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Angel/Angelus - David Boreanaz David Boreanaz

D.O.B : 16 May 1971, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
David enjoys dialects (NY, London, German, Italian), basketball, baseball, football, bungee jumping, tennis, skiing, and harmonica.
David currently lives in Los Angeles with his dog, Bertha Blue.
He was conceived in Toronto.
His favourite part of being Angelus is the yellow contact lenses.
David describes Angel as 'a cryptic guy with a message'.

Cordelia Chase - Charisma Carpenter
Charisma Carpenter
Sarah, Alyson, and Charisma all wear the same size shoe.
Charisma Carpenter impaled herself on a rebar as child, just like Cordelia did in "Lover's Walk".
Charisma attended a School of the Creative and Performing Arts and loves ballet.

Wesley Windham-Pryce - Alexis Denisof Alexis Denisof

Insert text here.
And here...
Ooh, here too...
Get the idea?

Charles Gunn - J. August Richards
J. August Richards
Insert text here.
Yep, here too.
Maybe a little more?

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