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Action Jackson Outfits!

Action Jackson started it all for the 8" line of Mego toys. This super stud could do anything and to help him do it all in style, mego created outfits for just about any situation! From fighting the bad guys in his Army, Navy, Air Force and Aussie Marine outfits to catching some rays in his Surf and Scuba outfit; from saving lives in with the Rescue Squad to acting like he's John Travolta in Urban Cowboy while wearing his Western costume, AJ had it covered! But it didn't stop there! AJ was into high action sports like Football, Baseball, Hockey, Karate, Skiing, Snowmobiling and Fishing (hey, wait a minute! Fishing? High Action? Well, it was high action if you were Action Jackson!). Lets have a look at some of Mr. Jackson's classy threads...

Finally! Here are all 18 of the boxed outfits that Mego produced for Action Jackson!
(Click on an image to enlarge)
Aussie Marine Air Force Navy Frogman Ski Patrol Army
Rescue Squad Western Scramble Cyclist Jungle Safari Secret Agent Snowmobile Outfit
Fishing Hockey Baseball Karate Football Surf and Scuba

In addition to the 18 boxed outfits, mego also released outfits on cards. These are less common than the boxed outfits.
Here is the carded black Frogman suit...

How could Action Jackson have really cool adventures without action packed toys? Well, I'm sure he could have, but Mego didn't leave that to chance! They produced an assortment of merchandice to keep your Action Jackson busy!
Here is a picture of the Fire Rescue Squad set...


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