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Passions Video Clips

REQUIREMENTS: You will need real player to view the Ethan/Theresa clips. If you do not have real player please download the free version of real player at Real Player
To view the Shuis or Julian/Eve clips you will need to download the free version of Windows Media Player at WindowsMedia
ALL clips courtesy of, I do not own Passions or am affiliated with NBC. I am just a fan of the show. NBC copyright 1999-2004.

Ethan & Theresa Clips


Fantasy - A memorable Ethan & Theresa fantasy. 


Christmas Proposal- Ethan proposes to Theresa on Christmas Eve

Shuis Clips


Luis & Sheridan Tango- Luis & Sheridan tango for the first time


Sheridan sees Luis naked- Sheridan sees Luis in the buff


Sheridan kisses Luis- Sheridan & Luis in New Mexico


Luis kisses Sheridan- Sheridan & Luis on their first date


A Christmas Miracle- Sheridan & Luis on Christmas day


Shuis make love- Sheridan & Luis make love for the first time



Sheridan & Luis watch slides of Spain- Sheridan gives Luis slides of her visit to Spain



Luis proposes to Sheridan- Luis proposes to Sheridan in the garden



Shuis in Bermuda- Shuis go to Bermuda on their "honeymoon"



Luis & Sheridan reunite- Shuis reunite at Sheridan's cottage

Julian & Eve Clips



Julian & Eve dance- Julian & Eve dance to Whitney's song