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Bright and early the next morning Kid woke up for his ride. He raised his hands over his head and stretched. The sun just barley peeking over the horizon, Kid threw his legs over the side of the bed and thump! fell to the floor below. Kid groaned and rolled over remembering he had switched bunks with Lou. The reason he had switched bunks with Lou brought a smile to his face. He looked over to look where she was leaning on one elbow staring at him.

"Are you ok?" she asked.

He laughed at himself. "Actually I feel wonderful! Well you told me to wake you up before I left. So I did."

Louise smiled. "I was hoping to be woken up with a kiss."

"Well let me correct my error," Kid said as he crawled toward her.

"Aaaughhh!" Cody cried "It's bad enough you wake us up at the crack of dawn, but I can't take all this mushy stuff too!"

Lou laughed. "Sorry Cody."

Kid got up and dressed, Louise followed him to the barn. She had wrapped her blanket around herself. When Kid started to saddle Katy she noticed he was trying not to grimace.

"Kid! Did you hurt yourself when you fell?" She ran her hand down his arm.

He smiled and pulled her into his arms. "It's not too bad; my pride hurts worse."

She looked into the deep blue depths of his eyes. He lowered his head to give her a soft kiss on her mouth. He felt her lips seperate under his and felt and her silky tongue dart into his mouth. He caressed her mouth with his tongue and slowly pulled away, leaning his head against hers for support.

"Is that was you were expecting this morning?"

"Umm," Louise sighed, "It's a start."

Katy neighed behind him, and he reluctantly turned to finish getting her ready.

"Kid, I've been thinking maybe I should stay at Rachel's until the wedding and then you can move in with me. I think it might be safer for you, plus it's only a couple more days. "

"If your sure that's what you want. I'm going to miss you though."

She giggled. "You're only leaving for a day; maybe I can arrange a picnic or something when you get back."

He led Katy to the yard, where he only had time to blow Louise a quick kiss before before grabbed the mochilla from Ben, and rode off.

"Ride safe Kid!" Louise yelled.

She returned to the bunk house to dress for the day while Ben took his horse to the barn. He would be leaving after breakfast with a fresh mount.

While Louise was washing dishes she asked Rachel about the spare room. "That's a wonderful idea! I'll have Noah carry your stuff over while we're in town. Why don't you come over now so we can find something for you to wear today. "

"Thanks Rachel, I don't think I can fit into the dresses I have anymore; maybe you could let them out some."

"Sure we'll bring them with us."

On the way to Rachel's she found Cody and told him to get the wagon ready and for him to tell Buck to move Lou's trunk into her spare room.

After they found one of Rachel's old dresses for her to wear today, Rachel went to an old chest in the corner of her room. "Louise, I always wanted a daughter, since I wasn't blessed with one I believe you were sent to help fill avoid. I would love for you to wear my wedding gown on your special day." And with that she pulled pulled out a beautiful ivory colored dress with hand stitched lace and a full skirt.

"Rachel it's beautiful! Are you sure?"

"Of course when we get back from town we'll get your measurements so we can alter it to make sure it fits perfectly."

They went downstairs where Cody had the buckboard ready for them. "Thank you Cody, we'll be having lunch in town. There is left over chicken on the table for the rest of you."

Cody helped the ladies into the wagon and bid them farewell.


Chapter 7

Later that morning Jimmy rode into the way station. "Rider coming!"

"You don't have to yell Cody, we're sitting right next you and we're the only ones here," Noah said, as he ran to saddle his horse for the exchange.

"Hey Jimmy, you're back early," Buck called as Noah rode off.

"Yeah I made good time yesterday so I started back early. Where is everyone?"

"Kid and Ike are on runs, Teaspoon's at the jail, and and Lou and Rachel went into town. Lunch is on the table if you're hungry," Buck replied.

As they all went in to eat lunch Jimmy noticed Lou's trunk was missing.

"Where's Lou's stuff?" He asked worriedly.

Buck and Cody looked at each other. Cody had a wicked smile on his face as he stated, "Rachel had Buck move it over to her house this morning."

"Teaspoon didn't fire her did he?"

"Oh that's right, you weren't here for dinner yesterday were you?"

"Cody you know damn well I wasn't I here last night, now answer the question?"

"What question was that?" Cody asked innocently, as Jimmy started towards him.

Buck quickly stepped between the two. "No Jimmy, Teaspoon didn't fire her. She decided to move in with Rachel until the wedding."

"Rachel's getting married?" Jimmy asked as a coldness started to spread over his body.

"Not Rachel, Louise ."

"She's gonna have a baby too!" Cody proudly added, ticked at Buck for ruining his surprise.

Jimmy sat down stunned in his chair. He felt numb. Like a part of him died or was lost forever.

"Who's she marrying?" He asked even though he already knew the answer.

"Her and Kid are getting married this Saturday." Buck said quietly.

"Saturday?! That's four days from now." 'That doesn't leave me much time,' he thought.

"See Buck I told you he could count," Cody said as dodged the glass Jimmy threw at his head. It hit the floor and shattered, just like Jimmy's heart.

He got up and left the bunk house without eating.

"Was it something I said?" Cody asked.

Buck just shook his head.


Louise and Rachel were having a wonderful time. They had went to Thompkins' first, and Louise was like a child in a candy shop. She poured over all the colorful bolts of fabric, Rachel had promised to make her a couple of dress for her wedding gift. She intended to make them expandable so Lou could wear them for the rest of her pregnancy. Louise was dying to look at the baby
items but didn't want to arouse suspicion. Snoopy Mr. Thompkins was eyeing them like hawks . She knew if she even glanced that way everyone in town would know by sundown. They picked out colorful bunches of paper flowers to decorate the house with. And Louise picked out a pair of lace up boots in a soft fawn color. She made sure the heels were low so she wouldn't lose
her balance easily.

Rachel insisted for paying the purchases since it is part of her gift. The women were talking over lunch. "You are going to be the most beautiful bride Louise."

"I'll probably be the fattest bride after this lunch."

"Oh come on Louise your barely even showing; nobody wouldn't of even known if you hadn't told them. After lunch I thought we would head back to the station and get started on altering that dress for you."

"That's a great idea, I can't get over how tired I am all the time."

"That's natural Louise, maybe Cody's going to have a baby too."

They looked at each other and bust out laughing imaging Cody with a huge stomach.



Chapter 8

When the ladies returned, Rachel called for Buck to take care of the buckboard as she and Lou carried their packages inside. They went up to Rachel's room.

"Now Louise get undressed so I can take your measurements. "

"Alright Rachel, though I don't see how it's going to help. You might as well go to the barn and take Lucy the cow's measurements."

"Louise," Rachel admonished, "you know Lucy is taller than you. Now hold still."

Afterwards, Louise went to her room to put on her pants and shirt. She wanted to check on the horses. She gave up trying to tuck her shirt in and just left it out. She told Rachel she would meet her at the bunkhouse later on to help with dinner.

When Louise got to the barn she fed the horses and made sure they had water. She sat down on a hay stack to rest for a couple of minutes. She felt something brush against her cheek. Sleepily she lifted her hand to brush it away. She slowly opened her eyes. Jimmy was sitting next to her, watching her closely.

"Hey Jimmy," Lou smiled. "I didn't know you were back yet."

"Got back early." She looked so beautiful sitting there with her hair messed. He reached over and pulled a piece of hay out of it. Maybe Cody was playing a joke on me he thought.

Lou laughed when she saw the straw he removed. "I must look like a mess!"

"I think you look beautiful." He whispered.

Louise was uncomfortable at the way he was watching her. She scrambled to her feet. "Uh um I guess I slept longer than I thought. I promised Rachel I would help with supper." As she turned to walk away Jimmy grabbed her arm.

"Cody said you were going to have a baby."

Louise blushed as she pulled her arm away."That's right."

Jimmy's heart sank. "Is that why you're getting married?"

"No Jimmy, I'm marrying Kid because I love him. The baby just made me realize how much."

Jimmy nodded his head, "Well I guess we better get over to bunk house."

Dinner was quite that evening. Jimmy didn't have much of an appeitite so he excused himself early. Even Cody was quieter than usual. Louise cleaned up and walked back home with Rachel.

"I can't wait until Kid gets back tomorrow. It feels like he's been gone for a week instead of only a day." Louise sighed.

Rachel laughed "And I thought Kid was always the one to overreact."

"It must be my hormones. Night Rachel."

"Night Lou sweet dreams."



Chapter 9

Louise awoke refreshed the next morning. She looked out her window and was surprised how high the sun was. She started to sit up but felt a movement in her abdomen. She gasped 'the baby moved! ' she thought. She lay there a minute amazed by the life moving inside of her. I've got to tell Rachel! She quickly got up and put on the dress she wore yesterday and hurried out to the

Rachel looked up from breakfast as the door slammed open.

"Rachel!! I felt it move," Louise yelled excitedly.

Rachel gave her a hug. "That's great sweetheart. I can't wait until we'll be able to feel it move. Now sit down here and have something to eat."

Louise sat next to Ike who got back earlier that day. "Ike thanks for taking my run."

<That's ok Lou. Cody told me what happened. I'm very happy for you.>

"Cody is there anybody you haven't told?" Louise asked irritated.

"Rider Coming!"

Cody got up, grumbling about not been able to finish his third helping, and hurried outside to his horse.

"That should be Kid!" Lou said as she ran outside.

She ran to him as he pulled up beside the bunkhouse. He picked her up with his large hands and swung her around in circle. He then pulled her into his arms and gave her a slow sweet kiss.

Ike snuck over and took Katy's reins and led her to the barn. Jimmy watched from the porch with the others. He had a scowl on his handsome face. Rachel shooed everybody back inside to give them some privacy.

"I missed you Kid."

"Not as much as I missed you," Kid said as he kissed her again. "I got you a surprise."

"Really what is it?"

Kid handed over the velvet bag he had in his pocket. Inside was a beautiful locket.

"It's so pretty!" Lou said as her eyes lighted up. She turned around to let Kid put it on her. She held her hair up so he could see the clasp easily.

"Not as pretty as you," Kid said as he started to nibble her neck.

Louise giggled and turned around and hugged him.

"You must be hungry, there's still some breakfast left since Cody left."

Kid growled, "It's not food I'm hungry for."

"Well your going to have to wait for desert. Guess what? I felt the baby moved this morning," Lou blurted, not giving Kid a chance to guess as she pulled him towards the bunkhouse.

"Really? I wish I could have been there."

"You can make it up to me later," Louise smiled mischeviously.

As Kid came in to eat he was greeted by the others.

"Good ride Kid?" Buck asked.

"Yeah, but I'm glad to be home," Kid replied glancing sideways at Lou.

<How come you never greet me like that Lou?> Ike questioned.

"Cause you don't bring me presents like this," Louise retorted, showing off her new necklace.

"I'll bring you a present Lou," Jimmy told her.

"No you won't either," Kid replied good naturedly.

Jimmy glared at him.

After breakfast Kid went to the barn to check on Katy. He didn't notice Jimmy follow him.

"Good thinking Kid. Seduce her and get her pregnant then she'd have to marry you. I didn't think you'd stoop that low, I guess I was wrong."

"Your wrong about a lot of things Jimmy," Louise replied angrily from behind him. She had come to check on Lighting. She hadn't seen her since Ike had gotten back. "The truth be known I'm the one who seduced him. How dare you accuse him!" She walked towards him until they were about a foot apart.

Jimmy grabbed her, pressed her body against his, and he kissed her hard on her unresponding lips.

Kid pulled him back and smashed a fist into his face landing him on the floor. Louise ran from the barn yelling for help as Kid launched himself on top of Jimmy. Jimmy quickly rolled over throwing Kid onto the barn floor. He then tried to return the punch but was grabbed from behind by Buck and Teaspoon. Ike helped up the furious Kid.

"If you ever touch her again I'll kill you!" Kid hollered.

He went over to Rachel, who was consoling a hysterical Lou. She flung herself into his arms. He gently picked her up and carried her to Rachel's house.

Behind them they could hear Teaspoon shouting.

"Jimmy, what the hell has come over you? You know better than to upset Lou in her condition. You may not be happy with the way things turned out but you'd better come to terms with them."

Kid carried Louise up to her room and layed her on the bed. He lay down next to her while she cried herself to sleep. Outside they could hear the thunder of horse hooves as Jimmy rode off alone.




Chapter 10

Jimmy rode hard. He didn't know where he was going. He didn't care. All he wanted to do was to get away from there, from her, as fast as he could. He couldn't believe he lost her forever. It wasn't fair. He slowed his horse down, sat down on the hard packed earth, and cried.


Rachel came upstairs shortly after to check on Louise. The door was slightly ajar so she slowly pushed it open. She saw Kid and Lou asleep on the bed in each other's arms. Rachel smiled and quietly pulled the door to.

Louise woke up when she felt Kid stirring beside her. He rolled over so he was facing her.

"Are you ok Lou?"

She sadly nodded her head yes. "What did I do wrong?" she asked him.

"You didn't do anything wrong," Kid said as he brushed her hair away from her face and caressed her cheek with his thumb. "Jimmy just has to accept that we're together, and we always will be."


"Always," He replied, giving her a soft kiss.


Jimmy wasn't sure how long he sat there. He finally got up and looked around. He decided to go west. He rode for hours until he came to a small pond. He let his horse drink while he rested. He took his hat off, filled it with water, and dumped it on his head. 'I'm such an idiot,' he thought. 'I should be happy for Kid. He's my best friend. Or he was,' he thought sadly, 'he'll never forgive me.' He sighed wearily and continued his journey.

He came upon a town later that evening. If you could call the jumble of lean to's a town. It was so small it didn't even have a name, but it did have a saloon, which was the first place Jimmy headed. He sat at the bar surveying the occupants through the mirror on the wall in front of him. He ordered a bottle of whiskey as he sat down and wished he could start the whole day
over. About halfway through he noticed a petite saloon girl with shiny dark brown hair.

He went up to her and grabbed her arm.

"Hey stranger, I've never seen you around here before." She had a twinkle in her dark brown eyes. "You wanna get better aquainted?"

Jimmy slowly nodded trying to focus his eyes. She grabbed his hand and led him to a back room.



Louise and Kid spent the rest of the day together. At lunch Teaspoon said that Jimmy had just grabbed his things and rode off.

"I hope he's ok," Rachel sighed.

"That boy has a chip on his shoulder; he thinks the whole world is against him. He's so damn stubborn he may never come back," Teaspoon said sadly.

Later that night Kid walked Louise back to house. "Jimmy will be OK Lou, he's got a good head on his shoulders, he just doesn't use it much."

She had to smile in spite of herself. She leaned forward and gave Kid a kiss on the cheek. He looked into her brown eyes, took her face in his hands and tilted it so he could kiss her properly.

Louise was breathless. She groaned as Kid broke the kiss and told her good night.

"Stay with me," She pleaded.

Kid's eyes got wide. He looked around to make sure they were alone. "We can't Lou. We're not married yet."

She threw back her head and laughed at him. "Kid, I'm pregnant. Don't you think the others know how that happened? Besides we're getting married in a couple of days. But most of all I need you. I need you to hold me and kiss me and make love to me.."

Kid cut her off with another deep kiss as her carried her upstairs.


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