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The Girl Who Knew Too Much


Author's Note:  Umm... i don't own anything that was mentioned on the show The Young Riders.  Everything else is mine though.  OK there is mild cussing,  but she does try to kick the habit, I swear!  That should cover it, if it  doesn't, I give you my sincerest appologies and by the way, sorry I can't  spell.

Chapter 2

Kid barely hugged Lolly back, he was shocked to see her there and he had gone pale because there were very few reasons she would ever come to see him and he knew none of them were good.  Then he dropped his arms from her completely as he saw Buck and Rachel ride up in the wagon.  He couldn't believe his sister was standing right in front of him, this was probably the worst thing that could happen to him.

Rachel hurriedly jumped out of the wagon and ran into the house with many thoughts racing through her head, the main one was that for once she was glad Teresa and Jeremiah were arguing so loudly no one could have heard Lolly's shout.  It wasn't that she wanted to think bad things about this girl, but she remembered what had happened the last time a strange girl had hugged Kid.

Buck just stared at Lolly his mind slowly putting together where he had seen that look before.  The only times he had ever seen her eyes so bright or her smile so big was when she told stories about her brother.  So Buck decided that that was who Kid must be to her, her brother.  The only problem with this was that as far as he knew Kid didn't have a sister, not that Kid had ever told him all about his past, but Jed had never once mentioned a sister although a few of the stories involved a girl named Sara.  Buck was trying to work her into the equation when Kid decided to talk.

"What the hell are you doing here?!"  Kid's question sounded more like an accusation than anything else and Lolly didn't appreciate his lack of compassion.  Just as Lolly's hand reached Kid's cheek in the form of a slap Cody jumped out of the house, the door crashing behind him in just the perfect unbelievable timing to make the slap sound like the slamming of a door which momentarily stunned the four who had been aware of the slap.

Lolly was the first to realize what happened and she remembered she had been angry about something.  "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU KID!  I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU IN SIX YEARS AND THE FIRST WORD OUT OF YOUR MOUTH IS "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE!?"!  AND TO THINK I USED TO ENTERTAIN THE THOUGHT THAT YOU WERE A GOOD BIG BROTHER!  I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU, I COME ALL THIS WAY JUST TO SEE YOU AND YOU CAN'T EVEN SAY HELLO, HOW ARE YOU FEELING, OR WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING FOR THE PAST SIX YEARS, OR EVEN IT'S NICE TO SEE YOU!  NO OF COURSE NOT YOU HAVE TO ASK ME WHY I CAME HERE, well if you have to know why I'm at your home it's because Billy invited me to supper."  She had almost calmed down, when a new thought entered her head and made her more angry.  "You're such a JERK Kid!  I HATE YOU!!!"  she continued from there, shouting insults at him in every language she could think of pounding him with her fists.  She didn't hit him very hard though because she knew the same thing he did, there were hardly any reasons she would come to visit him unannounced, none of them good.

Kid was used to Lolly's behavior and knew how to handle it, at least in some fashion.  In one fluid motion he grabbed her arms and twisted them to her back then he pulled her closer so that her back was facing him and he locked his arms with hers so that she couldn't move away or hit him.  This calmed her down immediately.  She spoke in a much more peaceful voice, "Kid please let me go!  I hate it when you do this to me, I swear I'll be good!"

"Lolly, you know I won't let you go 'till you're settled down."

"I swear I'm better now, I won't do anything more."  She pleaded with him, but she knew it was useless.  She couldn't help herself from trying to get free and he never let her go unless she stopped struggling.  It wasn't that he was being mean to her, he had just learned from a lifetime of experience that the only way she would calm down was if she got it all out of her system, and the safest way to do that was while she was locked in his grip.  Lolly, who realized there wasn't anything else she could do, started calling Kid names and doing everything she could think of to try and get free.

Kid for his part ignored her and started a conversation with Buck and Cody over her head.  He had already asked Buck how he had met Lolly and discovered he had been one of the "Mission Boys," and he decided to move onto Cody.  "So, Cody, did you know Lolly before you invited her over?"

"Yeah, I lived near her grandparents house."  Cody was feeling very uncomfortable with the position Lolly was in.

"About how old was she at the time?"

"I think she was eight, she kept talking about how she was going to go to Europe soon."

"Yeah, that would have been eight, that would make you the 'Blonde Prankster' then... I wish she had used names when she told her stories.  I probably would have realized who you were sooner."

Buck was curious at this point.  "Is Lolly really your sister?"


"I know you don't talk about your past enough for us to know about a sister, but why didn't Jed ever mention her?"  Cody was thoroughly confused and the look Lolly was giving him was making him nervous.

"Jed and Lolly never got along, besides Lolly lived with our grandparents instead of at home with us."

Cody was about to ask another question when Lolly suddenly stopped squirming within Kid's grasp and turned her head up so she could look straight into Kid's eyes, "If you don't let me go I swear I'll scream."  She seemed very proud of herself for coming up with this idea, but Kid wasn't the slightest bit phased.

"Well, go ahead and scream then."  So she did.

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