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Winwar II 4.0

About What is WinWar II?

WinWar II 4.0 is a real-time, multi player World War II simulation. You take on the role of one of the Major Powers during World War II. As one of the Axis powers of Germany, Italy or Japan, your goal is to expand your sphere of influence and increase your world domination. As one of the Allied powers of the UK or France, you are committed to preserving the current order and preventing the Axis from achieving their goals. The two wild card powers of the USA and USSR begin the game in a neutral stance, but during the course of events can join one of the alliances and enter the war. The USSR has its own agenda of territorial expansion, but the USA must work within the confines of its isolationist government.

What is my Objective in the Game?

As the commander of one of the Major Powers, you'll control military forces, manage resources, plan and execute military campaigns on land, air and sea, and conduct diplomacy with the other Major powers and the Minor powers. Specific objectives depend on the Scenario that you're playing, but in the Standard Scenario you can control one or more of the Allied Powers (UK, France), Axis Powers (Germany, Italy and Japan) or the Neutral Powers (USSR and USA). The objective of the Axis is to achieve 60% World Domination (control 60% of the total value of territories on the map). The Allied objective is to reduce the Axis to 15% World Domination. As a Neutral Power, you should try and use Diplomacy to eventually join one of the Alliances and thus take part in a victory. In WinWar II 4.0, all the action takes place in real-time ... so get ready to take the controls and change the course of history!


You can play WinWar II 4.0 with different Scenario files to represent countless World War II battles. This help file specifically refers to the Standard Scenario (Standard.ww2scen) that ships with the game. More information on Scenarios can be found in the Scenario Editor !!! section.



WinWar II 4.0 1,4 Mb
Scenario Editor 425 kB
Mapset Editor 435 kB


AI's: (if the download doesn't start automatically, use right click > save as > rename anything.ww2scen | or use copy and paste into the winwar ai script editor, and save as.)

Default (for all country)

Default 4

This is the best default AI (i think) :).It requires that every nation has a capital and every land zone has a port. Made by Akos.

General v2

Second Edition of general. But it's better.

General v3

version 3


USA Strike

Stages amphibious assaults on Axis capitals.

USA Europe

Predecessor of USA Strike.

USA Support

This is the best. Intelligently and invades randomly.


UK Assault

Tries to save the French, but if that fails, it takes stronger measures.



Moderately defensive, and actually tries to join the Allies.


An outstanding USSR AI!


CounterBlitzer France

Resists German invasion at all costs.

Nazi Germany

Axis Europe

Predecessor of Axis Europe.

Axis Germany

The best ai for Germany.


Axis Europe

Predecessor of Axis Europe.

Axis Italy

The best ai for Italy.


Axis Japan

Current Official Japan AI

Axis Japan v3

The best ai for japan.


European Unio NEW -
Europea 2036 NEW -
Great War World War 1. Major Powers: Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire, Germany, Great Britain, France, Russia, Italy.
War on Balkan "19th of November in 1999. Yugoslavia decided to creat again the "Big Yugoslavia". Slvovenia stand for Neutrally. Croatia sympathize with NATO. Bosnia-Hercegovina enter the lists, but they fuck up! Good luck!" Major Powers: Hungary, Italy, Austria, Yugoslavia, Croatia. This is my Scenario.
China modern As you come to power over your country, world peace is failing. The Chinese are strengthrning their alliances and military and the democratic countries led by the USA are letting their militaries slowy die from lack of funding. On June 27, 2003 Taiwan decides to pull fully out from under China's sphere of influence. China moblizes its troops for the assualt on the island country. Russia, Iran and Vietnam use this time to begin to rpepare for their own conquests. Much of the democratic world quickly withdraws from any idea of active conflict against China. The Democratic countries of the United States, united Kingdom and Germany stand alone to try to stem the tide that is China!!!! THE FINAL WAR IS AT HAND... WHAT COUNTRIES SHALL LEAD THE WORLD INTO THE NEW AGE??? [COOL]
Prospero In the year 700, the Prospero Empire came into power, through the course of a century, this empire grew worldwide, however, days after the peak of it's power, a worldwide rebellion broke out. The three major Rebellion powers, Siringia, Arctica, and China led the rebels against Prospero and it's two allies, Orifica and Arabia. This undocumented war was believed to be a greater conflict than even World War II...
Fall of France Fall of France: The United Kingdom is AloneWhen the spring arrived in 1940, Hitler had elaborated a better project for the campaign against France and the Low Countries. The first plan consisted on crossing Belgium like it had been made during the I World War. However, the general Erich von Manstein and some of their advisers had persuaded him to transfer the thick of their troops to the south of Luxemburg and the forest of the Ardennes, since the enemy would never expect an attack from this area. When the attack began on May of 1940, both sides had the same number of troops and combat cars approximately, although the German air forces were superior to the allies. Nevertheless, the decisive advantage of the Germans consisted in that had planned all theur movements detailedly.
Cold War Final Late 1949: This is the most hostile point of the Cold War. The Soviets have blockaded US shipment from West Germany to Berlin. In addition, the Soviets have just exploded their first Atomic Bomb. China has allied with the USSR. The US has not obtained long range nuclear missiles at this point. Many Americans belived that the Soviets were going to invade Western Europe. Thankfully, they didn't. However, if they did, this might be what it would have looked like...[COOL]
Standard - Opposie side Funny scenario with fascist soviets. :)


Let this page serve as a place to record ideas and features for WinWar II 4.1.
  • Leaders who can influence the combat effectiveness of units that they are with (for good or bad)
  • Mining of land and sea zones
  • Chemical Weapons
  • Biological Weapons
  • Air Transport Units and Paratroopers
  • Movable Factories (in World War II the Soviets moved most of their industrial complexes to the Urals)

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