A mere thirty minutes from Seattle, Snoqualmie Falls is a jewel in the city's backyard. At 270 feet tall, it's the second tallest single drop waterfall in North America; only Yosemite Falls is taller.

Made famous in the opening credits of Twin Peaks, David Lynch's popular foray into prime time television that made Laura Palmer a household name, Snoqualmie Falls is impressive in any season. The massive waterfall is swift so rarely freezes, but when it does - or at least the mist kicked up around it - it's not to be missed.

In 1898 Snoqualmie Falls became the source of Seattle's elctricity, and the site of the first hydroelectric generating plant of its kind. Although Seattle derives electricity from other sources today, the falls still generates enough electricity to light 16,000 homes.

The recently expanded observation deck offers an unobstructed view and vibrates with the rumbling of the falls. At some 300 feet above the river, it's the perfect spot for a selfie.