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Mayberry Days 2003

We spent another wonderful Mayberry Days weekend with our friends in Mount Airy. Bob and Carolyn, on their way to Mayberry from Nebraska, stopped in Kansas City to see Don Knotts perform in "On Golden Pond" and shared some pictures with us.

"You know, if you wrote this into a play nobody'd believe it"


"Wouldn't you know his name would be DON"


They also stopped at the home of the creator of Popeye. Carolyn got her picture made with Don Knotts, Bob had his made with a statue of Popeye. Go figure....

Bob is the one on the left.

"I was just one big muscle from the tip of my toes to the top of my head"


They spent Wednesday night in Andy's home place in Mt Airy and had some of the other folks over for supper.....

"There's pot luck and there's pot luck"


"Six can't play bridge, Goober"


There was a little incident involving the stove at Andy's house but the less said about that, the better~

"And there I'd been, trapped in that chair, burnt to a turn, 

my life snuffed out, completely dead"

I don't think he invited them to a boiled dinner and cribbage afterwards


On Thursday they drove up to a little winery in Virginia and had lunch and then enjoyed a leisurely drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway back to Mayberry..

Trisha, Don, Bob, Joyce, David, and Jeff

"This is not the same tree and we're not lost"


Trisha, Carolyn, Joyce, and Linda

"You know, I always thought this was pretty country but,

 if you'll excuse me of saying it, you sure do make it a lot prettier"


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