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12" Marvel Gallery!

Judging from the 12" lines that Mego produced, it looks like the Marvel guys weren't as much of a hit as the DC characters. I guess part of that could have been the Superman movie and Wonder Woman T.V. shows that were out at the time generated more interest for those characters. For the 12" series, Mego only produced 3 Marvel characters. They were Spiderman, The Hulk and Captain America. There were regular and Fly-Away versions of all three.  Spiderman was released on both the regular Muscle Body and the Super Hero Muscle Body.  There was also a Web-Spinning Spiderman.  Spiderman was pretty much a larger version of the 8" guy. The Hulk had a white shirt in the 12" version along with more detail in the head sculpt. Captain America was the mego who the most improved over his 8" counterpart. The 12" Captain America was given the correct white sleeves with red armbands at the cuffs. I don't understand why they didn't give him red spiderman hands to really make it look like he had gloves on, but there's another job for the customizers out there! He also had boots with the flap thingys like pirate boots instead of regular superman-like boots. The biggest problem with Capt. America was his huge head. You can't even mention this version without bringing up that huge head. If he were on the more muscular body, it might have been better, but it would have still been huge! Pictured below are the three 12" superheros with their 8" counterpart.

Boxed Web-Spinning Spiderman Web-Spinning Spiderman Web-Spinning Arm


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