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Mayberry Days 2003

Saturday night at Mayberry Days means BOWLING. Unfortunately, my petulla oblondata was bothering me and I was unable to participate this year. We went along to lend our support to David and Bob and Don and Bobby.



"... and so the doctor drilled a little hole right here and then, well, I don't remember much after that ....."


The cheerleaders got a little distracted


"If you've got chickens to throw, you've got chickens to sell"


Sunday morning we met at the Golden Corral for our annual 'everybody is leaving' breakfast.

Teresa Tracy

"Turn Leonard Blush back on"



We went back to the Hampton for a few last minutes with Bob and Carolyn and Trisha and we ran into Betty Lynn on her way to Church.

"She's the CATS"


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Those who couldn't be there this year missed.

Brian and Melanie: You are both in our thoughts and prayers daily. We look forward to seeing the 'Schwumpster Shuffle' at the bowling alley next year!