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The Surname


historically occurs in two geographical areas - the London area and the region of the Midlands known as the 'Black Country.'

The surname is very rare and there is some thought that all bearers of this name share common ancestry.

The proof of this may stem from the fact that there is a marriage for a Henry Batham (believed to be the ancestor of the Black Country Bathams) in --------- in 159- in -----------

The Descendants of Henry Batham

The Black Country Bathams

The early history of the Bathams in the Black Country begin with three families who suddenly appear in Wolverhampton, Staffordshire (the Parish Registers begin a much earlier date), in the 1640's and begin baptising their children there, beginning with the children of Christopher in 1645, William in 1647, and Richard in 1658. It is, in fact, from Richard that all of the present family descend.

On the 6th April 1644 there is a burial recorded for a Henry Batham. In the absence of other evidence this is presumed to be the father of the three probable brothers mentioned above.

Of the three families it seems that only one, those of Christopher, son of Richard Batham, left any descendants. Christopher was born in Wolverhampton in March 1658. The next record of him is on 24th October 1685 when he married Mary Brettell at Old Swinford, Worcestershire.

It seems that all of Christopher & Mary's children were born and baptised  in Old Swinford, but shortly afterwards the family seem to have moved just over the border into the neighbouring parish of Kingswinford.

It is from here that all of the Black Country Bathams, and many descendants around the world, trace their descent. Numbered among these descendants are the members of the well known Brewery family of Daniel Batham & Sons Ltd.

Elizabeth Batham, born in 17-- married Joseph Pearson


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