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Fun / foon Tokyo
Thursday, May 20, 2004

Bust up!

Posted by trek/taro at 1:27 PM KDT
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My Mysterious Orient needs a logo

Posted by trek/taro at 11:14 AM KDT
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Wednesday, May 19, 2004
Empress Michiko has got worms
Topic: Media
Kyodo / May 19 Empress fees silkworms
TOKYO, Japan - Empress Michiko prepares mulberry leaves with the help of her aide to feed silkworms at a cocoonery in the Imperial Palace on May 19.

Posted by trek/taro at 5:20 PM KDT
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Nothing squeaks better than a Japanese girl

Miss Universe (news - web sites) candidate Eri Machimoto of Japan cheers as she arrives for an Ecuadorean musical show in World City, 26 km (16 miles) west of Quito
---- AP News May 18, 2004

Posted by trek/taro at 4:27 PM KDT
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Pogo Mt. Fuji...only a gaijin would do it twice!
Via GregBlog...

- 'Mr Versatility':
....While speeding across Japan in a bullet train, I spotted Mount Fuji sparkling in the distance through the window and I was stunned by its majestic beauty. I knew I just had to climb it on a pogo stick! Since I was leaving the Orient in a few days, there was no time to waste. I had my pogo sticks flown over from New York, alerted the media and, with helpers and witnesses in tow, ventured into the unknown.
It was one of the highlights of my life. It was exhilarating ascending towards the snowline and breathing in the fragrant and crisp, thin mountain air. I had a powerful meditation at the turnaround point. Contrary to what I expected, going down was a lot harder, since I was already tired and had to use all my strength to avoid bounding downhill uncontrollably.
....It was such an enjoyable experience that seven years later I decided to try it again, increasing the distance to 16 miles....As I was racing down the mountain in the pouring icy rain, deeply concentrating on not sliding off the road and trying to finish before I cramped up....

Posted by trek/taro at 3:36 PM KDT
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"Bring out The Gimp." in Chiba Japan
Topic: Japanese life
Pensioner turns young wife's lover into 'gimp'MDN / May 19
MATSUDO, Chiba -- An old man who used a chain leash on his young wife's lover, then bound him and locked him inside a wooden box has been arrested, police said.
Hiroshi Ohashi, the 64-year-old pensioner who also nailed himself inside the wooden box in which he is alleged to have used to keep his wife's 39-year-old lover imprisoned at knifepoint for 13 hours, was arrested for kidnapping.
Ohashi, who in the past has been convicted for arson, stated only that "that court case was bulls**t! Give me a retrial."

Posted by trek/taro at 2:13 PM KDT
Updated: Wednesday, May 19, 2004 2:21 PM KDT
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Wal-Mart is a key distributor of yummy whale meat
Topic: Japanese life

Walmart At It Again

Another reason Wal-Mart is the devil.

Via liquidtwilight on livejournal.
Wal-Mart, the world?s largest retailer, has a major share in the Japanese supermarket chain Seiyu. Seiyu is a key distributor of cetacean products in hundreds of its supermarkets in Japan. As one of Japan?s leading supermarket chains, Seiyu?s distribution chain has helped to maintain the Japanese whale and dolphin hunting industry in spite of the international ban on commercial whaling and repeated international criticism....

Maybe the Whale nation may wanna do some flippin'?

Posted by trek/taro at 1:18 PM KDT
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Super typhoon Nida is heading for Japan
Big wind is coming and we're not talking 'bout my bean burrito dinner tonight.

Posted by trek/taro at 11:08 AM KDT
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Bumper mullet season for Japan
Australian mullets--->

Bumper mullet season forecast

ABC Regional Online, Australia - 19 May
... the export's important to Australia quite frankly, so many hundred million [dollars] are made from foreign exports mainly to Japan ...
All comments above were facilitated by the NSA?s orbital mind-controlling lasers

Posted by trek/taro at 10:40 AM KDT
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Tuesday, May 18, 2004
What does this have to do with it?
Guess the topic?????

Posted by trek/taro at 6:44 PM KDT
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Friday, May 14, 2004
Japan's SEX CORPS want you!
Topic: Japanese life
Sex soldiers march to the maidenhead beat
By Ryann "Panty-sniffer" Connell / MDN / May 13, 2004
Sexologist Kim Myung Gun's Sex Volunteer Corps has just inducted the fourth annual intake of new recruits since its formation as many years ago,.....I accept new applications for recruits about once a year and this year I got 42 applications. We started with a written test, then a face-to-face interview conducted by a panel including me and a number of women.....
......Women like these are sexually frustrated, with some even seeking medical treatment for their condition. What they're going through, though, isn't something you can fix up just by prescribing some sort of medicine. What they really need is sex."....<

Posted by trek/taro at 5:26 PM KDT
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R.I.P. for "Decotora" Japanese decorated trucks?
Topic: Japanese life
デコトラ Decotora = decorated truck

Windshield decor on trucks to be banned
Asahi / May 14 ....Citing safety concerns, the transport ministry will from this fall ban the decorative plates that many truck drivers attach to the lower part of their windshield....The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport has been asking truck associations to have the plates removed after a 10-month-old boy was killed and his mother seriously injured in an accident... a 30-centimeter-wide silver metal plate on the lower interior of the truck's windshield blinded the driver from seeing the mother and child.
The ministry aims to revise safety rules with an outright ban because a survey shows that roughly 10 percent of truck drivers still use the decorative plates as shields from unwanted glare and prying eyes.

Posted by trek/taro at 4:57 PM KDT
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Baka Japanese dictionaries: "Off limits" vs 'Keep out'
Topic: Japanese life
Via / May 13

"Off limits" in the subway is just your standard Japanese-to-English dictionary error.
"Off limits" entered the vocabulary after WWII. Every single page of the the top dictionary has these useage errors. OF COURSE, nobody would dare mention that the dictionary is wrong so it remains. The longer the mistake remains, the more "correct" it seems to the Japanese. Sheesh.

Posted by trek/taro at 4:26 PM KDT
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Mo' fun than Private Dogleash --- Japanese Sexual PSYOPs
Topic: Media
Japanese Sexual PSYOP

....Both the Axis and the Allies printed aerial propaganda leaflets using sexual themes in an attempt to demoralize enemy soldiers at the front. Did these leaflets work? Did the finders become emotionally crippled and unable to carry on their duties and responsibilities? .....
.... The Journal of Personality and Social Behavior... "When males have not been angered or have been exposed to mild erotica, aggressive behavior has been reduced." He later says, "In summary, the present results suggest that highly arousing nonaggressive-erotic stimuli can be a mediator of aggressive behavior by males toward other males under certain condition." .....
Professor Linebarger noted that obscene pictures showing naked women, designed to make the celibate troops so desirous of women that they surrendered was a Japanese idea that did not work. "The troops kept the pornography and despised the Japanese as queer little people for having sent it."

Posted by trek/taro at 2:38 PM KDT
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Topic: FAQ

Fun is foon in Japanese.

"Fun" in Japanese is pronounced 'foon'[糞] and means animal poop.

Posted by trek/taro at 12:43 PM KDT
Updated: Tuesday, June 15, 2004 9:52 PM KDT
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Buddha Snot (tm) candy
Topic: Japanese life
'Buddha' sweet has sour taste in Japan / 14 May
Priests at one of Japan's most famous temples have taken steps to block the sale of a sweet marketed as the "Snot from the nose of the Great Buddha"....

Posted by trek/taro at 11:39 AM KDT
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Thursday, May 13, 2004
Let's Foods Happy !

Happy foods!

Posted by trek/taro at 1:38 PM KDT
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Japan to ban 'Breeders'???
Topic: Japanese Tech
Hmmmm, I wonder what they plan to DO with that huge stock of bomb-grade plutonium they've been importing for use ing the fast breeders?

Japan nuclear panel to suggest dropping fast breeder reactors
Science: physical sciences news -AFP via Yahoo! May 11 2004 8:19AM GMT
...government panel is recommending a major shift in national nuclear energy policy away from developing fast breeder reactors to concentrating on conventional light-water reactor....

Posted by trek/taro at 12:18 PM KDT
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Racy bra for a losing nag
Topic: Japanese life
'Haru-urara' racehorse bra to promote ...Triumph has featured its decoratively embroidered bra of the popular heroine horse, loved not for her growing record of consecutive losses but for her determination. The bra also features a dye-technology that uses real carrots.


Posted by trek/taro at 11:18 AM KDT
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Wednesday, May 12, 2004
killer haiku
Topic: Japanese life
Sitting under the moonlight
At the right time,
Comes a gentle breeze.

War criminals' poems uncovered
The Japan Times: May 12, 2004

Posted by trek/taro at 11:58 AM KDT
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