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A-Mego Links Page

Here are a few places you can visit when you are done with the 3 A-Megos:

The Mego Museum-The Original online source for Mego information. Although it isn't complete, the Mego Museum is the largest site on the web dedicated to Mego toys. There are tons of pictures, mego history, original packaging information and a list of heads and parts that were used for more than one mego (for example, Joker and Potsy from Happy Days had the same shoes). Probably the biggest draw to the site is the Mego Marketplace where Megos are bought, sold and traded everyday!

Dr. Mego's Reproductions-Dr. Mego makes and sells reproduction parts and accessories for 8" mego figures.

The Mego Store- Although this site only has a few original Mego figures and parts available for sale at any given time, they do also offer a variety of other Mego related items. They have Custom Boxes that look like the original Mego boxes for characters that Mego didn't make like Dr. Octopus and The Flash, Dr. Mego's high quality china reproduction parts, 2 different VHS tapes of Mego commercials, Mego knock off figures, Acrylic cases in 3 different sizes to store both boxes and loose Megos, T-Shirts and Hats with the Mego Logo and more.

Mego Worlds Greatest Superhero Yahoo Club-You have to sign up to access some of the areas, but it's free and it only takes a few minutes to sign up. There are over 100 members at the moment, a message board, photo galleries, links and a chat room.

Mego Central-A guide to Mego Figures and all of those tiny parts they came customs, stuff for trade and more! (this site just came under new ownership and should be going through lots of changes, so if you've been there before, you need to go back!)

Forign Mego-This is a great site that provides pictures and information about forign Megos!

C.B. McHaul's Truck Stop-From the creator of the Forign Mego website comes a site for a line of Megos even less known than the Eagle Force, C.B. McHaul!

The Collectible Action Figures Gallery- In addition to Mego, this site has information about collectible figures from Ledy, Cipsa, Ahi, Tomland, Remco, Matchbox (Fighting Furies), Toy Biz (Famous Covers), Gabriel (Lone Ranger), Hasbro (DC Heros), Matel (Big Jim) and much much more!

Mego1's Homepage- This is pretty much a 1 page site with many, many, many pictures of one guy's Mego collection. He has a HUGE collection of Megos!

Shadows at Night-This is my Toys for Trade site (which is about 90% Mego, 10% Comic Books, Non-Sport cards, Kiss Army and other toys). There are also pictures of part of my Mego collection.

If you know of a good mego page that isn't listed here,
please drop us an email with the address of the site so that we can add it.


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