does it make you of something else?!

DARTH WILLOW: Your last chance, Kirk!

KIRK:(to Dehner) Do you like what you see?! Absolute power corrupting absolutely!

Dehner appears now to be more frightened.

DARTH WILLOW: Blah, blah, blah!...Now you're starting to sound like Rupert -- you never heard of him, I take it. I wonder if you two are related.