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Saturday always starts off with the Parade!

An open convertible with the top down?

Yeah, I can get Earlie Gilly's.


What's them leather gauntlets for?

To protect you from dogs that think you look funny?


I'm Mrs. McGruder's cousin, I'm here to clean for her


Move over, I'm driving.

(you can't see it well in this picture but there is a giraffe in the front seat

with a sign that says 'I'm not selfish')


Ollie! Ollie! Don't, don't do that Ollie. Don't fool with it .... Don't DO that Ollie


Ever'body on the truck


Isn't that a nice man


I'm just a big bundle of singing talent


After all, it IS National Still Smashing


Deputy Barney Fife reporting, sir, with an important message



Everything is OK in Mayberry



I just got back from old man Davises. 

He sold me this entire horse for twenty dollars


You know we couldn't have given a sobriety test to Otis last night.

He was too drunk.



She's been going to Miss Wellington's School for Girls in Raleigh.

She was voted 'Young Lady Most Likely to Become Charming.


 It was Don and Joyce's first chance to parade in their squad car

Wouldn't you know his name would be Don?


As for transportation, I'll have Goober drive you over there in the truck


He has the only sheriff's office in the whole state with an unlisted telephone number