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About The Author


     Hi!. Here's the page on who else, but myself . I'll tell you a bit about myself , what I'm doing, where I live bla - bla - bla...... read on below if you're interested, if not ........ just skip this page.

Full name: Ahmad Nadir Askandar

Age: Born in 1977, you figure out!!

Other hobbies/sports : I also enjoy fishing, being in Penang, who doesn't......... I also do some rock climbing , and mountain biking. Both of these sports I'm not that good at, but am picking it up slowly. I also enjoy keeping old stuff, woodworking and other little - little things. I'm also an amateur photographer. I have tons of photos which I took during my forays, and if anyone is interested to buy any of my pictures, please feel free to email me .

Contact:     !! remove the "x" to email me !!


The long story :

     I began experiencing the outdoors since I was in form 2, where I would sometimes organize my own weekend camping trips with friends. We used to camp at Batu Feringhi , Sungai Tukun as well as Pantai Kerachut. I also sometimes followed the Malaysian Nature Society , Penang branch  on their weekly hikes and also sometimes on their weekend trips to the mainland. Life then was OK, but not that exciting .... I spent most of my time going through equipment catalogues , and any outdoor books I could get my hands on, which wasn't much. Catalogues had to be obtained by writing to the big companies , and an outdoor book on a local bookshop shelf was like finding gold among rubbish. By then I was a techno weenie / gear freak..... I knew quite a lot about gore-tex , sympatex ,  polyester rain fly, cordura ,nylon, split grain, full grain , multi fuel stoves , cartridge stoves , clothing layering , hydrophilic/hydrophobic  cloth  bla - bla - bla.......

   However, when I entered Matriculation , that's when things began to get more exciting. There I met Nizam Mashar, who first introduced me to mountains. My first trip with him was to Gunung Tahan. During my 2 years in matriculation, I met many other friends who already had some mountain climbing experience as well as those who were just beginning like me. Together, we formed a club and went everywhere together.  From caving to mountain climbing to camping and later on, rock climbing. Times then were the best , we were one large family. After matriculation , some began to break off, some stayed and some were offered different courses in different campuses. We tried  to keep in touch , but our group was slowly reduced to a hardcore bunch of about 10  people. The number of people were a lot less, but we kept our pace, going everywhere whenever we had the chance.

    Now I try and join other groups for their mountain trips, just to get to know the climbing community better . I like to read outdoor magazines , such as Outdoor Australia, Climber,  Rock and Ice , and our local Majalah Rekreasi which sadly isn't much. Magazines are expensive and are not available regularly here in Penang. I wish I had a few surplus 100 dollar bills I could use to subscribe  to these magazines..........
 After bumming around for  a few months after my graduation, I finally got myself a respectable job in a factory manufacturing Car Audio ( Clarion (M) Sdn. Bhd.) and stayed there for almost a year ( 4 days short..) , before getting  a job in Langkawi as an Outdoor Trainer ( Wilderness Centre ). So here I am , having the job I have been dreaming for a long time. Work is good, but I don't have as much time to myself like before. Quite a few sacrifices came with the job, but I am happy so far . No worries mate!
    2003 was a big year, though I did not do much (or hardly any) climbing. I hope this year things will change, and I hope to put in more time into training and climbing.

   I hope to continue climbing whenever I can, though my commitment to work will definitely reduce my climbing opportunities .

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