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Fun / foon Tokyo
Friday, May 28, 2004
'New Spin' on Sex Ed with traditional 'Asian' values
Topic: Japanese life

JAPAN: Experts Put New Spin on Sex Education
TOKYO, May 27 (IPS) - Japanese health experts and officials are revising sex education in schools so they focus more on individual teaching yet accept traditional Asian values - pragmatic changes that they hope will make the subject more interesting...
Can you imagine how kinky traditional 'Asian' sex ed is gonna be? "Traditional values" such female child trafficing, night-crawling, the emperor having enthronement sex with his mother.... ?
In the countryside, yobaiよばい/night crawling used to be the way young guys could sample ladies. As long as you kept a dew-rag tied under your nose, the girls would claim they didn't know who you were (bloody obvious in villages of less that 100 people). A LOT of cousins mated that way.
Today, yobai is common on group osen trips. After midnight, after 20 rounds drinks, there's PLENTY of moving around after lights out on company onsen trips.
---->Via the
Mainichi newspaper's WaiWai column:
... The time machine's next destination is to the Akebonocho neon district of Yokohama, for a visit to Yobaiya Honpo (Night-crawling headquarters). "Night crawling," the Japanese practice of stealing into a sleeping lady's boudoir for purposes of making clandestine whoopie, has roots in remote antiquity.
With the lights dimmed and 19-year old Saki feigning sleep on her futon, the reporter creeps into her dimly lit room. He parts the folds of her yukata (sleeping gown) and allows his fingers to creep up her reposing thighs towards the promised land. Already damp with lust, she makes purring noises and, in short order, the two are coupling in erotic samurai combat.
"In the old days, men used to cross over the hills and sneak into a neighboring village in order to perform night crawling," Saki sighs wistfully. "I get the feeling they had energy you no longer see in the men of today."

Posted by trek/taro at 5:09 PM KDT
Updated: Friday, May 28, 2004 5:14 PM KDT
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