Darth Willow vs. Capt. Kirk - ACT ONE


CAPT. KIRK had already reached the top of the plateau on the mining planet Delta-Vega when he was startled by the eerie voice of his old-friend-turned-evil-demonic-glowy-eyed-enemy, Lt.Cmdr. Gary Mitchell. With his trusty PHASER RIFLE, Kirk cautiously and nervously looks around and waits for when Mitchell may materialize before him. As he makes his way across the relatively small plateau, Kirk is then startled by the sudden and almost mystical appearance of Dr. Elizabeth Dehner, who is now like Mitchell -- glowy-eyed. Dehner approaches Kirk slowly.

DEHNER: Yes, it just took a little longer for it to happen to me.

KIRK: You must help me...before it goes too far.

(And this is where it starts to get weird -- starting with the dialogue, and so on)

DEHNER: What she's (not "he's") doing is right...for her and me.

KIRK: And for Humanity?...You're still human...


KIRK: ...At least partly, you are!...Or you wouldn't be here talking to me

DEHNER: Earth is really unimportant. Before long we will be where it would have taken Mankind millions of years of learning to...

KIRK: And what will WILLOW learn in getting there?! Will she know what to do with her power?! Will she acquire the wisdom?!

DEHNER: Please, go back while you still can!

KIRK: Did you hear her joke about "compassion"?!...(shouts to the hills)OF ALL ELSE A GOD NEEDS COMPASSION!!!...WILLOW???!!!...Elizabeth...

DEHNER: What do YOU know about Gods?!

KIRK: Then let's talk about humans! About our frailties! As powerful as she gets, she'll still have all that inside her!

DEHNER: Go back!

Kirk then grabs Dehner's arm to get her full and undivided attention.

KIRK: You were a psychiatrist once. You know the ugly, savage things we all keep buried that none of us dare expose -- but SHE'LL dare! Who's to stop her?! She doesn't need to care! Be a psychiartist for one minute longer. What do you see happening to her?! WHAT'S YOUR PROGNOSIS, DOCTOR?!

DEHNER: She's coming!

Kirk then immediately goes into "red alert" and readies his PHASER RIFLE

KIRK: And watch her! Hang on to being a human for one minute longer!

Then, an errie, echoey voice comes from out of nowhere...but strangely enough...it's not Mitchell's

DARTH WILLOW: I'm disappointed in you, Elizabeth!