"There is no here

or there, no near

or far."

-deepak chopra, the way
of the wizard

NASA Comeback
While American cities burn, NASA partners with SpaceX to escape planet. Video coverage by NBC News.

Northwest Trek
Operated by the City of Tacoma, Northwest Trek offers the opportunity to view wildlife in their native habitat, almost.

Nuclear Museum
Albuquerque's National Museum of Nuclear Science & History celebrates nuclear technology. It's an isotope thang.

Pacific Rim National Park
With US-Canada border now open to the fully vaxed, there's no better time to discover Vancouver Island's Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. Founded 2000.

Permanent Vacation
When earning a living on the road is more lucrative than staying at home. Jeanie Ahn for Yahoo Finance.

Pluto's Gate
Archaeologists unearth portal to the underworld. Claudine Zap for The Sideshow.

Pretty in Pink
Park Rangers at Mt. Kaputar in New South Wales Austraila discover slugs of a different color. Dylan Stableford for The Sideshow.

Proxima Centauri
Astronomers find evidence of solar system around nearest cosmic neighbor. Meghab Bartels for Newsweek.

Psychic Test
Test your psychic abilities with an interactive version of the test designed by researchers at Duke University.

Puget Sound Express
Stuff to do and things to see when visiting the historic Victorian seaport of Port Townsend, Washington.

Puget Sound Navy Museum
Celebrating 60 years, The Puget Sound Navy Museum is dedicated to collecting, preserving, and interpreting the naval heritage of the Pacific Northwest.

Rainfall Averages
Annual totals for major US cities provided by the kind folks at Current Results.

Redondo Beach
Our favorite community in South Bay.

Redwood Motel
Don't be fooled by the facelift, this motel dates back to the heyday of car camping. Located in the heart of Grant's Pass, Oregon, right across the street from a great Chinese lounge.

Safeguarding Your SSN
Common sense advice on protecting your identity. Adam Levin for Credit.com

Sagittarius A*
At the center of our galaxy lies a supermassive star-eating black hole 4.1 million times heavier than the sun. Dan Vergano with pics to prove it for Grid.

Science March
Rallies were held worldwide on Earth Day in support of science. Daniel Politi with signs of the times for Slate.

Seattle Japanese Garden
Designed by preeminent Japanese designer Juki Iida, the Seattle Japanese Garden is perhaps Washington Park Arboretum's best kept secret.

Shasta Lake
The ins and outs of this popular Northern California getaway.

An online pictorial of the gateway to the Klondike.

Skydive Kapowsin
Geronimo! Skydive Kapowsin offers all types of jumps from Static Line to Tandem to Accelerated Free Fall - you jump alongside two instructors and free fall solo for a full minute! The sky is falling; be part of it.

Slice of the Pi
Pi is irrational. We rationally celebrate it March 14th, also Einstein's birthday.

Snoqualmie Falls
North America's second tallest single drop waterfall.

Snoqualmie Summit
Check out the snow conditions at North America's largest night skiing area.

Spaced Out
The final frontier, brought to you by SPACE.com.

Black hole eats star's lunch. SPACE.com.

Spanish Dictionary.com is the how-to on typing spanish accents and letters, so you can avoid embarassing posts like the SF Giants made.

SPACEX putting amateur astronomers out of operation with internet satellite mega constellation. Charlotte Edwards for The Sun.

Ixquick's search engine lets you Search the internet without leaving a trace. Take that, Google!

Stevens Pass
The best skiing within eighty miles of Seattle.

Stilly Pioneer Museum
Connecting with the past through the present. Arlington, Washington.

Stratospheric Snapshots
Brit teen's photos from the edge of space rival NASA's. How he did it.

Super Saturn
Astronomers discover ringed planet that's out of this world. Mariette Le Roux for AFP.

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Comet Bernardinelli-Bernstein, the largest comet spotted yet, is latest star of the Transient Exoplanet Survey Satellite program. David Nield for ScienceAlert.

Swinomish Casino
Lots of RV sites, and loose slots too! Anacortes, Washington.

Tails OS
Tails (the amnesic incognito live system) is a portable operating system that hides the user's location from prying eyes. Take that, Windows!

The murky, violent not-so-distant past of Mexico's silver-rich colonial town. Phoebe Eaton for Daily Beast.

Ticket to Ride
With deadline looming, travelers, states woefully unprepared for switch to enhanced licenses by October. Tom Costello explains the crunch for NBC News.

Time Travel
MIT student Amal Dorai threw a party for time travelers, and you're invited.

Top Secret Recipes
Todd Wilbur's online site where he reverse engineers famous grub for your own home cooking.

Unexpected Retiree Venues
Ten best states for retirement. Chris Kahn for Bankrate.com.

Wikipedia fills you in on Weed . . . Weed, California, that is.

Weed City
Real Estate Witch's 2022 rankings of best US cities for pot smokers.

The Whale Museum
Located in Friday Harbor, Washington, this museum promotes protection for the Salish Sea's Resident Orca population.

What's Your Number?
As global population tops 7 billion, find out where you fall in the pecking order.

12 Tribes Lake Chelan Casino
Get the skinny on Chelan's favorite little casino.

2018 Space Odyssey
Millionaire space enthusiast and founder of the Inspiration Mars Foundation aims at 2018 for first manned flight to Mars. Clara Moskowitz for SPACE.com.

2022 Winter Games
Follow the medal count of your favorite Olympic teams and athletes.

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