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Custom Mego Gallery!

This page is dedicated to the Characters that Mego didn't make (or the ones that cost so much, that we don't have them).  At the moment, there aren't many pictures up, but more are on the way!

Hulk Transformation
by Chris
Superman Changing
by Chris

Peter / Spiderman
by Chris

Bruce / Batman
by Chris


Two Face
by Chris
Green Lantern
by Chris
The Flash
by Chris

Chekov & Sulu by Chris Two Star Trek Crew Members by Chris


Black Panther  
by Chris
Captain America 1776 by Chris Batman
by Chris


Peter Parker by Wade Dr. Doom by Wade

The Village People! by Chris


KISS by Wade
Peter Criss Paul Stanley Gene Simmons Ace Frehley

Uncle Jesse by Chris ............. Uncle Jesse 2 by Chris

The Sheriff of Nottingham by Chris .... Rosco and Flash by Chris


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