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 Louise lay in her bunk pretending to be asleep. She could hear the boys angry voices below her.   Noah had walked into the bunkhouse  a couple minutes earlier waking her up.

Ike signed < but she said she isn't feeling well>

"Teaspoon said she has to start pulling her weight around here." Noah stated.

 Jimmy smiled and retorted  "She has been pulling her weight; problem is she don't weigh very much. She's starting to remind me of Cody. All she's been doing is eating and sleeping."

  Lou, who forgot she was supposed to be sleeping sat up in her bunk. "That ain't true!" She carefully climbed down from her bunk and confronted the pack.  "Who's been cleaning out the stables, feeding the horse, taking them to town to be shoed, getting supplies..."

 "Hold on Lou" Kid said " we  all know you've been working but you haven't taken a run in weeks. I've taken three of your rides myself, and so have all the others.  Teaspoon said if you don't take the next run he might have to let you go, and I don't want him to."

 Rachel's voice rang through the door "Rider coming!!"

Noah said, "You're up Lou."

They all followed her onto the porch .  Lou looked at the boy reproachfully.  She smiled at Buck, he shook his head no; she glanced at Jimmy he said, "I can't Lou." Louise was starting to feel desperate; they had already saddled Lighting for her, and she could see Cody riding in fast. 'Figures,' she thought, 'it's almost lunch time.'  She gave into begging "Please Kid?"

 "I can't Lou, I have a run tomorrow morning. I couldn't make it back by then."  He looked at her apologetically.

Lou got angry. "We'll thanks for nothing Kid!! You should be taking all my runs anyway since it's all your fault!"  With that Louise ran off towards the barn.

  The riders looked at each other bewildered as Cody rode up. "We'll who's run is it? I'm hungry!!"

 Ike sighed grabbed the mochilla from Cody, jumped on Lightning, and rode off. "Ride safe!" the group called.  As Cody dismounted, Kid walked up to him and offered to take his horse.

 "Thanks Kid, seeing you're all here standing around doing nothin'."  The others shook their heads as they followed him into the bunkhouse.


 Kid took Cody's horse into the barn. As he walked in he scanned the place looking for Lou. He rub the horse down gave him some water to drink and led him to his stall where there was fresh straw waiting for him. Kid could not see Lou but he could hear something in the loft above him. He quietly climbed the ladder and spotted her sitting in the corner. She sat with her back to the wall knees up with her arms resting on them. She was holding her head in her hands and rocking back and forth.

 "Are you OK?" Kid whispered.

 She looked up surprised "I didn't hear anyone come in you startled me."

 "I'm sorry did you want me to Leave?" Kid asked.

 She looked up at him, he was looking at here apprehensively as if he was afraid she would say yes. She took a deep breath and replied "No, I want you to stay."

 Kid smiled softly and went and sat down across from her. He reached for her hand and she squeezed it tight. She looked up at him pensively.

 "Remember when we were in the barn and you said if I ever had a problem I could bring it to you?"

 He smiled as he remembered that day long ago. "Yes, I remember"

 She looked at him shyly "Well Kid I have a problem."

 He sat patiently waiting for her to go on. She took her hand from his and wrapped her arms around herself as if she had a sudden chill. She put her head down and subconsciously chewed on her lip. She opened her mouth as if to speak but instead a soft cry left her mouth as she began shaking. Kid reached for her and pulled her on to his lap as sobs racked her body. He silently held her and rocked her as if she were a child .

 "I'm scared" he heard her whisper against his muscular chest as his strong arms held her tightly against him.

 Fear ran through him .Lou scared ? He thought,she's never scared of anything. He gently grabbed her her head and tilted her tear streaked face up to his.

 "Did somebody hurt you on your last run?" He asked worried.

 She slowly shook her head no.

 "Then what's wrong?" Kid asked.

 She let out a shaky breath. She looked into his beautiful blue eyes and replied "I'm going to have a baby."

 When she saw the look of shock cross his face she hung her head down in shame. Kid was astonished he was overwhelmed by emotions. He finally grabbed her into a bear hug and let out a whoop of joy.

 She looked up at him " Your not mad at me?"

 He finally was able to speak a slow smile spread across his face "Of course not, are you mad at me?"

 She looked up at him relieved. "No, I went to the doctor in Blue Creek during my last run. When I found out I didn't know what to do. You were with Samantha and I was all alone. I haven't been riding 'cause I was a afraid I might lose our baby. And I would rather die than to have to face life alone." "I figured at least I still had a part of you. The more I thought about it the happier I became, the only problem was making up excuses for not to ride. Everybody was mad at me and I didn't know what
 to do I couldn't support myself and a baby. When you split up with Samantha I wasn't sure how you felt about me I still don't know but I'm running out of options I couldn't even button my pants this morning! I just covered it with my belt."

 "Louise you are the most important thing in this world to me I only went out with Samantha because I was upset it was the stupidest thing I have ever done in my life." "I'm so sorry I hurt you and you've had to go through this alone but you don't anymore I want to be with you and our child I want to take care of you if you will let me."

 Lou looked up at him and nodded she lay her head against his damp shirt "I love you Kid",

 "I love you too Lou".

 She fell asleep against his chest and he held her for awhile and watched her sleep. He promised himself that he would never risk losing her again. After a while he gently picked her up and carried her down the ladder and into the bunkhouse. He held her closely to him she was so small he could not imagine a child ,his child growing inside of her. He felt so honored that she had given him such a precious gift. The others stopped eating and stared at him when he walked in. They watched as he gently laid her on his bunk covered her up and gave her a kiss on the cheek.


  "What's up Kid?"Jimmy asked.

  Kid looked at him quizikly as he sat down to lunch. "What do you mean?"

  "What he means is you have a silly grin on your face, and you usually don't  have women sleeping in your bed," Noah replied.

  "Well, me and Lou  are back together," Kid explained proudly.

  "That's great Kid. If she's going to sleep can I have her lunch?" Cody  asked.

  "You certainly cannot!  I'm sure Louise will be hungry when she gets  up," Rachel said with a twinkle in her eye. "Kid, I'm so happy for you two."

   "Well, Teaspoon isn't happy. He saw  Ike  ride past on Lightning and wants to see Lou ASAP!" Buck said.

   "Well that's fine, 'cause we need to talk to him anyway."

   Jimmy looked up. "Who's we?" he asked Kid.

  "Well him and Louise of course!" Rachel butted in.

  Kid gave her a grateful smile. Jimmy was starting to get on his nerves.

  "Ok boys, you've all  got chores to do run along now."

  "But, " Cody protested. "What about Lou?"

  "She needs her rest Cody, so you better get used to it!" Rachel gave Kid a knowing look.

  When Rachel finished cleaning up she went over and gently shook Lou awake.

  "I'm sorry Lou, I couldn't wait another minute. What's going on with Kid?"

  Lou smiled. "Well we talked, and we both still love each other so we decided to get back together."

  "Did you tell him about the baby?"

  "How did you know?"

  "Oh come on Louise, I know the signs. I probably knew before you did. "

  "Yes, I told him. He seemed so happy."

  "That's  so wonderful!"

  "But what about my job? Kid said he'd take care of us, but I don't want to be a burden," Lou said.

  "Nonsense, you can keep on doing what you have been .   Teaspoon will just have to deal with it."  Lou gave Rachel a big hug.

   "Thank you so much Rachel. You're so good to me.  Is there anything left to eat? I'm starving!"


 After lunch Lou went looking for Kid. Although they had talked before, they still didn't discuss the future, and she didn't want to assume anything. She found Kid at the corral, him and the other boys replacing some weathered boards. "Kid can I talk to you?" she asked shyly, as the boys pretended not to listen.

 "Of course Lou, you don' t have any more surprises do you?" Lou shook her head as Kid held her hand, and they started to walk down to Kid's thinking tree.

 "I knew this was a bad idea, now neither one of them are working." Cody grumbled.

 "Well actually that makes three counting you Cody, now hand me that board," Buck replied.

 It was a beautiful fall day with a slight chill in the air. Louise enjoyed the small looks of wonder that Kid kept throwing her way. The walk ended much too quickly for her. Lou sat down beside Kid on the log.

 "Well Kid what do we do now? Rachel thinks Teaspoon will still let me help with chores but...."

 "But what?" Kid asked.

 "Well I was wondering if your proposal was still open." There she had said it. She looked down at her hands.

 Kid looked at her in shock."You.. umm you want to marry me? Are you sure ? I wanted to ask you but I was afraid you'd get mad at me again."

 Lou laughed, she was so relieved. She didn't want her child to be labled a bastard. "Yes, yes and yes! I'm sorry I was so pigheaded before . I feel so embarassed; you sure you want to marry a tainted woman?"

 Kid smiled broadly. "As long as I'm the only one who gets to taint you."

 "Then in that case, yes Kid, I will marry you." Kid pulled her into a tight embrace and planted a searing kiss to her waiting lips. He laid her down and gently made love to her in the sun.

 Later, that day Kid went with Lou down to the jail to see Teaspoon. She was very nervous.

 "Well, well lookie what we have here." Teaspoon had them sit across from his desk. "Now Lou I know you haven't been feeling well but you have responsibilities."

 "Teaspoon I'm so sorry. I know I haven't been taking my runs, but I had some issues I had to clear up first," Lou replied glancing at Kid and squeezing his hand for comfort.

 "Well Lou," he looked at kid, "it seems you resolved your issuses so what is the problem?"

 "Well the doctor said I couldn't ride 'cause it might hurt the baby."

 Teaspoon looked at her blankly "What baby?"

 Kid spoke up. "Our baby. Lou's pregnant and we're going to get married. And we umm... were wondering if could marry us."

 Teaspoon shouted, "Well it's about damn time! I didn't think you two would ever come to your senses. Well I guess that makes me a Grandpa then. Now come over here little mama give me a big hug!" Relieved Lou and Kid both hugged him.

 "Am I fired?"

 "Of course not; you can help Rachel, or do anything you want to do around the station; except break horses of course."

 Kid and Lou smiled at each other."We talked about it and we would like to get married as soon as possible considering the circumstances; could you arrange for next Saturday? Lou would prefer to get married at Rachel's house instead of town. What do you think?"

 "I think that can be arranged. I'll have Barnett hold down the fort for me."

 "Um Teaspoon,"

 "Yes Lou?"

 "I was wondering since your like a father to us, to me, if you would walk me down the aisle?"

 "Why Lou I would be honored. I've never got to walk down the aisle before just up it. This will be a treat."

 Kid and Lou left the office and headed back toward the station. "I'm so nervous Kid."

 "About the wedding?"

 "No about telling the boys about the baby. I mean they always assumed we were together, but they never knew for sure. Now they know we did."

 "Do you regret it Lou?"

 "I did before but not now; the only thing I regret is not saying yes the first time."

 "Do you want me to tell them for you?"

 Lou nodded.

 "Alright, I'll tell them at dinner, the sooner the better."

 Louise gave him him a hug.

 For the first time in a long time she was happy.


 When they got back to the waystation, Kid went back to work on the corral, and Lou went in the bunkhouse where Rachel was preparing dinner.

 "Hi Louise you look happy," Rachel stated as Lou entered.

 "I am Rachel! Teaspoon said I could stay on, and me and Kid are getting married Saturday. Will you be my maid of honor?"

 "I would love to! I've never been in a wedding except my own. We can go into town tommorrow and pick out everything you'll need."

 "I don't know. I wonder what people will think?"

 "Louise Mcloud! The only people's opinion that you should care about is yours and Kid's. If anyone says anything against you it's only because God didn't give them enough sense to keep their mouth shut. Now go outside and ring the bell for me; dinner's ready."

 Cody was the first one in. He looked like a drowned rat, he cleaned up in such a hurry he didn't take the time to dry off.

 "Cody!" Rcahel chastized, "You're dripping all over the biscuits!"

 "It's ok Rachel. They'll dry." Cody stated.

 "Not before they get to your mouth," Buck said coming in through the door the rest followed him, including Teaspoon, who didn't want to miss the announcement. Kid smiled at Lou as he sat next to her. He was glad that Jimmy had left on a run that afternoon. He didn't want him to spoil this evening.

 "Before we start eating," Teaspoon began knocking Cody's second biscuit out of his hand, "I believe that Kid wanted to say something. Kid?"

 Kid looked around sheepishly as he stood up "Yes, I wanted to to tell all of you how we, um me and Lou appreciate you all opening up your hearts to us and building a strong family, which neither one of us has had before-

 "Is this going to take long?" Cody inquired.

 "Shh!! " Rachel hissed, hitting Cody upside the head.

 "And anyway," Louise continued, standing up next to Kid, "me and Kid decided to start our own family and would like to invite you to our wedding next Saturday."

 Everybody started talking at once. Noah came up kissed Lou on the cheek and slapped Kid on the back. "I sure wasn't expecting that so soon." All the others followed suit, congratulating the young couple.

 "Speaking of expecting," Lou added hesitantly she looked at Kid, who nodded for her to go on. "I'm expecting."

 "Expecting what?" Buck asked.

 "A baby Buck," Rachel replied. "You're all going to be Uncles!"

 "Congratulations again to the both of you, can we eat now?"

 "Thank you Cody and yes you can," Lou said.

 There was much talking and cheer as everyone filled their plates with Rachels delicious fried chicken, potato salad, biscuits and fresh corn.

 "So Louise how far along are you?" Noah asked.

 Kid looked up at her from eating, realizing he didn't know himself. She smiled at Kid and replied, "I'm four months."

 Kid was quiet as he thought back to four months ago, which would be a couple of weeks before they broke up. He remembered the spring day after Barnett's wedding fiasco, when him and Lou snuck down to the swimming hole. That was
 one of the best days of his life. To think that day they had concieved a child together. He shuddered to think how close he came to losing everything; again he wished he could go back and change the past. He heard everybody laugh and his thoughts came back to the present.

 "What did Cody say?" he asked Lou.

 "He said if it's a boy we should name him Kid Jr," Lou whispered to him.

 Kid looked at Cody slightly annoyed.

 "Are you excited about the baby Louise?" Rachel said to change the subject.

 "I wasn't at first, but the more I think about it, the more happy I get. But I sure am worried. I've never been around babies before. What if I put the diaper on the wrong end, or how, and how often do I feed it? There's so much I don't know, it scares me."

 "Well you'll breastfeed it of course!" Rachel laughed as Lou's eyes got even bigger and her face turned red as she looked around the table at the snickering boys.

 "Poor thing would starve to death if it Lou breastfeeds it," Cody commented.

 "Now Cody women's bodies grow in lots of different places to accomodate a baby, which you may not appreciate, but I bet Kid will," Kid blushed furiously. "Also Louise, the Good Lord gives you nine months to prepare for a baby. You'll be a wonderful mother. Plus you'll have me, Kid here, and the rest of the boys will be there to help you. In fact, I say Cody can do
diaper duty the first month."

 "No not Cody, he might drop it!" Noah exclaimed.

 "mmph ffdmph phmmpf," Cody said with his mouth full of pie.

 After dinner Louise asked Kid to switch bunks with her so she wouldn't have to climb. He gave her a good night kiss, and she made him promise to wake her up before he left in the morning. He promised he would he placed a light kiss on her stomach.

 "Goodnight little one," he whispered.

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