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Fan Club Info

Fan Club Info
These men of Passions would love to
hear from you! Write to Galen Gering
(Luis), Travis Schuldt (ex-Ethan), Donn
Swaby (ex-Chad), Dalton James (ex-Hank),
and Jesse Metcalfe (Miguel) in care
of the studio!
Please e-mail me at:

Whether you're interested in joining a fan club of the show or of a particular star, or just want to tell your favourite star he/she is doing a great job - this is the page for you! I've listed all the addresses you need to find out more about the sizzling residents of Harmony. If you can't find your favourite individual below, just write to the show with his or her name on top. For you cyberspace addicts, I've included both official and unofficial websites, so you'll be sure to find out what you need with a click of the mouse!


CBS Radford Studios c/o PASSIONS
4024 Radford Avenue
Studio City, CA 91604
(Write the individuals name his/her at the top)

Check out these Official Passions Star Sites!

Look for ... James at: James Hyde Online

Jesse Metcalfe at: Jesse Metcalfe Online

Galen Gering at:

McKenzie Westmore at:

Josh Ryan Evans at: Josh Ryan Evan's Official Site

Lindsay Korman at:

Bruce Michael Hall at: Bruce Michael Hall Website

Chrystee Pharris at: Chrystee Pharris.Com

Natalie Zea at:

Andrea Evans at:
The Official Andrea Evans Website

Rodney Van Johnson at RVJ.COM:

Deanna Wright at:

Christopher Douglas at the Official Christopher Douglas Page:

Kelli McCarty at:

Ryan McPartlin at:

Marianne Muellerleile at:

Eric Martsolf at:

Kathleen Noone at:

Liza Huber at:

Eva Tamargo Lemus at:

Charles Divins at:

Alisa Reyes:

Silvana Arias:

Leigh Taylor-Young:

Heidi Mueller:


Galen Gering:

The Galen Gering Unofficial FanClub

Galen Gering Club

Galen Gering G2O

All Galen All The Time

McKenzie Westmore:

McKenzie Westmore: Our Guardian Angel

McKenzie Westmore

Josh Ryan Evans

Josh Ryan Evans: Tribute

Jesse Metcalfe

The Ultimate Jesse Metcalfe Site

Unofficial Jesse Metcalfe Fan Page

Jesse Metcalfe

Brook Kerr

Unofficial Brook Kerr Site

Radiant: Brook Kerr Fanlisting & Fansite

Whitney Is My Passion

Molly Stanton:

Natural Beauty: Molly Stanton Fanlisting

Charity Case: Version 2

Molly Stanton Online

Shrine To The Soap Hunks

Shrine to the Soap Hunks

Shrine to the Soap Hunks

James Hyde

The Unofficial James Hyde Homepage

Lindsay Korman:

Flawless: Lindsay

Lindsay Korman On The Web

Lindsay Korman DownUnder

Lindsay Korman: New Beautiful Talented

Liza Huber

Liza Huber Online

The Liza Huber Fan Site

Debutante: Liza Huber

Gwen Hotchkiss Fan Page

Liza Huber Online

Bruce Michael Hall:

The 1st Bruce Michael Hall Fan Page

Ben Masters:

NEW: Julian's Lair

Julian's Junk Yard...Ben Masters Online

The Unofficial Julian Crane Page

Kim Johnston Ulrich:

Kim Johnston Ulrich - Unofficial

Version 3.0: The Object Of Beauty

Kim Johnston Ulrich Ultimate Fansite

The Ultimate KJU Fan Site

Deanna Wright:

Deanna Wright:

Deanna Wright: Yahoo Group

Eva Tamargo Lemus:

Eva Tamargo Lemus Online

Amelia Marshall:

Amelia Marshall Fan Page

Justin Carroll:

A Proper Stranger: The Official David Hastings Fanlisting

Christopher Douglas:

The Christopher Douglas Fanclub

Ryan McPartlin:

Ryan McPartlin Online

Natalie Zea:

Full of Grace: Natalie Zea Fanlisting

Natalie Zea Online

Natalie Zea Page

Jack Krizmanich:

Jack Krizmanich Online

Mary Elizabeth Winstead:

Mary Elizabeth Winstead's Home Page

Eric Martsolf:

Eric Martsolf: The Ultimate Fan Site

Justin Hartley:

Our Hottie Justin "Fox" Hartley

Justin Hartley: Hottie

Jason Olive:

Jason Olive Online

Jason Olive.COM

Danica Stewart:

Danica Stewart Online

Diandra Newlin:

Diandra Newlin Online

Alisa Reyes:

Alisa Reyes Fansite

Seth Hall:

Bruce & Seth Hall

Heidi Mueller:

Devilish Charm: Heidi Mueller Fanlisting

Leigh Taylor-Young:

Swing Chick: Leigh Taylor-Young

Official Passions Stars E-mail Address:

Jesse Metcalfe (ex-Miguel)

McKenzie Westmore (Sheridan)

Donn Swaby (ex-Chad)

James Hyde (Sam)

Lindsay Korman (Theresa)

Bruce Michael Hall (ex-Reese)

Chrystee Pharris (ex-Simone)

Natalie Zea (ex-Gwen)

Marianne Muellerleile (ex-Norma)

Dana Sparks (Grace)

Kelli McCarthy (Beth)

Kathleen Noone (Mrs. Wallace)

Andrea Evans (Rebecca)

Christopher Douglas (ex-Brian/Antonio)

Justin Carroll (David)

Silvana Arias (Paloma)

If you have any unofficial fan sites links pertaining to the stars of Passions please e-mail them to me at: E-mail Me