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Frequently Asked Questions...(FAQ)

Q: Where do you get your passions news?

A: First, I get the news posted in my passions news section from various sources. Most of the info comes directly from NBC's Passions, but I also get my info from my personal sources, soapcity, tv guide, and various soap magazines.


Q: Where do you get the exclusive pics?

A: Most of my exclusive pics come from photographers who take shots of the stars when they are attending various fan club events or award shows. Some of the exclusive pics come from fans of the show who e-mail them to me.


Q: Why do some of your pics say Jenís Passions Page on them?

A: First it is very difficult to obtain exclusive pics you can't find on other sites, and alot of people steal them for various reasons or pretend they obtained the pics. As a form of protection I put my logo: JPP or Jen's Passions Page on exclusive pics. However, due to the latest HTML coding for webmasters, I will longer need to be adding my logo to pictures in the future.


Q: What is going to happen on Passions?

A: First, I do not know what is going to occur in future storylines. Please check my spoilers section for all exclusives and future plots. I post all that I know there, I do not hide anything from my visitors.


Q: How come you don't list unofficial fan pages?

A: Most people don't think I list unofficial fan pages, but I do. I have all the official star sites and unofficial fan sites for all the web-surfers. All you have to do is go to my Fan Club Info section.


Q: How do I contact________?

If you want to contact your favourite passions star via e-mail or snail mail, simply visit my Fan Club Info section.


Q: Can you please say hi to ________ for me?

A: Unfortunately, if you e-mail me asking to say hi to a passions star, I cannot do so. I have no contact with stars via phone. The best way to say hi or tell your favourite star how much you enjoy their work is to e-mail them or send them a letter. Also, I have often received e-mails from people thinking my old e-mail address is Tracey Ross'(Eve) e-mail address, please note it is not.


Q: Can you tell me/send me the latest passions news?

A: I do not e-mail anyone the latest info or passions news. If you want to know the latest news please visit back daily and be sure to check my Updates section to see when certain sections have been updated.


Q: What happened to the fanfic entitled _________?

A: Unfortunately, some fanfic authors often request a removal of their fanfic works for various reasons. I then remove their fanfics from my database and website.


Q: I missed an episode of passions, where can I get passions tapes?

A:There are currently no available episodes of Passions on VHS or DVD, but several people are selling past episodes on tape. Kasey from Shuisaddicts has several tapes for sale.


Q: What is the name of the song that played on _______ episode?

A: A lot of music is featured on passions and it is difficult for me to keep track of songs, and apparently as I have noticed the Canadian episodes play different song selection then in the States. Your best bet is to visit NBC's Featured Music page.


Q: How can I submit a fanfic to Jen's Passions Page?

A: Its easy. All you have to do is e-mail me at Jennwebmaster and I will post your fanfic on my site. Just remember that I only accept shuis fanfics or fanfics containing shuis in majority of the stories plot. Unfortunately, I do not accept fanfic stories containing other passions characters such as Ethan & Theresa at this time, only shuis. It does not matter if the fanfic is completed or only has one chapter, I will post it on my site as soon as I get the chance. Also, there is no limit on length, rating or any other factor, the only rule is it must be a Sheridan & Luis fanfic.

Here are some key notes to remember when submitting a fanfiction to me:

1. When you submit your story, please include a title, author's name and an e-mail address.

2. Author's name can be fictional or an alias.

3. If you do not want your e-mail address to be viewed publicly, please state that in your correspondence to me.

4. Please check your spelling. I do not have time to edit a story, some minor mistakes I might catch, but most of the time the way the story is sent to me, is the way it is posted.

5. I usually get the fanfiction up a day or two after receiving it. Majority of the time, this depends on the size of the fanfiction. If I am extremely busy with school or work, please be patient, your fanfic will be up on my site as soon as I have some available time.

6. I will notify you via e-mail once your fanfic is posted on my site. If it is not up within one week, then I may not have received it, so try e-mailing it to me again.


Q: Can I submit fanart or Passions collages?

A: Yes you can, I will gladly put up any fanart or collages pertaining to passions collages and credit you appropriately.


Q: Can I use your collages or pics for my website?

A: In order to be able to use my collages or pics all you have to do is notify me via e-mail and then let me know what your site is, so I can put a link in my Passions Links section. All I ask is there be a text link or banner, that links to my page in the section you are using my collages or pics.


Q: Can you please tell me when the next chapter of ___________ fanfic will be up?

A: When a fanfic is e-mailed to me to put up on my site, it may or may not be completed. If chapters are pending, they are e-mailed to me on the author's terms. Whether the author updates weekly or even every few months is his or her decision. I post chapters as soon as they become available to me. I do not keep chapters withheld from visitors of my site.


Q: The video clips of Shuis/Evian, etc are not working? How come?

A: First, all the video clips are in working order and I test each clip out before posting it on the site. However, some users do not have the required players to view the clips I post. All the video requirements are listed above the clips on the main video clips page. Click here to view this page. Second, angelfire - the server which I use to host my website - creates a pop up "error page" whenever a person opens a new link. Thus, this leads to users thinking the clips are not functioning. Simply view all the windows you have opened and you will stumble upon a window airing the desired clip. If you have any clips you'd like to see posted on the site simply visit my Passions Messageboard and post your request in the Video Clips section. If I have the tape with the clip in question, I will gladly transfer it to the site.