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Links and Other Resources

    Here is the page where you'll find the websites I visit often, news groups, and books I read. Hope you will all find these resources just as useful as I have.

 Websites: - The worlds toughest adventure race online. Drop by to get the latest
- Website which offers news on expeditions worldwide.
- Website on Singaporean climbers who have climbed in The
- Website of the Singaporean Mountaineering Club
- Kembara Universiti Utara Malaysia. - Malaysian website with info on some mountains. - A website by ChaiHee , a penanganite who wants to climb Malaysia's 12 highest peak in 2007 - website by Huzaimi on mountains
- website featuring some Malaysian mountains

                                                                                                                   Penang Branch
- Latest news on Mountains all around the world, gear auctions , etc
- A site on ultra running. Good info on nutrition and others.
- Lists all the high peaks in the world

Commercial : - Check out good equipment for sale in Singapore and JB
- Authorized distributors of Coleman in Malaysia
- Check out bargain gear here.
- The one stop gear temple. Has everything you'll possibly need. Check out for the
                                       latest gear or to shop. (yes, they post to Malaysia too) - Dreaming of climbing Puncak Jaya ? Check out this website
                                                                        for photos and costs.
- Want to take an organized expedition to Everest and the like? check
                                                             them out.

Newsgroups/egroups: - Latepackers Egroups
- Kembara Hutan Gunung Egroups

Online megazines/gear reviews: - How to make our own Pepsi can stove - Outdoor gear reviews - News, gear, discussions and much more


-   Ultimate High . My Everest Odyssey.
   By Goran Kropp with David Lagercrantz, Discovery Books, New York 1999.

-    The Ascent Of Everest .
   By John Hunt, University Of London Press LTD, 1962.

-   Into The wild.
   By Jon Krakauer , Anchor Books, 1996.

-    Into Thin Air.
   By Jon Krakauer, Anchor Books, 1997.

-    The Advanced Backpacker.
   By Chris Townsend , Ragged Mountain Press, 2000.

-    The S.A.S Survival Handbook.
   By John Wiseman , Collins Harvill, 1990.

-    The Handbook Of Climbing.
   By Allen Fyffe and Iain Peter , British Mountaineering Council .

-    The Backpacker's Field Manual
   By Rick Curtis , Three River Press, 1998.

-    The Complete Idiot's Guide To : Hiking, Camping and The Great Outdoors.
   By Micheal Mouland, Alpha Books, 1996.

-    The Backpacker's Handbook , 2nd Edition.
   By Cris Townsend , Ragged Mountain Press, 1997.

-    The Basic Essentials of Minimizing Impact On The Wilderness.
   By Micheal Hodgson, ICS Books INC, 1991.

-    The Basic Essentials Of Map and Compass
   By Cliff Jacobson , ICS Books INC, 1988.

-    Camping For Mere Mortals. 
    By Micheal Hodgson , ICS Books , 1992.

-    The Backpacker's Photography Handbook .
   By Charles Campbell, Amphoto, 1994.

-    Mountains of Malaysia.
   By John Briggs, Longman Malaysia, 1985.

-    Parks Of Malaysia.
   By John Briggs, Longman Malaysia, 1991.

-    Camping Secrets.
   By Cliff Jacobson, ICS Books, 1987.

-    The Backpacker's Handbook .
   By Hugh McManners, Darling Kindersley, 1995.

-   Be Expert With Map and Compass.
    By Bjorn Kjellstrom, MacMillan , 1994

-  Selected Nature Trails of Penang Island.
    By The Malaysian Nature Society Penang Branch, 1999

-  Teknik Pandu Arah 
    By Mohd. Yusof Abdullah, DBP, 1993.


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