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Thanks and Links

Phloe's heart has been warmed by your visit! (Good Lord, I'm starting to sound like Timmy on "Passions.") Thanks so much for spending a few moments of your precious time here. If you like what you've seen, please come on back and bring a friend! This site is updated as much as possible and mostly on weekends, after our favorite show goes on hiatus for the weekend. Feel free to email me with any and all thoughts and suggestions. I'm including a few links that I think are worthwhile. More will be forthcoming. Thanks again and take care of you. Remember this: Chloe Rules...and these definitely are NOT your Mother's days of our lives. Byeeeeeee......

Dustin's Days Page- a most exceptional site, especially if you like real spoilers
Official Fan site for NBC- good for cast bios and photos of the stars
Amy Cougar Salem USA- another excellent fan site, wonderful sense of humor
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