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Phloe's Tribute to Chloe Wesley and the Rest of the Days Of Our Lives Gang

Hi there!! Phloe (yes, that is a mix of Philip and Chloe) stands in front of you with open arms!! Welcome to my Days Of Our Lives page extravaganza. All right, that's a bit much- this is simply my version of that from my little corner of the world. So, I should say, welcome to the rant that is Days of Our Lives. I've been a fan for as long as I can remember, so I feel I've earned the right to put this show under a microscope and tell the world (anyone who gives a damn) how I feel about it day to day. I invest my time, so I deserve a say. God, I love this country. This page was prompted by the most exciting event to hit Salem since Marlena turned into a satanic dog, since Stefano got struck by lightning, since Craig and Nancy rolled into town, even since Steve took off his patch (big mistake, by the way)- this page was prompted by the emergence of Nancy's daughter to add fuel to my favorite Days family of the moment. Yes, I am referring to the Goddess of the Underworld herself, CHLOE Wesley (Lane...future Kiriakis?) I have BIG hopes for my favorite new character, as you can tell! Now, to find out why Chloe is our hero, and to find out if this is really a site for you, please link into ABOUT THIS SITE and read carefully. If you like to take a both a light-hearted look, as well as a occasionally hard-hitting look at the show, then this is the place for you! And, oh yeah, the DISCLAIMER: I am in no way affliated with NBC, "Days of Our Lives," Ken Corday or his Production company, etc. Everything about the show belongs to the latter, I suppose. This is just a non-profit fan rant. Please read on...I hope you like it here!

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