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Mayberry Days




After a slow, scenic drive through southern North Carolina 

(including Murphy, Franklin, Highlands, Hendersonville, and Forest City), we arrived in Mayberry in time to have a pork chop sammitch for lunch on Thursday. We ran into Jeff and Bob and Carolyn just before we went into the Snappy Lunch and David and Linda with Don and Joyce just as we came out. We spent most of the afternoon getting our shopping done, going to the visitor center and other things we wanted to get done before the real crowds hit town on Friday. 12 of us had supper together at Goober's.


Friday morning we were up early for breakfast at the Snappy Lunch and then the statue dedication.....


She took my finger

Sarai was there for her FIRST Mayberry Days! We were all glad to see Brian and Melanie again after they missed last year and we were all especially glad to meet Sarai.

May I take her over to Mrs. Jones. She loves babies


You mean you'd actually leave your shoes 

right in the middle of the living room floor?


When this is over, I'm gonna kill you


It's BIG!


a simpler time, a sweeter place

a lesson, a laugh

a father and a son

After the dedication ceremony at the amphitheater, the statue was moved across the road to it's permanent place in front of the Playhouse.



Later we saw the "Mayberry on Record" episode at the Cinema. Mack McNees made a nice talk and had a real good Q&A session after the episode.

He and his wife, Janis, have added so much to Mayberry Days and are a joy to be around.


Next came the Trivia Contest.....

History just happens to be my subject

I'm taking a picture instead of answering so I must have not known this one~

After getting more than 50% last year for the first time ever, I slipped back to 9 out of 22 this year. Jeff and I tied for 5th or 6th place with 9.


Brian ponders a trivia question while Sarai is busy just being cute~


It was supper at Goober's again, with Jeff and Mr. and Mrs. Koontz and John and Robin. We skipped the Friday night shows but were ready to get going early again on Saturday.