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12" DC Gallery!

Although the 8" lines were the main figures that Mego released, they also had success in the later years with 12" figures. The KISS series seems to be the most popular of the 12" line, but Mego really made some great super heros too. With the Superman movie and Wonder Woman T.V. shows that were out at the time, it seems that there was more of an interest in the DC characters than in the Marvel characters. As a result, we have some characters that you might not expect to have been produced. In the Superman line, There were two versions of Superman. The first one was in the style of the comic book character. The second (pictured here) looked more like Christopher Reeves from the movie. Also in the Superman line were General Zod, Jor-El and (finally!) Lex Luthor. Batman and Robin were released on both regular bodies and Magnetic bodies. The regular 12" Batman was teamed up with a 9" Robin. This was the only time that Mego actually made Robin look like a teen. Pictured below are some of the 12" DC superheros. The other group from the 12" DC line was the Wonder Woman group. In addition to Steve Trevor, Nubia and Queen Hippolite, Wonder Woman had a bunch of outfits which were sold individually.

(Comic Book Version)
(both versions side by side)
(Movie Version)
Lex Luthor Jor El General Zod
Nubia Magnetic Batman Magnetic Robin


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