David Collins is the son of the late Roger Edward Collins and member of the wealthy Collins Family of Collinsport, Maine. Founder and Field Director of the team, he has experienced numerous accounts of what he suspects to be paranormal activity at Collinwood. However, he has left most of the direction of the team to his distant cousin to focus on his restaurants and franchises. Currently divorced, he has a son and a daughter. He has been on 271 cases over the North Atlantic coast.
William Collins is the son of Barnabas Collins, a distant cousin of Roger Collins at Collinwood. Much like David, he grew up listening to the stories of ghosts on the estate and by time he was fourteen, he was following David on cases, ultimately surpassing him on case work. He is now a Field Director. He is married with two daughters. He has been on 937 cases. 
Steve Barnette is a Field Director on the team and one of William's closest friends. Born in Collinsport, he lived for a time in Boston as a Police Officer until a shooting on the job forced him to a desk position. He instead moved back to Collinsport in 1999 and joined the local police force there, using his deductive and investigative skills in paranormal investigations in the CGS. Currently divorced, he is now dating. He has been on 598 cases. 
Matthew Burton was born in Collinsport but raised in Los Angeles, California. Admittedly a con-artist in his youth, he worked briefly in television until he moved to Collinsport after inheriting his grandparents seaside house. He provides Tech Support for the team, using his knowledge of special effects and fraud skills to expose hoaxes. Currently widowed with a son, he has been on 532 cases. 
Dawn Rochner is a beautiful Chicago-born Psychic who became friends with William and Steve in Boston. She subsequently moved to Collinsport after a bad break-up and took a job as a school teacher. She now works at Collinsport City Hall in the records department. Currently single, she has been on 512 cases both in her roles as a psychic and a Field Researcher. 
Henry Desmond was born in Collinsport and friend of David Collins before he moved to Manhattan. A writer, he worked in advertising in New York but moved back to Collinsport in 1992 to work as a history teacher at Collinsport High School and reconnect with David. A widower, he has recently married again. He does Historical Research for the team. He has one daughter and has been on 498 cases. 
Matt Oh is the grandson of Korean immigrants who purchased farm property near Collinsport in 1947. Currently working as a computer programmer with his own business, he became friends with William and Steve in high school, and how, he provides Tech Support for the team, often creating and designing new gear for the team. Married with three kids, he has been on 493 cases. 
Andrea T. Welch is a Field Researcher and Historian. Born in Los Angeles, California, her family made its money in real estate, leaving her a nice trust fund. Three of her relatives have been elected officials, and four have been lawyers and judges. A self-proclaimed vampire expert, she traveled to Collinsport to research the local vampire legends and stayed behind. Currently married, she has been on 298 cases. 
Liz Stride is a Field Researcher on the team. A former actress and model, she was born in the small community of Crabapple Cove south of Collinsport; she married in 1987 and retired back to Maine with her husband, also a Maine native. Now a mother of three kids, she joined the team through Dawn's advice in 1998 and has been on 273 cases as a Field Researcher and Data Analyst. 
Lizzie Spellman is a Historian and Field Researcher on the team. Though born in Collinsport, her family came to Maine from Salem, Massachusetts, and she's very proud of her family's ancestral Wiccan heritage. She is very much into New Age and is also a vegetarian, a fact she is frequently quick to remind her teammates. She has been along on over 124 cases.
Ed Brannion is a Contractor and Master Plumber who helps in the field. Born in Sudbury, Massachusetts, he moved to Collinsport in 1993 and became friends with William, Matt and Steve. An independent contractor in Collinsport, Ed knows what noises are normal for houses, and can quickly debunk footsteps from creaking floorboards. He has two sons and a daughter and has been on 123 cases.
Athena Odinson is the Secretary and Travel Agent for the team responsible for making travel arrangements. A member of the wealthy Seattle-based Reason family, her great-uncle is occult expert and parapsychologist Hayden Reason. She does not get involved in case work; instead staying behind to manage the office, field in-coming calls and handle the team's personal messages and commitments, and she's very good at it too.