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Starsky & Hutch Gallery!

I know they are easy to come by, but I think the Starsky and Hutch figures are pretty cool! They did a very good job on the heads and their clothes are pretty cool too. Capt. Dobey and Huggy Bear remind us of how we dressed in the 70's with those fly threads...and then there's chopper...come on mego, what's the deal with this guy? Orange and white sweater? Blue tights? Planet of the Apes General boots? What were they thinking when they made this bad boy? If you want a REAL bad guy for Starsky and Hutch to beat up on here's MY formula: Take a klingon. Give him an M-16, a pair of blue jeans, a Fonzie shirt and a pair of AJ/Soldier Ape boots. Now that's a bad guy. Chopper looks more like a dance instructor to me. Oh well, I guess they can't all be Klingons.

Starsky & Hutch

............. Capt. Dobey and Chopper ............... Klingon's make the best bad guys!



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