I found myself on the eastern slope of the Cascade Mountains the second week of July. No skiing this time around, just fun, food, and relaxation with good friends. Somebody I'm lucky enough to know had this great idea to rent cabins in Plain, Washington. Never heard of Plain? There's good reason.

Plain is a sleepy agricultural community just east of the Lake Wenatchee Recreational Area. There is absolutley nothing going on in town. Located on the Wenatchee River, our idea of going for a swim was quickly thwarted by unseasonally high waters and swift currents. We threw together a Plan B which involved a short drive into the still freakishly Bavarian village of Leavenworth. Anything to keep the kids out of the river, right?

The rest of the week involved a lot of bike riding, campfires, good eats and more relaxation. And a trip to Little Chumstick Valley to the Lazy 'S' Ranch, where the kids went on pony rides and the "adults" (who's kidding who here) took turns riding our host's pint-sized motorcycles. Too fun!

There was a golfing day in there too - the Leavenworth area has no shortage of activities - but the drive's not recommended on a hangover. Not sure who I feel worse for; Jimmy, or the guys who had to ride with him. (Nah. Definitely the guys.)