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Sailor Moon Fanfics  
Part One: Memories of the Past    
Part Two: Embracing Their Destiny    
Part Three: The Time of Darkness    
DragonBall Z Fanfics  
The Lost Saiyan    
Life Before Frieza    
Alternate Future    
Don't Wanna Lose you Now    
Bulma and Vegeta?    
A Traitor to the Cause    
Frieza's Return    
Wedding Plans.    
Pokemon The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes back (DBZ twist)    
The Mysterious Four    
Returning for the Last Time      
Flint the Time Detective  
Sara's Unhappy Past    
Gundam Wing  
A Sixth Gundam Confirmed    
Gundams Blinded by Emotion    
After Colony 199    
Card Captor Sakura  
Sealed Cards    
Vision of Escaflowne  
Summoners of Escaflowne    
Pillar of Light