The 2005-2006 ski season once again found us on Crystal Mountain. As if to make up for last year, this season snowfall records fell left and right in the Cascade Mountains.

Our ski week began on a Tuesday. It was a crisp morning with piles of untouched powder. After a night of snowfall, Wednesday proved even better skiing than Tuesday. Thursday, unfortunately, was a bust, with warmer temps and rain leaving little enthusiasm for the slopes. Friday was even worse, but that's what spas are for.

It cooled off again Friday night and by Saturday morning fresh powder was back on the menu, along with our enthusiasm. After a full day of skiing we caught the tunes of ToadJam at The Snorkeling Elk (known to most as The Snorting Elk), a great pub featuring fermentations from the Elysian Brewery of Seattle. As the right minded people of Crystal Mountain like to say, Think globally; drink locally; ski often.

Sunday brought even more great snow and made it hard for us to pack it in. Eventually though, we tired, made our final run and headed to lower elevations. Snowfall can be a crapshoot in the Pacific Northwest, but with establishments offering great food, drink and accommodations, a trip to Crystal never disappoints.