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Occurs across large parts of Staffordshire, Worcestershire and the surrounding counties. Often the spelling is rendered with one 'r' as Parish but the preferred spelling of the family we are dealing with is with 'rr' as Parrish - this appears in various documents signed by members of the family and on the family gravestones in Wordsley Churchyard.

Locally the occurence of the name centres on the parish of Halesowen.

The Descendants of John Parrish

The early history of the family begins with John Parrish who married Phebe Jeston on November 11th, 1733 at Halesowen. Their marriage allegation survives in the Worcester County Record Office. This gives John's age as -- years - giving him a birthdate around 1708 - and Phebe's age as -- years - giving her a birthdate of around 1712.

John's occupation is recorded as a Yeoman, of Oldbury. This means that he would have been farming his own land.

The baptism of their son Thomas is recorded for 22 Sept 1744 at Halesowen. Thomas later moved to the nearby parish of Oldswinford - his Settlement Certificate dated 1769 survives amongst the Oldswinford parish records.

John and Phebe had other children, although finding them has been no easy task as no other children are recorded in the Halesowen Parish Registers nor any of the neighbouring parishes. It is curious that there is an almost eleven year gap between the marriage of John and Phebe and the birth of their son Thomas in 1744.

Two children were baptised at Madeley, Shropshire - James in 17--, and Cornelius in 17--. Cornelius appears as a witness at the marriage of a William Parrish to --------- in 17--. The assumption is that William was Cornelius's brother.

Having moved nearly nearly fifty miles west of Halesowen to Madeley, near Telford, John and Phebe then appear to have moved east to a village called Foleshill, just outside Coventry - a distance of over thirty miles from Halesowen. Here,in the parish of St. Lawrence (Foleshill) in 17-- we find a John Parrish, 'of Halesowen' marrying Elizabeth Biggs, and subsequently producing numerous children.

 The St. Lawrence parish registers record the burial of John Parrish 'Senior' in 1784, as does his gravestone which survives - from this we get a year of birth of around 1709 - this is without doubt the John Parrish who married Phebe Jeston, although Phebe herself had been buried in Old Swinford in 17--.

Thus we have found five children of John and Phebe Parrish: Thomas born 1744, James born 17--, Cornelius born 17--, William (who is the ancestor of John Prescott), and John born around 1740 - there may, of course be others.



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